Outstanding Motorcycles Priced Below 10 Lakhs in India 2023

Select Bikes Within 10 Lakhs: India's Favorites for 2023

Exploring 2023's bikes priced below 10 Lakhs in India. Each selection is detailed with ex-showroom and on-road prices, accompanied by vivid pictures, technical specifications, and standout features.

List Of Top 13 Bikes Under 10 Lakhs In India 2023

Sl No Model Mileage (kmpl) Top Speed (kmph) Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi) Power (PS) Torque (Nm)
1 Kawasaki Z900 15-20 240 ₹ 8,93,000 125 98.6
2 Triumph Scrambler 900 20 200 ₹ 9,89,000 65 80
3 Honda CBR650R 22 270 ₹ 9,34,816 86 57.5
4 Ducati Scrambler Icon 20 200 ₹ 8,49,000 73 66.2
5 Benelli TRK 502X 20 170 ₹ 6,35,000 47.5 46
6 Triumph Street Triple R 19 230 ₹ 8,84,000 118 79
7 Kawasaki Z650 19-22 200 ₹ 6,24,000 68 64
8 Triumph Street Twin 24 180 ₹ 7,45,000 65 80
9 Moto Morini XCape 650X 20 170-190 ₹ 7,40,000 60 54
10 Suzuki VStrom 650XT 20-25 190 ₹ 8,85,000 69 62
11 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 21 180 ₹ 9,34,000 81 64
12 Kawasaki Vulcan S 22 170 ₹ 7,10,000 61 62.4
13 Honda CB650R 20-25 225 ₹ 9,14,586 85.8 57.5

Details of the above bikes:
  • Kawasaki Z900 Kawasaki Z900 948cc
    Engineered with a 948cc powerhouse, this Kawasaki variant exclaims 125 Ps @ 9500 rpm and 98.6 Nm @ 7700 rpm torque. Ideal for both urban commuting and extended journeys, it offers a harmonious blend of speed and comfort. The bike is designed to provide an exhilarating riding experience, making it a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Triumph Scrambler 900 Triumph Scrambler 900 900cc
    Equipped with a robust 900cc engine, this Triumph variant is tailored for off-road escapades and long-haul trips. It churns out 65 Ps @ 7250 rpm power and 80 Nm @ 3250 rpm torque, making it a reliable companion for adventurous souls. The bike is perfect for those who love to explore new terrains.
  • Honda CBR650R Honda CBR650R 648.72cc
    This Honda machine is fitted with a 649cc motor, generating 86 Ps @ 12000 rpm and 57.5 Nm @ 8500 rpm torque. A perfect choice for enthusiasts who crave a blend of sportiness and luxury in their daily rides. The bike offers a smooth and comfortable ride, making it a favorite among young riders.
  • Ducati Scrambler Icon Ducati Scrambler Icon 803cc
    With an 803cc engine, this Ducati model exudes 73 Ps @ 8250 rpm of power and 66.2 Nm @ 5750 rpm torque. Aesthetically pleasing and mechanically sound, it caters to riders who appreciate both form and function in their two-wheelers. The bike is a great option for those who prioritize style.
  • Benelli TRK 502X Benelli TRK 502X 500cc
    This Benelli model comes with a 500cc engine, offering 47.5 Ps @ 8500 rpm horsepower and 46 Nm @ 6000 rpm torque. A versatile choice, it is equally adept at navigating city traffic as it is at tackling off-road terrains. The bike is designed for riders who seek versatility and performance in one package.
  • Triumph Street Triple R Triumph Street Triple R 765cc
    This Triumph bike is powered by a 765cc engine, delivering 118 Ps @ 12000 rpm horsepower and 79 Nm @ 9350 rpm torque. Agile and responsive, it is well-suited for those who enjoy the thrill of speed in an urban setting. The bike is a fantastic choice for riders who love agility and quick responsiveness.
  • Kawasaki Z650 Kawasaki Z650 649cc
    With a 649cc engine, this Kawasaki variant offers 68 Ps @ 8000 rpm power and 64 Nm @ 6700 rpm torque. A middleweight option, it provides a balanced ride that is easy to handle, making it a popular choice among riders. The bike is perfect for those who are looking for a well-rounded motorcycle.
  • Triumph Street Twin Triumph Street Twin 900cc
    This Triumph machine features a 900cc engine, producing 65 Ps @ 7500 rpm and 80 Nm @ 3700 rpm of torque. A modern classic, it appeals to those who are drawn to a blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary performance. The bike is a wonderful option for riders who appreciate a timeless design.
  • Moto Morini XCape 650X Moto Morini XCape 650X 649cc
    Equipped with a 649cc engine, this Moto Morini model offers 60 Ps @ 8250 rpm and 54 Nm @ 7000 rpm torque. A flexible choice, it is well-suited for both daily commuting and weekend adventures, offering a balanced performance. The bike is designed for those who enjoy a variety of riding experiences.
  • Suzuki VStrom 650XT Suzuki VStrom 650XT 645cc
    This Suzuki bike comes with a 645cc engine, delivering 69 Ps horsepower and 62 Nm torque. Designed for long-haul touring and off-road escapades, it is a reliable choice for those who seek adventure and comfort. The bike is a fantastic option for riders who love to travel long distances.
  • Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 660cc
    With a 660cc engine, this Triumph variant produces 81 Ps @ 10250 rpm horsepower and 64 Nm @ 6250 rpm torque. A multi-terrain performer, it is capable of handling a variety of road conditions with ease, making it a versatile option. The bike is perfect for riders who enjoy tackling different terrains.
  • Kawasaki Vulcan S Kawasaki Vulcan S 649cc
    This Kawasaki model is fitted with a 649cc engine, generating power of 61 Ps @ 7500 rpm and 62.4 Nm @ 6600 rpm of torque. A cruiser by design, it offers a relaxed riding experience, making it a great choice for leisurely journeys. The bike is designed for those who prioritize comfort and relaxation during their rides, making it an excellent option for long-distance travel or weekend getaways.
  • Honda CB650R Honda CB650R 648.72cc
    This Honda model comes with a 649cc engine, delivering 85.8 Ps @ 12000 rpm and 57.5 Nm @ 8500 rpm torque. A neo-sports café racer, it offers a unique blend of modern styling and classic lines. The bike is designed for riders who are looking for a distinctive appearance along with high performance. It provides a smooth and agile ride, making it a top choice for those who seek both style and substance in their motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best bikes under ₹10 lakh in India?

The best models under ₹10 lakh in India are: the Kawasaki Z900, known for its high power output; the Triumph Street Triple R, celebrated for its balance between power and features; and the Suzuki VStrom 650XT, appreciated for its adventure touring capabilities.

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