New Honda CBF Stunner 125 Review

The introduction of the new Honda CBF Stunner was mainly to increase the company's market share of 12% in the premium segment, and the bike was launched despite the existence of another bike in the 125cc segment the Honda Shine.

So the modified version of the Honda CBF Stunner made it to the Indian market to enter the competition with other bikes in the league including the Bajaj Pulsar 135, Gladiator SS and TVS Flame DS 125, and the move by Honda was obviously to book some healthy share in the profits. The new CBF Stunner made its first appearance in the Auto Expo hosted by New Delhi in 2010, and the main focus of the company was to attract young riders who largely prefer big bikes with a good blend of style and performance.

Looks and Styling of the new CBF Stunner
The looks enhancing features of the new Honda CBF Stunner include most clearly the body graphics and the stickers (ah...disappointing to someone who aren't the lovers of sticker job).

Honda CBF Stunner

But wait; don't draw to disappointment yet because the new CBF Stunner is the first bike in the 125 cc segment to be fitted with tubeless tyres both in the front and the rear. And of course the alloy wheels add to the sporty quotient of the bike.

The engine gets an all-black makeover and you can see the new body-colored cover that is right below the hood. The instrument cluster bears the tachometer and has a separate compartment. The scoops on either side of the bike extend till the turn on indicators and the split seat is in an elevated position with foot step holder that will give the rider comfort as well as a sporty feel.

The maintenance-free battery will surely bring a huge smile to the customer apart from the other new features such as the cool mirror set and the half chain cover that is very similar to the Honda CB Twister. In addition to this, the other styling factors of the new CBF Stunner are the neat-looking visor, huge tank shrouds and the forged rear cowl sets, that give an overall sporty look to the Stunner 125. The headlight seems to be designed in a rather conventional fashion and people looking for a digital speedometer will obviously be disappointed for the Stunner wants it.

Engine, Performance, Handling and Mileage
The engine of the new CBF Stunner is an air-cooled one which displaces 125 cc belting out peak power output of 11 bhp @ 8000 rpm and peak torque of 11 Nm @ 6500 rpm. The bike bears 5 speed transmission and the bike makers claimed that despite the engine specification of 125 cc it is as powerful as a 150 cc (not true from any parameter), but again this factor may hold different perspective from different riders. And as matter of fact most 125 cc bikes available in the market puff out a power of 11 bhp, so it might not be all that a great asset. The Stunner can zoom up to 60 kmph in 5.6 seconds, which may not be bad but not good either. It kind of disappoints in terms of pickup as compared to other 150cc bikes around but that's engine limitation, it still can be one of the best in its class.

Although the bike may leave a few riders disappointed when the bike vrooms at 80 kmph - the ride may not be all that smooth and the engine might reach its ultimate power may be when somebody is chasing you. The new Stunner is good for city cruising at say 45-50 kmph speed.

The handing of the new Honda CBF Stunner is rather impressive, as the rider has to put in least effort to manoeuvre the vehicle (but it's more of a bikers effort than bike per se IMHO). The brakes are damn good though and even if you apply even the front brake alone you are still balanced well, so the manufacturers get full marks for an almost perfect weight distribution. Riders of Honda CBF Stunner claim that the bike gives a mileage of 66 kmpl.

Color choice and Pricing of the Honda CBF Stunner
The new Honda CBF Stunner is available is three basic variants; disc brake/electric start bike, electric start model and the usual kick start bike. The bike colors one can choose from are sports red, metallic silver, pearl sports yellow and black. But the kick start model is available only in two colors black and sports red.

The new CBF Stunner is priced at Rs 63,600, which maybe a little higher when compared to other bike brands in same class including the Bajaj Pulsar and TVS Flame which have almost similar features, so it's kind of let down.

The new Honda CBF Stunner is a bike definitely for riders looking for cool looks that's not all right? Because performance wise the bike scores average. The other thing is that the bike looks grumpy with a small engine. It maybe loved by college-goers who prefer style, mileage and a decent city cruising. Should performance and acceleration were your needs you wouldn't come looking for a 125cc, will you?

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