Get the most out of your bike accessories

A motorcycle looks so incomplete without accessories. All of us bike lovers would want to give our bike pepped up looks with accessories; they could be smart dual exhausts, the chrome finish rims, chrome mud guards, sporty looking fenders, transparent visors or windshields, air cleaners, tweaks on the saddles and transparent windshields. All or any of these will give your bike the anticipated attention. In case you wanted to get noticed on your bike you may want to deck yourself up with trendy helmets, protective leather jackets and gloves, boots, and UV rays protective sun goggles.

Biker Lady Jacket
Leather Jackets For Girls

For the bike accessories you can get manufacturer recommended ones and if you know good makers you can even have some of the parts custom-designed. It should be learnt here that custom designing will cost more, but then it kind of makes the bike look unique and a give it totally personalized look.

It should be noted here that a majority of bikers would love to give a makeover to their bike exhausts first; for the exhausts speak exclusivity of the bike and gives a different look to the machine. Exhausts do come in variety of finishes and styles and bought offline as well as on the internet. However, it is recommended that you check them in person as you can be sure of the finish and the fit. Additionally do not compromise on performance while you fall for style of the exhaust. Ask the riders that had some tweaks on their bikes with regard to exhausts and bike mechanics. It makes no sense having a lovely exhaust that doesn't function well or last long.

Then when you to chrome-plating, be sure what parts of the bike you want to give chroming, and then get it done only at reputable chrome plating workshops. Ask the guy to give smooth plating and a no-bubble surface.

Biker Helmet Girls
Cool Helmet For Ladies

Then how about some investment of money and time on helmet makeover? As for helmets, they are safety gear to your person too so more than the looks of it make sure that the helmet fits your head snuggly. It ought to stay on your head, and not fall off upon impact. Again if you should like to go for full-faced helmet you ensure you get clear view. The helmet shield shouldn't block your visibility. A good way is to try the helmet on your head for sometime before you buy to ensure that it is comfortable.

It is not a common sight in India to see bikes with windshields; they not only give a unique and dashing look to your bike but also are extremely useful during windy conditions. When you want to buy one make sure it is made up of good and clear plastic. During fitting ensure that they aren't going to obstruct the visibility.

Personal accessories
Sunglasses are quite essential accessories when you go biking. They are protective gear to your eyes by shielding the dust, insects and glare off your eyes, needless to say protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. Make sure you buy good sunglasses that are UV ray proof.

Girl Biker Sunglass

Gloves, jacket and boots finish off your accessorizing and they are quite critical. Good quality leather gloves will protect your fingers from going numb especially during teeth biting winters. The jacket will be an armory protecting your elbows and shoulders.

Motorcycle Boots Girls
Boots for bikers

Motorcycle Gloves Girls
Gloves for Biker Ladies

Once you are done with these your super bike and you are up for a mighty ride, in style and safety, once you have all this. All that is left now is to count how many eyeballs noticed you.

Get ready and go to get all the attention you and your bike deserve :)

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