Vintage bikes in India

Vintage bikes have a rare charm and appeal that almost every bike lover wants to own one. And India has a considerable amount of vintage bike connoisseurs who are the proud owners of these rare beauties.

But a commoner might ask what qualifies a bike as a vintage machine?

Old Scooter

Well, a bike that has made a mark for its unique design, style or performance during a particular period of time that ranges between 20-30 years or more could be termed as a vintage bike. Of course whether a bike is vintage, classic or antique is subjective to individual's perception though we use these terms collectively to describe one special league of bikes. Considering the universal description of vintage bikes we will move on to the existence of 'vintage bike market' in India.

What is so charming about vintage bikes?
The factors that are fascinating about vintage bikes are the exemplary features/looks, style, performance and time it belongs to are the primary reasons that will attract you towards the bike. Just the way everybody would want to own a piece of art, painting or jewellery, similarly the vintage bikes that are rare and exclusive also woo people. The vintage bikes might be the fancy of many but owning them is surely an expensive affair.

Besides powerful engines and legendary looks, as the vintage bikes are the rare-to-find bikes and no wonder they mean very special whenever one spotted on the road; just like Katrina Kaif walking amidst a 1000 low-profile artistes; head turner to be precise.

Vintage Trumph Motorbike

Check out for vintage bikes online
People pay good price for the vintage bikes as they take these as investment options, only to sell them at a higher price point after a year or two. It is very few who have passion for the antique value of these and keep them.

You might be looking out for a specific model or a brand of vintage bike for a long time but you can find various websites with a lot of information on your kind of bike and much more. The information you can access online about the various vintage bikes is just amazing; there are chances that you might get your hands on a rare machine, which you never heard of.

Sometimes you may not find the bike you are searching for in India and that particular vintage bike might be available in a different country and in that case you have options of importing the bike too with all the necessary details provided. With the rising number of bikers demanding for vintage bikes in the country the segment is here to stay for sure.

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any ideas on what papers have to be brought into the country to import a vintage bike in. I was under the impression that the old motorcycles (2 stroke) are banned from being imported
By Shankar on 13-07-2011
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