Beware of cheating attendants at pump stations

Many of us might have been duped in the petrol pumps by none other than the attendants or some of us might have quite a few instances to narrate of getting cheated while filling the fuel tank in the gas station. And there could be a section of people who would ignore or shrug off the matter in disbelief. To those and to all the people in general who are regular visitors to the pump stations here is the hard fact, if you are ignorant or not alert about these fraudulent attendants then be ready to pay a huge price because the truth is, there are a few petrol pumps whose notorious attendants are waiting for their soft target and you could be their next. But you can avoid getting cheated by knowing the usual techniques these attendants employ and take necessary steps to avoid such bitter experiences.

The most common conning tricks of the attendants
Just when you enter the petrol pump station two people attend to you and one grabs your attention engaging in a small conversation or will ask questions such as petrol/diesel? Cash/card? Do you have change for Rs 500? Or the like, just to distract you and the other guy does not set the meter to level zero and here is where you are royally duped.

The other instance is entering into gas stations that are crowded and you need to follow the queue. Once the person before you has left the attendant does not re-set the meter to zero level and you never notice that, so round two of getting cheated; the fuel meter might already be showing one liter of consumption and your requirement is 2 liters but end up getting only one.

Petrol Pump

You might be in a hurry to rush to work and in the process you completely ignore to take a look at the fuel meter and the attendant will have a field day. So how do you tackle these guys?

Get smart now... Better late than never
One thing we all must understand and accept that our weaknesses are somebody's gain and it is in our hands to see to it that we should not be taken for a ride. The major weapon to deal with such cheaters is to be on guard the minute we enter the petrol pump. Presence of mind is the second thing; just give two minutes to what is happening around and stay completely alert, ensure the meter is set to zero. These are small things to remember and to be cautious that will save you from getting conned; saves your money, time and effort.

Simple tips you can always follow
Never get the vehicle filled when you are in an absolute hurry.
Never visit a pump station when it is overcrowded. In fact, it is always best to visit a petrol pump when there will be any customers.
This is not to beware of cheating, but to get more out of what you pay: Fill up with petrol during cold hours of the day when the petrol has high density, because you will get more petrol.
After the tank is filled just check the meter reading at still, if it is blinking then it implies the attendant is cheating on you.
Even if the guy looks at you as one snob, give a damn care. After all its your hard money and you are entitled to what you are paying.

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awesome job?Beaware Guys...
By on 17-03-2011
There is one more cheat on pumps.
Whenever u r going to fuelup ur bike or vehical,stay ur eyes on hand of attendent who one is filling the fuel. If he is pressing the fueling nozzel clutch frequently but do not lock it completely , then it means he is going to obstract the way of petrol or diesel to comeout from the nozzel but the meter still running with full reading mode.
So always fillup ur tank by feeding the rupees to machine to how much is ur requirement.
By on 09-01-2012
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