Robbie Maddison's 'Pipe Dream'

With land and air covered, all that was left for this intense stunt rider was the beautiful Tahiti sea.

Robbie Maddison nicknamed 'Maddo' is an Australian motorbike stunt rider. There are various stunts that were performed by him and has gained wide public eyes. His latest stunt was performed by riding his dirtbike in the sea. When Maddo says he's going to do something, he means it in all extreme ways he will. The charismatic 34 year old has successfully transitioned from a pro motocross racer to a freestyle star to stuntman and a daredevil. There are various other titles that have been attributed to this young lad. Looked upon as a brave chap, who fears nothing and performs stunts intensively. Well this is 1 unforgettable rider, as he had his share in films, he was a dupe for Daniel Craig in the James Bond series flick Skyfall, in a bike sequence.

In his latest performance in the 'Pipe Dream' was a near death experience for the lad, as a wave descended on him as close sources say. Well we're lucky we still have our finest stunt rider in one piece. The bike that was used to performed this jaw dropping stunt is a modified dirt bike, which is Maddo's personal acquisition. It's taken three years for filming this 4 minute stunt. The rider has taken ample amount of time for preparing for this stunt and luckily it was a success when performed finally. One of the biggest challenges the team faced was the feel of the ocean water and how the bike would handle in the water. The DC crew spent a few days hunting for suitable locations and later finalized in Tahiti, which is the largest islands in the French Polynesia, the South Pacific archipelago.

Robbie Maddison Pipe Dream Semi Water Angle

Maddo's early attempts involved a Honda CR500R, outfitted with two skins, one beneath the front wheel and a larger one that extended from beneath the frame back to the rear wheel. This was outfitted with a paddle tire normally used for dune riding. With no existing water bike projects to learn from, Maddison and his team experimented with a wide range of options, including dozens of different ski and tire options, even a KTM 450 SX-F four-stroke. Each time the bike sunk, it was a learning experience for the team, infact trying to not get the bike to sink was a great deal. Zeroing to a two-stroke for the final setup, a KTM 250 SX was roped in.

Robbie Maddison Pipe Dream Wave

If you haven't yet taken four minutes of your time to watch this incredible stunt, then do watch it ASAP!! Quoting well known American screenwriter and humorist Bruce Feirstein words “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.” So if your planning to perform some similar stunt, then the only advice that can be provided for you is to Ride Safe.

Robbie Maddison Pipe Dream

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