2016 Yamaha Resonator125 – A Modern Day RX

The Resonator125 concept provides perfect design template for a modern day ‘Retro’ Indian motorcycle.

The Resonator125 is a concept model that proposes a lifestyle with an authentic sport bike for young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling. With a lightweight, slim and compact chassis and an instrument panel assembly using an innovative device, this model melds elements of the near future with the nostalgic for a new fusion of motorcycle eras. It also sports wood panels on the fuel tank and seat cowl with authentic wood grain material used in guitars and engravings on the muffler, fuel tank cap and more done with same intricate techniques used for brass wind instruments. The result is a motorcycle that seeks to inspire young people with concepts and qualities that only the Yamaha brand can deliver.

It has got all the right ingredients. It sports minimal bodywork, tall, slightly pulled-back handlebars, wire-spoke rims with disc brakes front and back, a round headlight, and is based on a new, lightweight chassis. The fuel tank and seat cowl feature the sort of wood panels you'll find on Yamaha's guitars and engravings on brass plating similar to that found on wind instruments. If you look closely, you will also see a unique tablet-like instrument panel, and a camera placed on top of the headlight. Yamaha says this bike is "for young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling", so it needs to have these modern-day gadgets on board to entice the youth. If you peel away all the modern day motor show gimmicks, you will find a motorcycle that is exactly the kind of thing that can be badged as an RX. It is small, compact and feather-like.

Yamaha Resonator 125 Left Side View

The Resonator125 can't come close to being the sort of hooligan the original RX was with its fiery two-stroke motor which provided blistering acceleration. Powering the concept is an air-cooled, four-stroke, 125cc single-cylinder motor, but that is all we have in the way of technical details for now. We wish Yamaha blesses it with a zippier powerplant, so we can finally have the new-gen RX we've all looked forward to. As officials of the company have stated earlier, the motorcycle is to debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show which is held in October. As far as the concept image suggests, that the motorcycle is a machine created to be a successor of the RX, which was a great success in the market upon its launch. Observing the current and past years of Yamaha, there hasn’t quite been a ‘Retro’ styled bike launched by the company. At the first look, the bike is impressive with more insights to be revealed upon its debut can help those Retro passion riders to choose whether to buy or no to!

Yamaha Resonator 125 Close Up
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Superb look..
By on 21-10-2015
it's super outstanding looking for yamaha resonator125cc.( awesome )
By on 11-11-2015
launched yamaha resonator125cc for india. I buy this bike. how can I get.
By on 11-11-2015
Fantastic bike
By on 12-11-2015
I want you rx
By on 26-11-2015
Ohh... awesome looking. When will it release in india
By on 03-04-2016
Ohh... awesome looking. When will it release in india
By on 03-04-2016
the king is back on road
By on 05-04-2016
nic one lik to buy
By on 09-04-2016
wow...very nice look i like u very much when will it release in tamilnadu
By on 18-04-2016
Superb.when start booking please tell me.
By on 26-08-2016
I want to buy plz release in tamilnadu
By on 01-10-2016
I need this baby
By on 07-11-2016
Thanks for the new model bike please sale's Dy Tamil Nadu Madurai
By on 04-03-2017
Is it Harley??????
when it will launch in assam
By on 01-07-2018
When it will be launch in India?
By on 19-07-2018
I like
By on 24-07-2018
I want this bike
By on 24-07-2018
I want purchase this bike
By on 25-07-2018
A Dream Bike Yamaha Resonator. A Big Thank you Yamaha
I want rx resonator
By on 26-07-2018
I wanna this tiger
By on 15-09-2018
I am waiting this bike
By on 25-09-2018
When this bike launch in nagpur plz notify me.. iam waiting for this bike 🏍!!!!
By on 27-09-2018
By on 29-09-2018
What a bike I like it all bike of yahama are in the rate of 2 lack in India but when will the resonator will launch I am waiting for it.
By on 30-09-2018
I want to purchase the bike procedure please details to me
By on 05-10-2018
I want this tiger bike
By on 25-10-2018
I am going to bur this one
By on 19-11-2018
How much???
By on 20-11-2018
Price where available
By on 20-11-2018
How much Price in Pune, of yamaha resonator 125cc.
By on 20-11-2018
Looking is very super
By on 21-11-2018
Yamaha Resonator 125 Nice bike how much. ₹₹₹
By on 21-11-2018
I want Yamaha resonator 125 my number 994807370
By on 21-11-2018
Stylish looking motorcycle I want to buy this when it release in Bengaluru my mob no 8095993964. on 22/11/2018
By on 22-11-2018
Show the price
By on 22-11-2018
When releas in Pakistan
By on 23-11-2018
Supar bike yamaha resonator125
FI price....
By on 23-11-2018
My dream bike RX100
By on 26-11-2018
How to price this byk in India
By on 08-12-2018
By on 08-12-2018
I want resonator Yamaha 125
By on 10-12-2018
Nice bike
By on 14-12-2018
it's a new classic CAFA racer style and it's soooooo osm..
By on 15-12-2018
What is a price of yamaha resonator125 f1?
By on 20-12-2018
Coming soon 2019 waiting for all plz
By on 02-01-2019
Lovely prise in India
By on 02-01-2019
Bike ka price or chattisgad me milega ki nahi restoneter 125 new model
By on 04-01-2019
I love rx
By on 06-01-2019
Awesome look..but not mention maileg and praice when was lunched in India...how can I get it...
By on 08-01-2019
Plz let me know when it will launch
By on 12-01-2019
What is the availabile
By on 16-01-2019
Muje bike bahut pasad he kab rilis hogi
By on 17-01-2019
By on 18-01-2019
bike looks good in metal i need it and can i know what will be the price sir/madam. when it will launch in chennai?
By on 18-01-2019
i want this bike please share price i really want this plzzz give me price details
By on 22-01-2019
I want but one bick tell me price plze
By on 23-01-2019
I want to these bike wich year coming
By on 03-02-2019
Nice one and if it come below 1 lakh the it will give a huge hit on sales
By on 05-02-2019
How much plz tell me
My number 9994520770
By on 09-02-2019
How to buy this bike when the come to hydrabad
By on 10-02-2019
where it is ? how to buy
By on 27-02-2019
I want this how much of the cost
By on 06-03-2019
When do u published this bike i want to buy ,
By on 07-03-2019
enquiry number
By on 12-03-2019
I want this
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I want this bike 9640928535
By on 22-03-2019
I want this bike when it's launch in Tamil nadu and tell price detail
By on 30-03-2019
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How much in resonator Indian price
By on 24-04-2019
By on 03-05-2019
I want to buy this. What is the price and from where i can buy this.
By on 11-05-2019
when it's launch in AP
By on 14-05-2019

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