Ariel Ace: A New Kind Of Driving Fun

A V4 sports motorcycle with an engine from the Honda VFR1200

Being a sports motorcycle that is manufactured in England by the Ariel Motor Company, after a long gap a new motorcycle is out from the Ariel company. The Ariel Motor Company is a low volume performance motor vehicle manufacturing company which had it's base in England in the past and presently operates at the same place. In June 2014, the company announced the new Ariel Ace motorcycle. Powered with a Honda 1237cc V4 engine, the bike will be produced from 2015 on the basis of it's other existing car products. The company’s first motorcycle was revealed in the year 1901. Ariel has been breaking all the barriers with their unique innovation of design, all their products have created some kind of revolution in the market till date. Over a century later, they have come up with Ace which follows the same tradition of other motorcycles in the line. There are certain emotions that only a few type of people tend to understand and so to understand the Ariel Ace you'd have to be a passionate motorcyclist or someone who observes machines closely.

With it's minimalist bodywork almost covered by a huge bridge like aluminum frame, and a big V4 engine, the Ariel Ace looks like a custom bike or perhaps one of those concept bikes. Don't back out because the Ace is on it's way for production and will arrive to showroom showcases soon. Ariel has already established and demanded it's space in the market with it's light weight sports cars. Ariel company had seized the production of it's old bike in the mid-sixties. The Ariel Ace's frame isn't made from welded steel tube, rather the frame sides are machined from solid aluminum. The bike comes with an option of two alternative front suspensions, either a conventional upside-down telescopic fork or Ariel's own girder fork. Rear suspension uses a single-sided swingarm. Final drive is shaft drive, a shaft drive is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them.

Ariel Ace Angle

Will that big V4 engine be ideal for the task, is a question yet to be answered. Combining Honda sophistication and the convenience of shaft final drive with an amusing performance. It also has an appealing, long-legged character that is enhanced by Ariel's exhaust system, which has the growling vocal, demanding the rider to break the limits. The Ace's riding position is proportioned to a comfort zone, where the driver feels relaxed. The handlebars are raised to medium height neatly, the reduced weight combined with crisp fueling helps give the Ace thrilling and in control acceleration. With abundant grip from broad Dunlop and fierce braking via six-piston. The footrests have been criticized, but along with the option menus footrests also have it's space reserved. The rumored rivals to this bike would be the Ducati Diavel Carbon, Honda Crosstourer and the Yamaha V-Max.

Ariel Ace Riding

With the Ace marking it's territory in the bike market and Ariel alerting everyone that they are still into the motorcycle business with the dramatically styled, cleverly engined Ace revealed. The Ariel Ace can be ordered from the factory, with various factory customized options. The price of this machine stands at £20,000.

Ariel Ace Front Right View
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