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The 2015 India Bike Week was promising and an attractive show with some factory and neat customs in the limelight, some which belonged to prominent figures too. One among the prominent figures who was present was Mr. Yuvraj Singh. As known to many he is a hardcore petrohead and has some good selection of different genres of vehicles that he rides kept in his garage. Mr. Yuvraj Singh was the person to launch Autologue Design at the India Bike Week, he has a past and present line of customized bikes and cars. The founder of the company is Mr. Mukul Nanda, who is trained by another major customization company 'DC Design'. Being a passionate automobile designer, the works of the vehicles that bear the Autologue Design sticker evidently state the standard of the designing company. There are three other key persons in the company who carry different tasks in the field of completing a car to the designing demands.

Referring to Mr. Yuvraj Singh's garage, one of his bikes which is the KTM X 12 has been given a slight transformation, by the Autologue Design. This bike was also showcased at the India Bike Week 2015, with Mr. Singh seated on the bike and the innovator of the design Mr. Nanda. Autologue supply’s the KTM Conversion Kit, they also do the job themselves on request of the customer. This kit transforms the Duke into a lookalike big nasty bike. There isn't major changes made, so there is no need to get frustrated on whether a bolt would be lost or would be loosely fitted. Since the company puts quality first and starts their job, it is evident by the use of high quality brands in the customization of the bike.

Ktm X 12

There are a few other modded bikes that shouldn't be missed highlighting, the Pulsar 180 as stated by the company, it is a low budget custom job, but the charisma of the 180 has entirely changed in a positive way. There isn't much of mod done to it, but this piece has proved that motor enthusiasts exist in every corner of the world.

Custom Modified Pulsar 180

The next machine is said to be the first customized bike built by the men at the Autologue Design and they named the bike 'Ruthless'. This bike is a VFR originally and was found left abandoned, before taking it to their garage. The bike was transformed into an ultimate Drag Racer, the looks by itself brings attraction and when it revs, which is when you know you need to know what's driving this machine so fiercely. This bike admirers have their jaws drop when they get to know that the bike bears a nitrous system in it, growling high and leaving echoes in vacant corridors at night when out for a ride.

Honda Vfr

Another toy belonging to the garage of Mr. Yuvraj Singh's is the Yamaha FZR 1wg which is quite classic and belongs to the 1986's. Being Mr. Singh's first big bike, he adores it very much. He was very much interested in giving it a transformation and making it a wilder brat to gel with his other bratty toys in the garage. He confronted the boys at the garage and they did some attractive mods which got Singh startled and more than before loving the wilder transformation than he expected. Some of the details his FZR 1wg underwent is a new fuel tank, forced air intake system, CNC machined custom aluminum sub-frame, LED headlamp setup CNC machined, Delrin engine protectors CNC machined, LED tail lamps and indicators and custom free flow 4×1 exhaust system.

Yamaha Fzr 1wg

Another prototyping service the boys at the Autologue Design are thinking about, is to transform the pulsar 200ns into a Cafe Racer. It has similar looks to the Royal Enfield modeled Cafe Racer, but will have slight variations. The paper sketch of the concept is the only detail that can be provided and all hopes are high when this concept comes to reality.

200ns Cafe Racer Prototype Services

The company is situated on the outskirts of Pune and so the workshop has ample amount of space to design, build and test the customized vehicles. The price ranges are reasonable for two-wheeler mods, but consulting the PR of the company will help in knowing exact details regarding prices. Before approaching the garage and meeting the designer, having a plan or an idea as to what your vehicle should look like is always preferably a good thing to do. So once the designer sees what type of model the customer has in mind, the designer then starts polishing the customers design to make it a fine piece of art combined with power if demanded.

Cafe Racer Body Kit
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