Ferrari's Concept Two-Wheeler

Not yet revealed, but would take time

Just a couple of thoughts put together at start, but later designer Amir Glinik sketched out a design not the final piece though. When transformed the paper sketch onto a digital phase from the paper look, it brought the bike life and made it look exotic and the news has gone viral following beautiful images of the digital sketch of the bike. The bike is modeled using a V12 engine from the Ferrari Enzo super car, chopped down to four cylinders and modified to fit a motorcycle. The concept looks out standing, but sounds a bit awkward for practical usage. The main controlling unit of the bike would the touchscreen which is placed at the center in-between the 1953 style handlebars. The controlling system is based on a Ferrari engine management computer, in which Ferrari wants it's customers to feel the power and stay safe at the same time.

Evidently the design of the bike has been influenced by quite some vintage collections, it has a mixture of classic and new age designs in terms of technology used on the bike or even the design for that matter. Designer Amir Glinik even admitted the same, that vintage and modern Ferrari's have influenced him in the making of this bike. There are a few luxury sports car brands that have entered into the motorcycle market and soon to come will be the Ferrari. For the time it's just about designs and concept, nothing has been finalized. Once this four cylinder concept enters into the market, the company has big hopes of it doing some aggressive sales globally.

Ferrari V4 Angle

As not much details have been revealed, the price tag of this bike stays a mystery. As speculations arise, once the price is revealed it would demand some serious amounts. As there are many motor enthusiasts around the world, a few would have the opportunity of purchasing this exotic piece. As of now all that can be said is that the Ferrari bike would be coming soon in a few years.

Ferrari V4 Rear

Ferrari V4 Side
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