Mahindra to Launch a 110cc Commuter Scooter

It is one of the 10 two-wheelers to be launched by the company in the next 30 months.

Riding well on to the pace of the Indian scooter market, Mahindra is getting everything set to launch its next scooter. It has been rumoured that the upcoming scooter of the firm will carry a 110cc engine. It will be a milestone for the company which is yet to be certified by the Indian scooter trippers. Currently, the company sells only 125cc scooters and they are the Duro, Duro DZ, Rodeo RZ, and the Flyte. Mean while, the Kine remains as an exception since it comes with a 71.5cc engine.

The matter got leaked out when the scooter was caught snapped while testdriving. As usually the machine was wholly covered and the scooter remains an anticipation to all scooter fabs.

Mahindra Duro DZ

While launching the Centuro, Mahindra Two-Wheelers president Anoop Mathur said that the company would launch 10 models including new ones and variants over the next 30 months. Being honourable to their words, it seems like this upcoming scooter might be the first of 10 two-wheelers of Mahindra.

The 100cc and 110cc are the busiest scooter class in the Indian scooter market. So, the upcoming machine of Mahindra will be welcomed by a good number of rivals. Honda Activa, Activa i, Aviator, Dio, TVS Wego, Yamaha Ray, Ray Z, Hero Maestro, and the Pleasure will be the colleagues of the 110cc Mahindra scooter to take part in the race.

Within this 30 months, the company focuses on its strategy to make a changeover in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Presently, the firm has 400 stores and 500 touch points across the country. The consortium wants to expand it to 600 and 1000 respectively within 8 months. Manufacturing plant at Pithampur, near Indore and the R&D centre at Chinchwad, Pune are the next big things what the company is focusing to improve. The firm has already invested Rs. 700 crore since the foundation of Mahindra Two Wheelers. The officials had added that the firm will be continuing investing in equal interval of times.

Meantime, there is a hope for the much awaited 300cc premium bike of the company, the Mojo. It is likely to be launched by the end of the running fiscal year. Well, the all new bike, Centuro is being awarded good responses all over.
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