Yamaha R15-S: When Burnt Rubber Smells Better Than Perfume!

To be on for sales soon in India and riders have been waiting eagerly, since the name was uttered.

There have been many rumors surrounding each industry, such a rumor lately was doing its rounds in the automotive industry. Yamaha is gearing to launch a yet new version of the R15, which is called the R15-S. This all started by a few pictures circulating online and went viral once social media self made journalists spotted them. Officials at Yamaha have confirmed the matter when questioned upon, they have stated that there is a model in development and it would carry on the same physical appearance, but will differ in its technological specifications. The R15's has always been one of the companies key products achieving some targeted sales, saying that the R15-S wouldn't have any trouble to do the same.

Regarding the R15, the look is inspired from the Yamaha YZF-R6. Unlike the first edition, the v2 has a split-seat design, higher seat height, LED tail light, wide tyres, larger gear ratio, longer wheelbase, rear mudguard and redesigned middle and tail section. The engine performance is largely similar, still having a six-speed transmission and a linked type sport suspension added on the back. The engine is a 149.8cc single-cylinder, with four valves and a single overhead cam. The bore and stroke of the engine are 2.24inx2.31in. The radiator is placed in the front of the engine with a fan behind it. The coolant reserve is on the left side up and behind the radiator. The transmission is return type six-speed with a constant mesh wet multi plate clutch. The bike has a 270mm single disc with dual piston callipers in the front and a 220mm single disc single piston calliper at the rear, both the brake systems being made by Nissan of Japan. The front suspension is twin telescopic fork and the rear is the advanced linked type motocross suspension. The bike has a dual headlight like other bikes of the R-series.

Yamaha R15 Upcomings 2

Yamaha R15 V2

Observing the technical specifications of this bike, we could imagine how the R15-S would be and keeping in mind that the physical structure should be based on the first version, evolving with other trending minute detailing. Prices haven't been slated, infact a press release hasn't been made, so the company has kept this work-in-progress bike, a suspense, just the way the past R15 versions drive have offered. All that could be said about concerning the price for this new version is that it could be slightly ahead of the previous model.

Yamaha R15 Upcomings 1

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