Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Review

Since a decade Bajaj Auto has catapulted its market position to great heights and especially with Pulsar brand the company has boomed with amazing success. The introduction of Pulsar in 2001 was opening of the flood gates for the bike maker; the bike charmed every bike enthusiast with its simplicity braced with performance, fuel efficiency and affordability that churned out tremendous success among all age groups of riders.

The hunger for Bajaj Auto seems to have not satiated even after acquiring 50% of the market share in the premium segment of bikes and with the introduction of the new Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS the company seems to have evolved with a "Phoenix"; of course this avatar of the Pulsar has augmented its identity to a greater level of evolution and the world is sure to take a bow at the new Pulsar phenomenon. This automotive spectacle will leave you gasping with its sheer magnificent physicality that exudes a powerful image rather you need to ride it to believe it...

Pulsar and beauty go synonymous
The name Pulsar NS in which NS denotes naked sports and the bike truly sticks to its name, I must admit that one look at the Pulsar 200 NS was enough to exclaim that it indeed is one of the best looking street fighters around. The body of the Pulsar has been chiseled to perfection; every body part of the bike is meticulously carved that oozes masculinity and puffs aggression. Even the minute details such as the handgrips, foot pegs, backlit switches, alloy wheels and the handle bar is remarkably etched out. And of course the new kid on the block inherits most traits from the Pulsar family; especially the rear LED split lamp is reminiscent of the Bajaj' Sports bike and apart from that the huge fuel tank that gives a solid thigh support. The other wow features are the LCD speedometer and tachometer; 3D graphics, clear lens indicators, trendy split seat and mudguards are impressive style elements.

Pulsar 200 NS

Basically, the Pulsar seems to have taken cues from some architectural masterpiece and the planes, lines and slashes all over the bike testifies the fact but the roundness feature that is prominent in the old Pulsar to some extent is maintained in the new NS too. The distinctive design of Pulsar NS 200 is sure an indication of the next generation bike engineering.

Engine, performance and mileage
The Pulsar NS 200 comes on a 2-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve engine which is expected to deliver peak power of 23.5 PS @ 9500 rpm and generate a peak torque of 18.3 Nm @ 8000 rpm. The groundbreaking triple spark technology braced with ECU (electronic control unit) executes exceptional performance, low emission, throttle response, and fuel efficiency at almost all speed levels. The fact that the engine runs on liquid cooling system ensures longevity of the engine, smooth sound even at high rpm's and no overheating. To top these superior engines features is the 6-speed gearbox is well-mated to the engine that delivers wider range of power. Furthermore, the top speed is 136 kmph and the bigger draw is that the 0-60 kph can be touched in just 3.61 seconds and a ton can be reached from the standstill mode in about 9.83 seconds.

The weight distribution of 50:50 enables easy maneuvering of the bike especially at the curves with substantial improvement of speed, Besides it offers an envious straight-line stability, I mean it. The perimeter frame at the front of the Pulsar NS allows comfortable handling and cornering stability because of the higher lateral stiffness. The advanced suspension ensures jerk-free rides and offers greater control of the bike while the disc brakes at front and rear side assures a safety ride. The upright riding position of the bike is perfect for city riding and is also great to handle on the twisty roads but the pillion rider might not be very comfortable because of the elevation at the rear seat. The Pulsar NS gives a mileage of 60 kmpl on the highway and 45 kmpl in the city.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS comes in two attractive colors: red and yellow although my personal preference would be the flaming red one.

Why should anyone buy this?
With mind-blowing looks, superior technology and performance it is hard to keep your hands away from this new stud in town and will sure be a priceless possession.
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