Dominar and Duke 390, Two Separate Motorbikes With Same Heart

Dominar 400 is a different bike from Bajaj and has nothing to compare with Duke 390

When Bajaj launched their new flagship in the name of Dominar 400, the whole motorcycle world was bit amazed. It was due to the pricing and performance of this new machine. It is very clear that Dominar is powered by the same 373.2cc mill that powers Duke 390, but the pricing of both the bikes are different. How could that possible?

All the answers lies within the Bajaj itself. As we all know Bajaj has created many sportsbikes that can be suited for day to day commuting roles. Dominar 400 is one such bike with performance and cruiser characters. Meanwhile KTM Duke 390, is one hell of a performance bike, which is meant for pure adrenalin rush. It is lightweight, agile, nimble and ready to race kit. With a whooping 43.5 PS power, it can goes up to 171 kmph with an ease. When it comes to Dominar, Bajaj's Triple Spark Technology tunes this same engine to produce a lesser 35 PS power and a top speed of 148 kmph. Not only that, Bajaj's technology has improved the fuel efficiency of this engine which attracts larger audience and suits for long distance cruising. Bajaj has priced their new bike much lower than the Duke 390, by cutting down the rated power and by using slightly low quality technical components while manufacturing.

Dominar 400

Duke 390

The only thing common about Duke and Dominar is their engine. Other than that, both are completely different bikes meant for separate audience. One is an internationally acclaimed performance machine, while other is a commuter and a faster bike at the same time.

The Difference of Dominar from Duke

*Dominar weighs more than Duke 390 (182 kgs)
*Under-powered bike
*Used less quality and cheaper parts than Duke
*Top speed and maximum power is lesser for Dominar
*Dominar can be used as a cruiser and commuter.
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