2015 Honda CBR 650F Review

The Honda CBR650F offers a terrific straight-line performance

Honda CBR650F is a machine offering equal ratios of power, performance, comfort and value for money. It’s a 650cc super sports bike that comes with promising features and technologies that don’t compromise on the comfort and pure riding experience delivered. Honda introduced the CBR650F in the Indian market, filling the gap between the quarter-litre and the litre-class from its stable. In India, the CBR650F fills the gap between the CBR250R and CBR1000RR (Fireblade), worldwide this motorcycle actually makes its place between the entry-level sports bike, the CBR500R and the race focused CBR600RR. Introduced at the 2013 EICMA Motor Show, the Honda CBR650F made quite a lot of noise at its unveil. Launched in the year 2014 globally and showcased in India at last year’s Auto Expo, the CBR650F was launched in our country in 2015, becoming Honda’s first premium sports tourer in the middle-weight category.

A quick glimpse and the Honda CBR650F does not look any different. The single headlamp and the red and white colour combination makes it look like the CBR250R for a layman, but a second glimpse and as the bike passes by, the big fairing gives a noticeable difference. While the look from the rear, totally changes the outlook. One would mistake it by considering it the Fireblade, the CBR1000RR. If anyone is just a fan of the middle-weight superbike segment, then he/she would notice that the Honda CBR650F has some design clues identical to the Yamaha FZ6R which is not available in India yet but is one important sports tourer in the same segment. The front holds a single piece diamond shaped headlamp while the LED DRLs are on the edges. Just above the headlamp lies a floating visor and the mirrors which match the design. Then comes the huge fairing which is stuck to the metal fuel tank. The single seat setup is pretty decent and gets a step-up design for the pillion. There’s very less body work as we come to the rear but the rear gets all matte finish, ending to the pointy mudguard, the rear also holds 9 point LED tail-lamps. The indicators are normal with clear yet smoked visors. The bike is available in India with a single colour scheme called pearl metalloid white which looks similar to the HRC colour scheme by Honda. The rims are 12-spoke alloys with a swirl design and in jet black colour. Complementing the rims are the petal disc brakes which are shiny and very attractive. The underbelly exhaust has a beautiful cover which matches with the aluminium swing-arm and just below the rider’s seat and between the chassis frame, there’s this all black monoshock holding the swing arm which is clearly visible and looks good.

Honda Cbr 650f Left Side View

Honda’s engine is over square and has the usual 16-valve DOHC configuration but it is neither very complicated nor very high tech. Affordability was a goal from the start of the project nor the intention to produce unintimidating but adequate power within a price goal requiring simple, effective engineering. The result is 86.5PS at 11,000rpm and 62.9Nm at 8,000rpm. The CBR starts making usable grunt by 3,000rpm and you can hang around happily between 4,000 and 8,000rpm riding swiftly and managing quick overtakes at will. Up to about 7,000rpm, there’s barely any noise from the inline four. Past about 9,000rpm is when you hear a thin whine as the engine revs to its 11,400rpm redline. It takes time to register but you’ll eventually also notice that the motor revs up slower than a full-on sporting inline four. As Hondas usually are, the CBR650F is a very civil motorcycle that surprises you with its turn of speed, but it does the business in an undramatic manner that it leaves you a little disengaged from the excitement. Like all Hondas, the refinement levels on the CBR are sky high. However, like all Hondas there is still a residual high frequency vibration in the bars. Overall, the bike is very calm, yet it is just a throttle away from going wild and ballistic.


Available in only a single colour option for now with ABS as standard, the Honda CBR650R isn’t worth every buck you pay for it, but it would justify with its practicality and the fact that it is Honda’s first middle-weight sports tourer for India. It is priced at ₹8 Lakh onwards, which doesn’t impress much due to some lags. The bike can be defined as a mini maniac version of its elder brother, the Honda CBR1000RR.

Honda Cbr 650f Ride
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