KTM X-Bow: Ready To Race?

Revolutionary. Puristic. Radical. The ultra-light sports car for road and race use

The same Austria company that delivered those beautiful motorcycles, this is their first car in the car genre. The X-Box was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008. The X-bow was developed by the KTM in collaboration with Kiska Design, Audi and Dallara. The X-bow at it's heart borrows an Audi turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0l engine. At first KTM planned on selling 500 units every year, but this didn't workout. KTM had to increase it's units to 1,000 due to high demand and built a new plant in Austria.

The X-bow has all heads up for the crazy and out of the world design, well it looks very impractical too. Well the time space between 0-100 is clocked at approximately 3.9 seconds which is quite impressive, but obviously there isn't any weather protection, so you'll have to take care while riding one of these. As by design the vehicle seems aggressive, the exterior and interior components are vacant. Being the first modeled car of the KTM there are certain drawbacks, but later on improved by it's latter versions.

Ktm X Bow Front

As seen in the motorcycles designed by the KTM they succeed in speed and most of the qualities a super-bike needs. As far as the performance is concerned this car is quite impressive. The suspension relatively conventional, adjustable shocks are options on the basic street model and standard on the club sport. The brakes are from brembo, with four piston calipers up front. The 17-inch front and 18 inch rear wheels come with a standard five-bolt pattern, but a racing style, single center lug is available. Several different tires are offered.

Ktm X Bow Engine

That stripped down attitude is apparent in the X-bow's cabin. The thin wind deflector is all that protects the occupants from the airstream, so putting on a full-faced helmet is preferably a good option. The seating position is fixed and very low indeed, as the car is so compact that it feels as if you are wearing it. There's no conventional instrument panel or switches, other than what's been built-in as standard. Not actually compromising, but instead there's a little pod between the seats that display the digital media. Then there's a few buttons placed neatly on the steering wheel, some of those buttons indicate; turn signals, high beam and the horn.

Ktm X Bow Steering

When the car is put on 'Road' mode the digital media will display the speed in which the car is traveling in, the time, external temperature and trip related info. A different section of the menu displays mileage and the balance of the tank. When switched to 'Race' mode it adds lap timing. Well it isn't one of those preferred long drive cars, so if you are really a passionate traveler you might preferably switch to your other garage mate. In fact, it's the nearest thing to a modern racing car that you can purchase for the road. As stated in the past, weight is the worst enemy of performance. Despite the lack of power assistance, the steering is light and accurate, the brakes have instinctive feel and weight.

Ktm X Bow Interior

If you have the tendency of spotting negatives first, then when you hear the price tag of this car, most mouths would end up speechless. This car is priced at $88,500. Which quietly compromises the missing components of this car. KTM has been doing some aggressive sales in places with good road courses and has been coming up with some innovative models currently.

Ktm X Bow Angle
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