Suzuki Inazuma (GW250) Review – An entry-level motorcycle with an outdated design

Beaten by its rivals - Ninja 300, CBR250R, and Duke 390, a long way.

When the news leaked out in the internet blogs about the entry-level sport bike of Suzuki, we all had a huge hope. The excitement was sky-high. Suzuki, from the land of motorcycles – Japan, and the maker of great Hayabusa machine. So we thought in the same line. We imagined a powerful motorcycle that looks something like the CBR250R, or the Ninja 300.

When we got the confirmation that it was the GW 250 to be launched, almost the entire superbike fans found their hope exhausted. Somebody even thought of an update at least for the Indian entry. Unfortunate! We got everything wrong and Suzuki launched the GW 250 in India as the Inazuma. And here it goes the detailed review of the entry-level naked sportbike of Suzuki.

Suzuki Inazuma

Don't you know that Suzuki is the only manufacturer behind the world class, Hayabusa? I think almost everyone who knows what is a superbike should know that Suzuki is behind the Hayabusa. To your much surprise, it is the same team behind this outdatedly designed Inazuma!

The headlamp, seat, and the tail light are the most awkward stuffs you find on it. You should know that Suzuki has to compete with the best in class machine, the Ninja 300 and with the runner up, but the most affordable CBR250R. And do you see any place nearby for the Inazuma as it is compared with its challengers? Of course not.

Suzuki Inazuma

Engine, and Performance
The Inazuma is powered by a 248cc, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC engine delivering a peak power of 24 horsepower and a peak torque of 16.2 lb-ft. Mated with a 6-speed transmission, this performance is never up to challenge the powerhouses in the class – Ninja 300, CBR250R and Duke 390. Moreover, the bike weighs 183 kg. That is much more massive than its rivals. And it certainly brings down the performance of the machine. The top speed of the bike is around 150 kph.

Ergonomics Handling, and Riding Comfy
The seat height of Inazuma is competitively the lowest in the class with 780mm. This allows even short guys to feel comfortable on the seat. The handlebar is quiet relaxing as well. The foot pegs are at the right positions to enhance the control of the machine. Since it's a naked motorcycle, riding through the city traffic is better than that of the faired machines. However, its mass is a real issue when the rider wants a sudden twist in turns. It certainly needs an extra care unless you may end up with an accident. Still, this heaviness is a blessing while taking the machine at high speeds. You feel the stability of the machine there.

Suzuki Inazuma

The Inazuma goes superb here. It gives back an average of 31 kmpl, which is a good figure as far as an entry-level motorcycle is concerned.

Here is where you completely dislike the motorcycle. The Inazuma tags Rs. 3.1 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. This is extremely overpriced. On the other hand, you have better machines – the CBR250R and the Duke 390 (both with ABS) at lesser prices. So, would you still go for this offer?

Of course, the Inazuma has got nothing to win over the Ninja 300, the CBR250R, or the Duke 390. The bike doesn't tempt anyone with its design nor with the performance and never with the price tag. So, Where does the Inazuma stand in the entry-level of the Indian motorcycle industry? At least it can be an option for diehard Suzuki fans.

Suzuki Inazuma
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