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How Does Mahindra Centuro Become the Best Entry Level Commuter Bike in India?

The Centuro has hit 10,000 bookings in just 18 days. The bike is mated with a lot of segment first features.

The Centuro is cruising out to be the best two-wheeler of Mahindra. 10,000 bookings of the Centuro in just 18 days displays the power of this entry level commuter motorcycle. Mahindra is not a renowned brand in the Indian motorcycle industry. It doesn't have enough sales or service support compared to the other names in the Indian motorcycle industry such as Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto, Honda, TVS, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Still, the firm clocked a magical number which is not even possible for some big names.

Of course, the Centuro carries something special to conquer the heart of commuter riders. Yup! Mahindra has taken a different step here which was not seen in any other two-wheeler's introduction. Its promotion is great. In television channels, magazines, websites, social networks, news papers, and almost in all places wherever riders' attention could be projected, all there the ad of the Centuro has been notified. Its TV commercial might be the most successful promotion that had gone to maximum numbers of viewers. Being unique, the TV commercial is pretty interesting too.

Mahindra Centuro

How does Mahindra Centuro outplay its competitors and become a special entry level commuter bike in India?
A normal Indian commuter bike will be very limited in features. Because, it's very hard to build an entry level bike attached with many features as the budget must be affordable and reasonable to the riders. The customers of the commuter bikes are working men. They works for peanuts. So these guys always care about the pricing and mileage of the bi-wheeler. That's why some bikes without reliability but with affordable pricing and high fuel efficiency become huge hits in Indian motorcycle industry. The Centuro is not exactly doing the same. Well, it's blessed with economy and killer pricing.

Mahindra Centuro

And if you get a bike that is priced even cheaper and promises more mileage (85.4 kmpl) than its rivals, and if it is comprised of additional features which are first time in this class, how will it be then? Amazing or awesome? Or have you got any other words to express your feeling? Yup! That's it. That's the key reason behind the huge success of the Centuro.

Mahindra Centuro

What are the special features included in the Centuro?
Looking at the Instrument Cluster of the Centuro, you'll never feel as if it is an entry level bike. Because, it's almost in digital format at which a rider can get information at a glance. The instrument console is mainly split into three parts. The left portion displays fuel gauge, and the segment first DTE (Distance To Empty), by which we can analyze how long more the petrol in the fuel tank can us. This is incredible as far as an entry level motorcycle is concerned. Moving to the central portion, we see a speedometer with one indicator for economy mode. It indicates when we cross the economical speed. Last but not least, the right portion displays the trip meter, odometer and a clock.

Mahindra Centuro

Key fob is the next highlight of the Centuro. It's something we can see only in luxury cars. It comes with a flip key and buttons through which we can operate certain stuffs. It is also equipped with an LED torchlight which is very useful in emergency situations. This remote control key helps you to find your bike when it is parked in a crowded place. Using the key, the bike blinks indicators with a buzzing sound. So we can easily detect the bike even if it is parked far away. Don't worry, if there is no light. It also lets the headlight to stay for 30 seconds, for that we can easily open the door or can reach the position we need to. Anti Theft system along with the 96 bit encrypted key fob is the next important stuff in it. When a wrong key is put for stealing, the engine immobilisers works and sounds the alarm just like in cars.

Mahindra Centuro

What about the engine and performance?
It performs like a 100c class bike. Nothing much. Well, it is far better than its sibling, the Pantero. Because, the Centuro is installed with the all new CDI with revised intake and exhaust timing. It ensures better performance. Meanwhile, Mahindra has also added a patent lubrication system 'Jet Flow' which ensures oil circulation at any RPM. The Centuro is fine even until 8000 rpm, which is impressive from a commuter bike. The all-up 4 speed gear transmission is also smooth enough for city rides. The top speed of the Centuro is 90 kmph.

Mahindra Centuro

How is the ergonomics and riding comfort?
Well, the saddle position of the Centuro is perfect being a commuter machine. The handlebar and the foot rests have been kept accordingly. Mated with a Telescopic, Coil spring front suspension and a Coiled 5-step adjustable rear suspension, the bike is capable to absorb shocks to a limit.

Mahindra Centuro

Final Word
The Centuro is a new product of Mahindra. It has not been proven regarding reliability by its customers. Moreover, Mahindra is not a well known motorcycle brand in any market. However, the testdrive reports and moto-journalists' analyses about the bike are good so far. So either you buy it if you believe the words of media persons since it's the most valuable bike in this class in the world or wait for the review of its users.

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Dears I have CENTURO from Sep 13 My byke performence is excillent Avrahe is comming 67 Km/L .I am happy with my CENTURO
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Very fine
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