Shootout: The Best 110cc Bike; Hero Passion X Pro Vs Honda Dream Yuga Vs Honda CB Twister

Indian riders always love good mileage giving bikes. Hero, Bajaj and Honda are the major big bosses in providing economical motorcycles in the country. 100cc, 110cc and 125cc engines really have good time in the Indian two wheeler market. It would be hard for any two wheeler manufacturers to survive without any of these 3 engine displaced commuter bikes in their line up.

Honda has been a good option for 110cc bike searchers as its ramp is occupied by two 110cc motorcycles, CB Twister and Dream Yuga. As an excellent reply to Honda's one man show with these bikes, Hero Motocorp unveiled the Passion X Pro. More than a reply, it was a miraculous Diwali gift from world's number one two wheeler company.

Hero Passion X Pro Vs Honda Dream Yuga Vs Honda CB Twister

With better looks, better graphics and better design, Hero Passion X Pro tops the standings. Even though the Passion X Pro's design and graphics was inspired from Passion's signature style, the X Pro holds its own unique style and dignity. The newly designed headlamp, visor, silencer and additionally added fuel tank kit pay dynamic attention to it. The Passion X Pro is available in 8 stunning colors.

Similarly, the Dream Yuga resemblances Honda CB Shine, whereas the CB Twister slightly reflects the CB Unicorn Dazzler.

The X Pro is mated with more features. Digital-analog combo meter console, front disc brake, tubeless tyres and trapezoidal multi-focal headlamp obviously bring more room to commuter riders.
Meanwhile, the CB Twister comes with a front disc brake and a maintenance free battery. It severely lacks a digital meter. It's so terrible that Honda is still having outdated meter consoles. Though the half chain case looks trendy, it causes deposit of a lot of money in the name of maintenance.

At the same time, the Dream Yuga runs on tuff up tubeless tyres. Its 5 step adjustable rear suspension, smooth front suspension and long seat ensures comfortable city drivings. However, there are no digital meter console and no disc break. These two drawbacks don't list the Dream Yuga in the line up of next generation commuter bikes.

So considering features, the Passion X Pro is paid more attention.

Hero Passion X Pro

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications and Details of Hero Passion X Pro
Technical Specifications and Details of Honda Dream Yuga
Technical Specifications and Details of Honda CB Twister

Engine, Power and Performance
The Passion X Pro is equipped with a 109.1 cc, Air cooled, 4 - stroke single cylinder OHC engine. It is powered by a maximum output of 8.7 Ps @ 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.36 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Its engine is further mated with all down 4 Speed constant mesh. The expected top speed of the X Pro is 104 kmph.

The Dream Yuga comes with a 109 cc, Single cylinder, four-stroke, SI engine. It ensures a maximum power of 8.5 bhp @ 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 8.91 Nm @5500 rpm. Alike Hero gear transmission, the Dream Yuga features an all down 4-speed constant mesh gearbox. The top speed of 95 kmph.

The same 109 cc, Single cylinder, four-stroke, SI engine which has been installed in the Dream Yuga is used in the CB Twister as well. But it's slightly more powered by a maximum power of 9 bhp @ 8000 rpm and useful torque of 9 Nm @ 6000 rpm. Its top speed is102 kmph.

Comparing engine, power and performance, the Passion X Pro excels the race.

It's not the mileage in papers we get when we practically do things. As we all know today's traffic in cities and even in rural areas, it's almost impossible to ride a bike as per standard conditions. Hence the economy we get change according to the way we go through.

Hero offers 70 kmpl mileage for the Passion X Pro. But it's possible to handle an overall mileage upto 65 kmpl.

72 kmpl is what Honda assures for the Dream Yuga. Still, it also provides us around 65 kmpl.

The ARAI mileage of CB Twister is 70 kmpl. This machine also doesn't change things. 65 kmpl is the average mileage of CB Twister.

Analysing these numbers, the Dream Yuga seems standing at the top with a mere difference.

Honda CB Twister

Quality, Maintenance and Service
Both Hero and Honda are known for their quality and reliability. These brands are always trusted by millions of customers. So even if a new product is launched into the market, customers make no room to get confused and they directly walk into stores to have test drives. Nevertheless, Honda slightly stands at a better position in the name of reliable parts. Well, it doesn't mean Hero has low quality body parts for Hero's machines are always built in good quality materials.

These 3 bikes will only have the least maintenance. Among this, the Dream Yuga is expected to enrol the cheapest maintenance since it doesn't have front disc brake, and well packed for commuter riders. As the CB Twister comes with a half chain cover, it will be a matter of continuous service in regular interval of time.

Services are quiet easier for both Hero and Honda brands as they have a lot service centres across the country. However, Hero has more service centres. Moreover, spare parts of Hero are easily available at cheap rates, whereas Honda's spare parts are pretty costlier.

All three bikes are priced in similar numbers. However, the CB Twister is the cheapest among these three 110cc motorcycles. The Dream Yuga is priced a 1000 rupee more than the Twister, whereas Rs. 2000 more is needed to buy the Passion X Pro.

Price Details of Hero Passion X Pro
Price Details of Honda Dream Yuga
Price Details of Hongs CB Twister
Honda Dream Yuga

Concluding, it's really hard to find out the best bike from these 3 bikes analysed. Notwithstanding, comparing price, features, brand value, resale value, maintenance cost, mileage, performance, popularity and so on qualities, the winner is none other than Hero Passion X Pro.

Reasons why Passion X Pro is selected
Mileage, pricing, brand value resale value and maintenance cost are almost same for these 3 models. But Hero unveiled its Passion X Pro fully loaded. That is, the bike is equipped with digital meter what both its competitors lack. Additionally, it has a full chain cover which is not seen in the CB Twister, which is much helpful to reduce the maintenance cost. Finally, the absence of much essential disc brake on its opponent, Dream Yuga completely rolls out things towards the Passion X Pro.

Moreover, some of its special features such as tubeless tyres, trapezoidal multi-focal headlamp (MFR), and unique and stunning looks list the Passion X Pro in to the next generation commuter motorcycle's tabulation.
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Latest Comments

i liked the review, it will easier to those who are looking good bike in this segment, anyhow hero should think on pricing till they prove they are providing the same quality as use to as brand name of hero honda.
By on 28-11-2012
Hero passion X pro is Ultimate Bike in INDIA till now.It beats & eats Honda yuga & Twitter.I like only Hero bikes because of gud Quality.
By on 08-12-2012
passion x pro ..super
By on 11-12-2012
Honda twister and dream yuga too have tubeless tyres
By on 04-01-2013
yes passion xpro is superb bike in india.
By on 03-04-2013
my best choice is hero passion xpro. a.arivalagan, coimbatore. 9894439069.
By on 08-04-2013
Its easier to find a good bike after such a matter-of-the-fact review.I like it here's passion x pro wins hands down,no two ways about it.
By on 16-06-2013
I test rode all bikes xpro, yuga and neo(HET). All has the same engine specifications and sound but features and maintainance wise HERO passion xpro wins the competition and more over it is MADE IN INDIA(Desh ki dhadkan)
By on 15-07-2013
I booked a HERO PASSION XPRO two days back, shall update the feel of riding this beast soon. The engine is so smooth when compared to its sibling passion pro.
By on 15-07-2013
Planning to buy Hero Passion X-Pro..
little confused between X-pro & Dream yuga..
Review made it clear different features between yuga & X-pro...

Just Wanted to know Whether over the time x-pro's mileage go down..
Heard in my city by Passion Pro User..
Is it True..
Plz Reply....
By on 08-08-2013
X pro is one of the best in this price.
By on 04-09-2013
Honda cb shine is better than hero passion xpro b/c it have a good maintenence own & good looking. It is most populer bike in india.
By on 06-10-2013
This is my 2nd comment about Passion X Pro Self Alloy. It gives me 66.8 kmpl mileage in city. Before this Review it gives me 72 kmpl mielage on Highway & speeds 55 to under 60 km. Tube less tyres, digital odometer, 5 step adjustable suspension , 175mm high Ground clearence , Halogen mfr Head Lamp. Thanks to Hero SUPER BIKE
By on 30-11-2013
I want to buy a bike, i choose Passion pro x from hero and CB Twister from the honda . help me choosing?
By on 22-02-2014
I am confused little bit to take whethere hero splendor pro or passion xpro suggest me
By on 06-06-2014
Passion x pro is worst bike i had ever seen its nothing as compared to cb twister.
By on 16-06-2014
Passion x pro is worst bike i had ever seen its nothing as compared to cb twister.
By on 16-06-2014
I planned to buy millage bike with sportive look. I chosen three bikes. Finally hero xpro ,dream yuga , Mahindra centuro , can any one tell which one is good in millage on city rides , with 55-60km speed ride .
By on 25-06-2014
Passion xpro is the best bike with real mileage of 55KM per litre in city conditions.
By on 28-06-2014
Shine is the best option if u r using 50-60 KM speed.
By on 30-06-2014
dream yuga is best bcoz its maintainence nd average... it gives 65 nd that is best. i love dream yuga
By on 26-07-2014
Hero Passion Xpro is amazing bike. I'll get 65- 70 KMPl in High ways. In city i got 55-60 KMPl.
Outstanding performance and gud looking bike ,hero x pro is best bike in
100 to 110cc segment bike
By on 19-08-2014
Thanks for your comments
By on 27-08-2014
i want bike for hero pls help to choose
By on 16-09-2014
Go for passion x pro its really nice bike..with low maintanance and good looks..
By on 01-10-2014
I know that passion is good but
believe mee frnds passion makes lot more noise than the other two bikes & also other two honda bikes aren't really noisy...
So i don't want u to buy passion and regret ur decision, so think about it!!
Have a good .day frnds.....
By on 01-11-2014
which bike is better hero passion pro or Honda dream yuga
By on 14-08-2015
I like this review . tru, well studying and absolutely correct.
Hero desh ki dhadakan
By on 08-10-2015
Well I am agree but both the bikes lacks in stylish looks like CB twister . Yeah but thanks to let me compare
By on 17-12-2015
I have both bikes but l am like xpro because engine life more and maintainance cost is cheap compare to honda bike
By on 06-06-2019

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