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Over the past years, there has been a revolution in all fields. In the past years people demanded cars for tours and travels, but now people demand bikes and specifically the younger generation demands for bike rentals as they find joy to ride a bike than to sit in a car and travel. This company Wheelstreet is a product of Bashar Technologies Pvt Ltd that caters to an online platform for all the bike lovers across India. They connect the bike owner to the renter and provide a hassle free bike renting experience. They have a list of bikes ranging from 2013 to 2015 models and also verifies the owner, so there is no trouble. They are an easy platform that connects the customers with the best bike available in the town at the minimum security deposit. Their main priority is to see that the renter enjoys the ride that is offered as per their requests and also suggest the suitable motorcycle for their journey.

Motorbikes are one of the most affordable forms of motorised transport and, for most of the world's population; they are the most familiar type of motor vehicle. As major international motorcycle companies have entered in to the Indian territory of automobiles, people who demanded home grown motorcycles now demand bikes like Harley-Davidson’s and KTM’s bikes. As per sources, the four largest motorcycle markets in the world are all in Asia; China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. India, with an estimated 37 million motorcycles/mopeds, is home to the largest number of motorised two wheelers in the world.

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At Wheelstreet the company not only has a line-up of motorcycles, but they also have a string of scooters that are commonly demanded. For tourists who come visiting India, are found riding scooter commonly, this culture is mostly seen on the Goa terrains. Regarding the fleet of motorcycles on Wheelstreet that is available for rental starts from; Hayabusa’s to home grown Bajaj Avengers. Their fleet consists of luxury superbikes, luxury bikes and budget bikes.

The company has a vision to solve the bike renting problems across India, and having happy enthusiastic riders all around. Be it a trip, a romantic date with your girlfriend or daily routine to your office in a new city the company is more than ready to help. Moreover, the aim is to reduce traffic on the roads and make it a wonderful place to live by renting a new bike every other time rather than buying one. As all bike renting companies, there comes a reasonable amount to fulfil the rental procedure. The company also requests each and every renter to ride safe with all the safety gears.
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