Now A Problem For Pillion Riders Too!

Helmet mandatory for riders, support. Now helmet mandatory for pillion riders? Life's tough get a HELMET!!

In mostly all the states of India, have passed an order on helmet a necessity for pillion two-wheeler riders too. There's always a fuss among the younger population for having a helmet on, but its a safety precaution and by the RTO's of different states conducting awareness programs, there's a decline in the number of people riding a motorbike without a helmet. The strict helmet rule for riders mainly focused on the youth of the country, as observed by the Police and RTO's that they drive recklessly and have no intention of returning home in one shape. According to the survey conducted by the Police, they found that more than car accidents it was the bikers who get endangered often. When death occurs to the rider, it is most often due to no helmet.

After the rule for the rider too wear a helmet had come in to action, the helmet business had a boom in business in a negative way. People were seen buying cheap helmets, just for the sake of having something on the head, so they don't get pulled over by the Police. When the Police started observing these cheap helmets and found out that it was no lasting and in a scenario of a crash, once the helmet touches the ground it shatters in to bits and pieces, leaving the riders head to get bruised. Then there was an initiative by the Police, making sure that all the bike riders, have helmets with an ISI mark labeled right behind the helmet. In some states, policemen were seen giving out helmet's for bike riders who rode without one. Till date its not clear why its such a tough task to sport a helmet on while riding, if racers on the track can put it on without any fuss, why not the people in the society, states a police official.

Pillion Riders Helmet

Having a headgear is always good and one cannot tell what comes their way at night or any time of the day. A headgear for the pillion rider is also a good idea, as there is always an impact when an accident occurs, and in some incidents the pillion rider is killed on the spot and the only reason is because the helmet was missing on the co-passenger's head. As per law there is a section of the law that mandates two-wheelers to wear a helmet and the pillion rider to do the same, but there was a stay put on it by the court. Some middle class people of the society who only have an annual income, which only accommodates themselves to own a two-wheeler have argued and stated their opinion that, “how can they expect us to buy helmets for the wife and two children? Fully covered headgear’s differ in size and an ISI headgear costs over 1,00 rupees, this is not fair at such a short notice”. Such reaction has cause a stir amongst government officials.

Helmet For Rider

Like it or not, having a headgear while on the road is good and would help you to some extend in accidents. After all safety is something that isn't to be ignored. The police and the RTO authorities will be seen taking strict action against offenders in the coming days. Its always better to fall in line than to fall out, so accompany the rider with a helmet and see that the rider has a helmet on his/her head too.

Helmet For Safety
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