Lotus C-01: A Super-Bike Or An Art Bike?

A Magnificent rare machine. We provide you with the insights on it

No. This isn't one of those concept bikes, so don't get sad petroheads cheer up. Months back when the company first revealed it's computer generated design images, enthusiasts had stated clearly that this bike if ended up to the production or sales phase it wouldn't look the same as the model which was revealed earlier. The bike's final phase was revealed for sales and it looks very much identical to the first leaked images. As this bike is designed by the former Bugatti designer Daniel Simon and made with bits from the Holzer Group specifically the motorsport people. Kodewa, the outfit that builds Lotus's Le Mans racer and is in charge of this two-wheeler, so the bike unleashes 200hp. The C-01 has all the power and does have some extreme looks too.

The C-01 has raked-out front forks, long-wheel base and wider rubber which gives the look of a drag bike. Hanging between the two wheels is a 4stroke, 2 cylinder engine, the weight of this bike is 181kg. Performance wise this bike could be placed in the genre of super-bikes, but when it comes to the design of the bike you'll have to place it in the world of art. Coming back to the performance, the brakes are detailed by Brembo, suspension by Ohlins. The bike actually handles well and on the road portrays a startling performance, as per sources. The color in which the bike should be in all depends on the customer. Combining all the factors of it's build, this bike surely will roar and ride. The Lotus's fleet of super-cars that have had some great power and proven themselves on the track, it is evident that this bike too carries a pinch of DNA of it's four wheeled brothers.

Lotus C 01

As for the external part of the bike is concerned, it is designed by Daniel Simon. Wearing one of the most respected names in motorsport, the Lotus C-01 certainly looks the part, with it's exotic styling and paintwork that immediately identifies the heritage and origin. Lotus is a glamorous name with a rich history and the C-01 celebrates it proudly. Dr. Collin Kolles stated that this bike isn't just a ride, but is art in motion. Well that statement surely does contribute to the term 'Art Bike'. Certainly it is a 1 seater bike, so all you enthusiasts could feel the solo experience. This bike definitely stands out from other super-bikes due to it's design.

Lotus C 01 Work

The price tag of this bike unfortunately isn't revealed till now, being the first super-bike of the Lotus brand, it surely displays uniqueness. Due to it's extreme uniqueness, the company has decided to sell only 100 units, so this is going to be good watch. Sources say that two out of hundred bikes have been booked by one person and has requested the company to deliver it in two different color variants. So the sale of this bike would happen on the first come first serve basis.

Lotus C 01 Side

Lotus C 01 Engine
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