Tork T6X Booking Started

The Indian electric motorcycle maker Tork has started the pre-booking of T6X, priced at 1.25 lakh.

It took 7 years for the R&D team to transform the masterpiece T6X from drawing boards to the roads. The Pune based Tork motorcycles has been in the news for a long period of time, ever since they have announced India's first ever electric motorcycle. The 2009 inaugural TTXP eGrandPrix at the legendary Isle of Man TT circuit marked the beginning of first zero carbon motorcycle racing in the history. Tork motorcycles from India emerges as one of the top finishers of that event. And the new Tork T6X is nothing but an urban commuter version of the same motorcycle used for TTXP.

The Tork T6X is based on the TIROS technology, which is Tork Intuitive Response Operating System, (which is developed by the Tork motorcycles itself) helps in customizing different riding profiles. The power train of T6X is an 8 kW lithium-ion battery, capable of producing 8 bhp power and delivers fair amount of 27 Nm instant torque as well. T6X can hit a maximum speed of 100 kmph on a steady surface and battery can lasts for 100 km for every full charge. Battery is charged using a 15 Amp socket which can obtain 80% of charge available in 60 minutes. The motorcycle weighs around 130 kilogram and the Tork officials are claiming their T6X to be as good as 200cc gasoline powered motorcycle.

Tork T6X Side View

The TIROS system manages the selection of power modes by regulating the power delivery system. Through this system company can remotely monitor the service necessities rather easily. Using the inbuilt cloud system, TIROS can be updated on the run and features can be added once the system is fully updated. This peculiar feature of T6X was inspired from Tesla S. The digital cluster of T6X is somewhat similar to a modern day gadget, made of 4.3” TFT touch screen. Which includes a GPS navigation system and can enables mobile phone applications as well. Utility storage of the vehicle too is appreciable.

Tork T6X

As an introductory offer, Tork T6X is priced at Rs 1,24,999 lakh and the pre-booking of the vehicle has started in their website. The T6X is eligible for subsidies as it falls under central governments FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) policy. Test driven model lacks the ABS, meanwhile the company assures ABS fitted for all the models once they are ready to be sold. Tork hopes to deliver T6X by August 2017 and they will start testing the vehicle in upcoming months before hitting the market.

Tork T6X Top View

Tork is planning to set up a production house in Chakkan, meanwhile their current facility can only handle 500 units. Pune, Bangalore and Delhi will be the initial distribution centers for the Tork as they do not have any franchise dealers. Company is also planning to install their charging ports within the city, which is quiet fascinating.

Tork T6X Digital Instrument Panel

But one thing is sure that the new T6X is worth waiting, as it has a heritage of racing and infact it is an eco-friendly motorcycle. So, it combines cutting edge motorsports technology along with a non polluting electric motor principles.

Tork T6X Mobile App
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