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One of the most important days in a kids life, is when he or she learns to ride a bicycle.

Children love cycling, its fast and fun, and gives them freedom and independence to get around. A survey study has shown that teachers have reported, that kids who walk and cycle to school are more alert and ready to learn than those who arrive by car. Cycling is enjoyed by people of all ages, its easier to learn to cycle when you're young and its a life skill that kids will acquire forever. Cycling also improves things regarding the child’s health too like, bone, muscle and joint health and maintenance, improves physiological welfare, reduction in the risk of diabetes, weight and blood pressure control and better academic performance. Letting your kid go cycling to school, helps him or her to know a few matters that are going about his neighborhood. A bike to a child is more mythical, in the present there are many brands and types of cycles available both for adults, teens and kids, so the choosing task becomes hard. In the following, a few kid cycles have been displayed.

1. Balance Bike ZumZum

Balance bikes are the first and most cycles that are used for children whose riding a cycle for the first time. The littlest riders get up and move quicker, with great confidence, than old fashioned training wheels. The ZumZum bike may be the most innovative free-wheeler people have seen. This kickstarter success story features a one-piece frame made of brich plywood. It looks like home furniture, but don't get confused. With no seat post, the frame itself becomes the suspension. It rides on 10/12inch tires on lightweight alloy rims and the whole thing scales at just 7.5lbs. The company insists that the frame is strong enough, and flexible enough, to survive the weight of the parent because most certainly the parent would give it a shot.

Zumzum Balance Bike

2. Jyrobike

This bike is designed to take the pain out of learning to ride. The Jyrobike's front wheel features a battery-powered, rechargeable 'Control Hub' that works as a gyroscope to stabilize the bike as soon as it starts to tip or wobble. No training wheels required, the bike's intended for 3-9 year old riders, that means fewer spills and way more fun. Once the child masters balancing, the 'Control Hub' can be turned off, to gain full control of the bike.

Jyrobike Side

3. Wishbone Bike

An ideal for the 1 year old group, Wishbone is a lightweight, stable push trike. When your tyke is ready for something a little more challenging, the two rear wheels give way to single, and the trike becomes a handsome two-wheeled balance bike. As the child grows, the big curved frame piece flips, creating a bigger version of the balance bike and extending the Wishbone's life for another year or two.

Wishbone Bike

4. KMX Kompact R

KMX Trikes' seven-speed Kompact R is not only designed for riders under 5ft tall, but its a serious machine. The three-wheel, carbon-steel design features a low center of gravity for enhanced stability and handling. A boom slide makes adjusting for varying heights painless. The spoked mag wheels and bucket seat are downright sharp.

Kmx Kompact R

5. Mores Petitpierre Balance Bike

This free-wheeler features a stiff carbon-composite monocoque frame that weighs just 1.3lbs. Ofcourse its a balance bike, there's no chain or crankest, but don't be fooled by the bike's unobstructed curves and minimalist style. Mores has considered its riders needs in host of meaningful ways, such internal routing for the brake cable and LED safety beacons on the handlebars.

Mores Petitpierre Balance Bike
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