GAS Jeans In, With A New Line Of Rugged Biker Outfits.

Look's like the Grotto family hailing from Italy is confident on doing some aggressive sale in India.

Claudio Grotto had only one pair of trousers as a boy and he passed it on to his younger brothers. Today is the MD and Founder Chairman of the RS.650 Cr. Italian apparel. Gas Jeans, sometimes stylized as GAS, is a leading premium apparel and denim brand owned by the Grotto family. The company which was launched in the beginning of the seventies, out of passion and creativity of Claudio Grotto, in the heart if North-East Italy. Grotto Group has been designing, manufacturing and distributing men's, women's and children's clothing ever since. Footwear and accessory are some other products of the company. The core business of the company is denim, the element around which quality products revolve, products that meet the needs of a cosmopolitan consumer. GAS proposes a versatile and functional total look, able to express a recognizable style made of quality and details. The artisan room, an actual research and development centre, is a place where all production processes are tried out. A meeting place for creativity and GAS's history as a manufacturer, where highly innovative products with extraordinary practical and aesthetic potential are developed.

GAS has always been closely involved with the world of sport through numerous, important sponsorship's. This is a world with which it shares fundamental values, optimism, passion, dynamism and the ability to challenge one's limits and give one's best. Since 1998 GAS has been one of the main sponsors of the Repsol Honda team for the MotoGP World Championship, alongside other champions. By clean niche of observance Barbara Grotto HM and daughter of Claudio Grotto Founder and President, stated that the launching of their line of biker clothing in India, is because the sports and biking atmosphere in India is at it's most vibrancy. Back in 2011 their first shop was opened in Bandra in Mumbai.

Gas Jacket For Honda Repsol

The company manufacturers different qualities of jeans and jackets, as a biker prefers the jacket more over the jeans, the company focuses more on that. Biker jackets in leather, carry updated details and come in metal grey or black eco-leather with a strong look, embellished with a mix of different patterns quilting. The ideal component for the biker jacket is the Atelier capsule jeans. GAS's bestseller pants, five pockets, chinos, jogging and combat pants, come in fabrics with sartorial inspiration, such as micro and macro Prince of Wales check, tartan and diagonal, over dyed and given denim influenced treatment.

Gas Brand Logo

The GAS logo has it's origins in Claudio Grotto's personal experience during a journey in South Africa, when he witnessed a double rainbow after a storm in Cape Town, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic. The GAS symbol was inspired by this natural phenomenon with its amazing energetic force, as it ideally reflects the fundamental values of the brand which are 3 beautiful words; Positivity, Energy and Authenticity. The double rainbow is the emblem of the Grotto company, its collections and brand communication around the world.

Gas Jacket For Bikers Men

Gas Jacket For Women

Gas Jacket For Men Honda Racing

Gas Jeans Sheyla For Women
Sheyla Jeans by GAS

Gas Jacket Gladys
Gladys Jacket by GAS

Gas Denim Modi For Men
Modi Denim Shirt by GAS

Gas Jacket Zaral Studs For Women
Zaral Studs Jacket by GAS
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