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Mr. Nicholas Woodman Founder and CEO was in Australia out in the beach, to enjoy a surf over the waves. He was hoping that he could capture a few moments of his action on the waves in different angles, but was disappointed. Incompetent photographers could not capture the moments, as they needed to get closer to Mr. Nick, even if they got close this wouldn't be adequate. They hadn't acquired quality material, this is the incident that inspired Mr. Nicholas Woodman to give those all rounder cameras the brand name 'GoPro'. Adding to the brand name, the tag-line of the GoPro is 'Be A Hero'.

Currently having ten products in the market and two in the pipeline, the sales are aggressive and demand arises each day. The GoPro can be used for various actions like skydiving, skiing, hunting/fishing, boating, surfing, skating, film and music and so much more. The fact is that you just need to mount it on a comfortable zone and walk, drive or ride and you have a pair of new eyes. The IS – Image Stabilization is one of the most commented factors when asked asked about the camera. The IS is a feature that most of the new modern cameras have, so does some of the high end mobile phones. The IS basically reduces the blurry effect caused by the motion of the camera, it may even occur when the object/scene is over exposed.

Gopro Hero1

You can capture all that you want without holding the camera, any type of angle can be captured by your gestures. There are many companies that offer versatile cameras or action cameras, but majority opts for the products from GoPro. The still photo's that are captured on the GoPro cameras are of good quality, the video quality is even better. There are different mounts so that you can fix the camera in a suitable position. For bikes there are particular products of mounts like the handlebar mount, side mount, vented helmet strap mount, chest mount & curved + flat adhesive mount. The mounts mainly work as the tripod of any regular camera. All the GoPro products are user friendly, the company often tends to keep it's products simple and easy to handle.

Gopro Under Water Mount

The GoPro App gives you easy accessibility to your camera and helps you control it on your finger tips. This basically acts as a remote control, as it has all the buttons you need to guide your GoPro in capturing. You see what your camera sees, which would capture each moment, even if you miss something by a blink. It can be used to update your camera software through the wireless method. The footage captured can be uploaded instantly and shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

Gopro Helmet Mount

To edit the rushes the GoPro Studio - a software of the GoPro company itself is available, which makes it easy to import your media too. The GoPro studio automatically imports your media, once your system is synced with the camera then it automatically copies the rushes to the system. Updating your camera to get the latest features and have a better performance. There is a similar system in most of the apple products where you can update the iOS system when a new software has arrived. Many user reviews have stated that they find the GoPro studio easy to handle and it doesn't contain much of complicated matter.There are a few other brands in the market with which the GoPro is evidently competing with. Some of the brands and their models include; Sony HDR-AS10, HDR-AS15 and HDR-AS30V, Panasonic HX-A500E and Toshiba Camileo X-Sports. There isn't a major price variation between each model, so the main feature every customer would look at is quality. The Quality is a very essential factor that people look for before purchasing something. As of 2015 GoPro has come with a very innovative piece of camera which is the size of an ice cube.

Gopro Hero4

Well it isn't the best quality breed of the GoPro family, but being the size of an ice cube it impresses customers. The label of the product is $400 which brings a surprise to people, as the apple watch is priced at the same. Well if people are still in the doubt of whether to buy it or not, but then you have an iPhone that does the same tasks so we'll shoot with that, but would you really put your $649 on the handlebar of a bike or to the extend of placing it on a helmet while skydiving. Well that answers everything, you can can stick or strap the GoPro cameras in any angle and on any surface, with the help of it's mount.

Gopro Bike Mount

Some users have started using their GoPro products as security cameras, which is also an innovative method to make the best use of the camera. The viewfinder of the camera would be your phone while taking stills and for a video you can use your mobile too, but if that isn't possible while going for an action sequence, then you'd just opt else by putting it on and just shooting open angle and later editing the video to your suitability on the GoPro Studio. The quality of the video relies on the photographer and the situation in which you are going to place the camera. As time flies places change, so all you need to do is to buy a product of GoPro with the mount and stick, strap or latch and ride down the road to capture all your action.

Gopro Bike Mount

Gopro Bike Mount
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