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Launched in India in 1983. Rajdoot is not in production now.

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Mileage Under Standard Test Conditions35 km per litre
Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeMotorcycle
Engine Displacement173.00 cc
Engine Details2 Stroke
Transmission3 speed, constant mesh
Top Speed130 kmph
Chassis and Suspension
Front SuspensionEARLE'S Hydraulic
Rear SuspensionHydraulic Coil Spring
Front Tyre3.00x19-4PR
Rear Tyre3.00x19-4PR
Length2040 mm
Width720 mm
Height1090 mm
Wheelbase1260 mm
Ground Clearance175 mm
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I have a Rajdoot bike in Hyderabad and I can sell it.
Contact me on 9010399678,
By on 25-11-2023
I want a Rajadooth vehicle. send me the cost and model necessary information..
By on 18-10-2023
nice bike
By on 17-10-2023
10000 may be buying rajdoot
By on 02-09-2023
I want to buy Rajdoot motorbike, contact me on 8500754215
By on 16-08-2023
I have a Rajdoot motorcycle, If anybody wants to purchase, he cane contact me at 8878692775
By on 26-07-2023
If any one had rajdoot in good condition. I can buy it and call me to this number 7989591198
By on 14-05-2023
I want to buy rajdooth bike
By on 14-05-2023
I have a rajdoot bike which is 1980s model of anyone was interested then say me....
By on 31-03-2023
I am having Rajdoot two wheeler in good condition any body wants contact me
By on 10-03-2023
I have Rajadoot 175. It is supper and still good condition. Easy to mentione ..
By on 15-01-2023
I want rajdoot
By on 19-12-2022
i want to buy rajdoot
if anyone have
Pls contact 9553634200
By on 19-12-2022
Rajadoot bike is not a bike it's all indians heart beat who's love this .I also love this bike and I have a rajadoot and I call her my heartbeat.if rajadoot company launch again this bike then I I'll be try to first owner of that bike
By on 11-01-2022
Relaunch date ???@Rajdooth,waiting
By on 24-12-2021
My father T.G. Ponnappan, AE (Rtd), KSEB owned Rajdoot Ranger 1973 model 173 cc as his 3rd two wheeler. I took driving license in this bike. I rode it to dam tops and hilly places where there is no road and in highways long distance travel 3 to 5 to 8 hrs journeys. Whatever be the road condition, not felt tiredness or back pain. A trouble free all terrain bike with low running and mace cost.19 inch wheels, earle's type front suspension, minimum turning radius,170 mm ground clearnace, rod brake (rear), high wheel base, upright seating posture, soft wide seat, big expandable luggage carrier are the advantages which no other bikes of these days could offer. Side box is very useful for keeping rain coat or dresses or storing vegetables or other things purchased from market. It has given 30 - 35 km in short trips and 43 km in long distance travel. My father is no more and now the bike is with my elder brother. He is trying to recondition the bike. If Rajdoot bike is re-introduced with 4-stroke engine having the same retro look and features with modern gadgets, I like to buy one.
By on 25-07-2021
Jo maja raajdoot me hai wo ksi bike me nahi
Iska handle pakrne se hi man me ek khushi jaagti hai
Maine raajdoot se hi bike chalana sikha
Yahmaha ko phir se waisi hi model aur 175 cc wali rajddot banani chahiye
By on 15-06-2021
i love rajdoot because my favorite bike rajdoot
By on 18-05-2021
rajdoot 175 bike modify
By on 07-09-2020
I still love twin engine and still looking for secondhand to buy
By on 21-05-2020
What is the difference between rajdoot super, special and excel bikes . Is it worth buying a used bike of this 3 models ?
By on 21-03-2020
Very good bike
By on 25-02-2020
I love rajdoot always because it is Indian bike , Frank words are it's middle class bike and maintenance is very low cost and it's very much good road grip, when we ride the bike sound is roaring , sound is aswome and unbeatable but I don't no about the mileage because once it gives 35kiolm per liter and once more again it's give 50 per liter and once again it's gives 60 per liters ,, I am very very much confused about mileage,, but rajdoot is king of the bikes and it's he-man to Indians bikes , runaways SUCESS bike The real consept is daramendra sir promted the rajdoot bike
By on 21-02-2020
jisko bhi rajdoot bike repair krwani ho usko bhind aana padega
By on 05-01-2020
insphire bikes
By on 13-11-2019
I have rajdoot bike but bike abhi chalti nai h or mechanic ke pass hi h bhout salo se but usse bike Sai nai ho rhe h or bike me rust b lag gya h koi h kya ho bike wapis se phale jesi kar de
By on 02-11-2019
I have the 'RAJDOOT' of my Late Maternal Grandfather.
Now whenever I see it, it seems that he is still with us.
By on 27-08-2019
I want purchase this bike
By on 16-06-2019
I love Rajdoot because it is the best bike in the world !!!
By on 11-06-2019
I have rajdoot with me. Very good bike powerful too. Actually not mine it was my fathers . He is no more now. Every day when he reach home he spend fifteen minutes to keep clean his bike neat and clean. Now he is not with us but still rajdoot is kept clean and well maintained in our car porch.when i see our rajdoot in porch i think my father is with us.
By on 23-04-2019
It's super bike
First I learn this bike
In 1996 then iam 12yearsold
By on 30-03-2019
I like rajdoot bike
By on 12-03-2019
Please send me any contact near gwalior or bhind and Rajdoot bike service centre
By on 30-01-2019
I love rajdoot because I am loving vintage indian cars and bike's
By on 23-01-2019
I Love Rajdoot 175cc bike, I have one
By on 11-12-2018
I like Rajdoot plze come back Rajdoot
By on 09-12-2018
Its my 'first love', i also have rajdoot 175cc (modal 1998),i like its look,trust on road and power of pull.There anybody knew about authorised shope of rajdoot spher part in sagar or jabalpur city (mp)
By on 07-12-2018
भरोसेमंद साथी....
चलो वहाँ, जहाँ दिल कहे I🇮🇳👌❤️👍
By on 04-09-2018
i luv it i want this bike price 3000 to 2000
By on 31-05-2018
I owned Rajdoot bike for 15 years.
Very comfortable for long distance drive, being in marketing i drove single stretch of 75 kms non stop many times, no fatigue, no low back pain. Trouble free performance that no bike can match.
I miss my Rajdoot terribly.
By on 25-05-2018
Adorable, adorable is the bike so called as Rajdoot I love rajdoot in return of its love believe it this is the super bike for me as it had been proofing till date be informed it starts in single push of my hand and needs no maintenance running years
By on 09-05-2018
Very power full motorcycle, l love rajdoot175 old but never loos
By on 04-02-2018
I think iss bike ko Thoda sa coustmize krke Fir se india m launch krna chayie ye bullet 350 ko takkar de sakti h
By on 02-02-2018
i am in need of 3.00 - 19 front tyre for rd175.
By on 24-01-2018
Rajdoot has a powerful engine it is superb it was having a high class sound I had this motorcycle of 350cc before moving on to Apache the only one thing I would like to say is that I want to see this vehicle on road soon
By on 07-12-2017
I love you my rajdoot bike
By on 16-11-2017
I love it boby rajdoot.... This bike is very strogest bike in the word. ND looking so sexy.... But I confused PLSS tell me boby rajdoot petrol including oil yes or not pass tell me my whatsapp no is 9571376786
By on 02-11-2017
I love rajadoot bike
Mere pass bi h 175 cc
By on 20-10-2017
I love this soooooooo much and i want it again plsssasssssssssssssssssss
By on 28-08-2017
Its the best bike in the world accept royal enfield here is no bike stands in front of RAJDOOT
By on 16-08-2017
I love raajdoot because this is super power bike
By on 12-08-2017
really rajdoot bike is best in the world according me
By on 17-07-2017
I would like to see the King's messenger on the road again, because it was first Indian product in motorcycle nowadays Indiana product are coming so please somebody relaunch our RAJDOOT and I will have one.
By on 26-02-2017
मुझे राजदूत गाडी बहुत पसंद है ! मै अभीभी ऊसको युज कर रहा हूॅं ! मै ऊसको 1 ली पेट्रोल और 4 ली घासलेट पर चलाता हूॅं ! पर अब मुझे ऊसको माॅडीफाय करना है ! तो कृपया कहासे करे ये बतावो
By on 19-02-2017
My loveable bike
King of the road
Stylish look
So very very masss
By on 30-12-2016
I love rajdoot 175cc...becoz it is a very strong byke in India i think so..
By on 23-11-2016
Why don't the company again start the production of Rajdoot..the sound of the engine was too good..the speed of it was lightning.. please if possible start the production again of it..such bikes are required..
By on 18-10-2016
It is very power full bike.
I want this company re produced rajdoot
By on 18-10-2016
I have one Rajdood bike Malappuram reg it is a good bike smooth riding no more maintained
By on 12-10-2016
I am Damm fan of rajdoot and I also ride it even now it owned since 2000 and still has best performance except it's service centre are rare so I want it to gain withstand this company now
By on 14-09-2016
it is a perfect bike for rural and agriculturer . escorts , think over to lunch it again, the lovrs of rajdoot will respond it seriously.
By on 05-08-2016
i love rajdoot because it is very strong it has the capacity to take maximum weight and run every in every road
By on 02-08-2016
i have a Rajadoot bt it is very slow
low power ...Why it hppnd so ?
By on 01-08-2016
Rajdooth bikes are all real hero of bikes. once u drive Rajdooth then u told. then super stylish bike look. again Rajdooth bikes are manufacturer bright ful market will be back
By on 18-07-2016
I love this Byke so much. so I want to buy a Rajdoot.
By on 19-06-2016
plz sand rajdoot 175 specification in this email id
By on 12-06-2016
Rajdoot 175 electronics was the first bike bought by my father in 1996. It's awesome bike. i learnt driving on this only. Strong and durable. no plastic materials used. powerful engine.
By on 10-05-2016
I like rajdoot
My dad's 1st bike was rajdoot 175
By on 30-04-2016
I have Rajdoot SHL M11 and i have want to modify but i have not a right guideline about the modification.
By on 14-04-2016
This the killer one i want that in my collection.
By on 22-02-2016
Its ma dream byke. i love its roaring. sound. when we ride it. we feel we are the king.
By on 08-02-2016
This is the best bike for rough riding, manufacturer need to relaunch the bike at Indian Market. Please understand the need of customer more than what your engineers says.
By on 13-01-2016
I love the ride of this bike
at the riding time i feel very good
i love my rajdoot
By on 11-01-2016
I Love My Rajdoot 175 Bike Because The Look Is Very Dengerous And So Strong,then Ride This Bike Feel King.
By on 05-01-2016
I love rajdoot because I like it sound without muffler. Wentastick.i have have it one.
By on 04-01-2016
It's one of the best bikes ever made.My dad owned this baby 5 years ago.Due to finacial problems we sold it now I bought it back from the same person.The performance is reduced due to the 3 speed gear box if there were more gears this would be the king of the roads.
By on 09-12-2015
it is the best bike for middle class people. escort must consider about re launching about rajdoot 175. we almost welcome it and responce the re launching of rajdoot by escort. love and like the bike seriously.
By on 04-12-2015
i loved the bike most . I request the escort company to remodify it as it happens in the case of Royal Enfiled . Pls think to relaunched the bike with some modification as follows , make it 4 stroke , engine must be 173 or 175 cc , the engine sound must be same as it befor in 2 stroke. Milage modification needed as well as the looks. Pls think to relaunch it ,,,,,,,
By on 06-11-2015
this is a useful bike for farmers and having 0 maintenance.bharosemand sathi,feeling raj doot.
By on 23-10-2015
Rajdoot is/was indeed a good motorcycle because of it's low maintenance and better performance .
powerful motorcycle then today's bikes
By on 06-10-2015
My special bike rajdoot because it's like very worthable bike in India very good performance.
By on 06-10-2015
I want to buy Rajdoot 175cc Bike in vidisha Basoda Bina(MP) my number M-8462977874 please contect argent
By on 09-07-2015
I love RAJDOOT becouse it is very strong these is
Speslist roading offroading chalao wahan jaha dil
By on 23-04-2015
i love my rajdoot because when i first purchased my first Rahdoot 175 DIT 8764in 1984 and 2nd Rajdoot special 175 in 1986 ,No. DBT 2568 and covered more than one lakh kelometers with each bike each . These were superb bike never give any trouble ,you can open the piston head and clean the carbon your self even u can service it yourself. It was able to cover 600 -700 kms in a day or (24 hours ) many times . The areas i travelled with these bikes are delhi jaipur ,Madhopur.Gwalior,Bhopal chandigarh full haryana half of Madhyapardesh from Delhi to Ahembdabad and even from Delhi to Nanital . These were the most enjoyable times of my life i sold my bothbikes in 1989 and than purchased LML VESPA which also coverd more than 125000 kms. Still i dreams of riding the bike in my dreams. It always gave average of more than 50 KMS some times upto 6o kms after tweaking the carbuatoor.
By on 17-04-2015
my love for RAJDOOT made me the owner of the king of indian roads,feeling proud & greatful for being the owner of my bikes RAJDOOT DELUXE & RAJDOOT GTS [BOBBY] its not about mileage, its about the un compareable riding comfort
By on 30-03-2015
im mad for rajdoot 175 superb comfert ride superb royel look avryonetalkabout moi raj doot its awesome
By on 27-03-2015
I love Rajdoot 175 very much. Because this bike all are different from other bike. Front look like a hard look.
By on 24-03-2015
I love Rajdoot because it' s suspension system is awesome I have ride many times in this bike. And i would say it is fit for indian road
By on 20-03-2015
I love my 1st bike rajdoot super d 175cc . My bike is very strong performance in rural area and I want rajdoot machniqe in Maharashtra so I make bike modify now.
By on 10-03-2015
i like rajdoot bike its riding preformance is higher when engine in well good runing condition. its starting is in single kit .when its in proper starting timing. and we can alter it our tast. my rajdoot bike efficiency is 55kmpl. with orginal performance.
By on 12-02-2015
I love rajdoot bike because it so strong and well performance. You never think where you go you can go every where you think.i Hope that we will see it on roads again.
By on 19-12-2014
I love Rajdoot because it is the best bike in the world !!! Killer look !!! Devil loud sound !! Very strong bike !!!
By on 20-06-2014
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