Yamaha FZ16 Mileage

Actual average mileage of FZ16 Motorcycle

Mileage of Yamaha FZ16 is given below. If you are getting a different mileage for your motorcycle, feel free to share it.

Mileage in Highway Driving 45 kmpl
Mileage in City Driving 35 kmpl
Average Mileage 40 kmpl
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City Mileage = 30kmpl
Highway Mileage = 32kmpl
By Bangalore on 14-01-2019
city milege 35
highway milege 35

two are same..
By Ganesh Kumar on 05-09-2018
48kmpl milage use SYNTHETIC oil.And use triple thred sparkpleg.then choose nitrogen filling
By Brighto on 18-09-2016
baed milage
By Raja on 29-07-2014
What is the mileage you are getting for FZ16? Mention the kilometers you have driven. Please specify whether city mileage or highway mileage.


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