TVS MAX 100R Mileage

Actual average mileage of MAX 100R Motorcycle

Mileage of TVS MAX 100R is given below. If you are getting a different mileage for your motorcycle, feel free to share it.

Mileage in Highway Driving --
Mileage in City Driving --
Average Mileage --
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Mileage Under Standard Test Conditions73.2 kmpl
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Latest Comments. Share Your Mileage
My max 100 r gives me about 60 km/l mileage....this will be the best mileage for two strokes
By Alfred Thomson on 03-08-2016
I am happu
By Magedhboopathy on 09-01-2018
My Suzuki max100R was only mileage per liter was only 26kmpl please help bro how to my bike mileage increase
By Shiyam on 19-03-2018
55. But its cool
By Richard on 21-04-2018
My Tvs Max 100 Milege Is 20 km ☹️☹️ Plz Help Me Brow
By Romantic Idiot on 08-06-2018
60,000+ km driven(western ghats)
Ghat section 50
Normal roads 55-60 km/ltr
By Siddhartha on 18-09-2018
My bike gave 70kmpl on highway and overall 65kmpl
By Mohankumar.m.h on 14-10-2018
Tvs max 100r bike super
By Thangaraj on 07-06-2019
My tvs max 100 r give me only 30km /l only howto increase it
By Anandhu on 02-07-2019
My Mac 100R mileage is 45
By King on 30-07-2019
What is the mileage you are getting for MAX 100R? Mention the kilometers you have driven. Please specify whether city mileage or highway mileage.


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