TVS Apache RTR 300 FX

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Showcased in India in 2014.

The TVS Apache RTR 300 FX comes with its powerful 300cc engine, this bike delivers an impressive 160 bhp per liter, ensuring a thrilling and exhilarating ride. The engine's flat torque curve throughout the rev range provides excellent performance and responsiveness in any situation.

One standout feature of the Apache RTR 300 FX is its advanced cooling system. The liquid-cooled engine ensures optimum temperature control, allowing the bike to perform consistently well in all conditions. Additionally, the hydraulic-controlled disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power, ensuring quick and safe braking even at high speeds.

When it comes to handling, the Apache RTR 300 FX shines. The front forks, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, provide a lightweight and high-performance suspension setup. Coupled with rear monoshocks that are hydraulic damped with nitrogen gas assist, this bike offers a smooth and comfortable ride, with a generous 300mm rear wheel travel.

The Apache RTR 300 FX features aluminum wheel rims that not only reduce weight but also enhance the bike's responsiveness and agility. Overall, the TVS Apache RTR 300 FX is a top choice for riders seeking a powerful, reliable, and well-equipped motorcycle that delivers an outstanding riding experience.

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- Impressive power output
- Smooth and responsive hydraulic controls
- Lightweight and durable design
- Comfortable ride with high-end suspension system
- Fuel-efficient thanks to electronic fuel injection
- 8-litre fuel tank may require frequent refuelling on long rides
Develops 160 bhp per litre.
Flat torque curve through-out the Engine Revs
Liquid Cooled Engine ensures optimum Engine temperature in all conditions
Disc Brakes with Hydraulic control ensures very quick braking at High speeds
Hydraulic control of Clutch - Progressive and positive Engagement and Disengagement of Clutch, ensuring smooth power delivery
Forks - Outer tube machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminium for Light weight and Performance
Rear Monoshocks - Hydraulic Damped with Nitrogen Gas assist – Gives 300 mm Rear wheel travel. Swing arm made of cast Aluminium to reduce weight.
Aluminium Wheel Rims for Light weight and high response
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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeMotorcycle
Engine Displacement300.00 cc
Engine Details4 stroke, Liquid cooled, Single cylinder, SOHC
Engine StartingElectric
Bore x Stroke84mm x 54.8mm
ClutchMultiple disc in oil bath with hydraulic Control
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled Engine
Transmission6 speed
Gear Shift Pattern1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Front BrakeBrembo Front disc 270 mm with hydraulic Control
Rear BrakeBrembo Rear disc 220 mm with hydraulic Control
Chassis and Suspension
Front SuspensionWP Monoshox with adjustable compression and rebound damping,
Rear SuspensionMonoshock Hydraulic Damped with Nitrogen Gas assist
Front Tyre90/90 x 21
Rear Tyre110/90 x 19
Wheelbase1480 mm
Weight102 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity8 litres

First Impression Review

Whether you're a casual rider or a speed aficionado, the TVS Apache RTR 300 FX can offer you an exhilarating experience on two wheels. The motorcycle is a marvel of engineering with a striking balance of power, performance, and precision. Let's dive into what makes this bike unique in its segment.

TVS Apache RTR 300 FX

Power and Performance
Powered by a 300cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, SOHC engine, the TVS Apache RTR 300 FX is engineered for excitement. Delivering an impressive 160 bhp per litre, this beast boasts a flat torque curve throughout the engine revs, offering seamless power delivery. The incorporation of a liquid-cooled engine ensures optimum engine temperature under any riding condition. For seamless gear shifting, it comes with a 6-speed transmission system with a gear shift pattern of 1-N-2-3-4-5-6.

Braking and Control
When it comes to control and safety, the Apache RTR 300 FX doesn't cut corners. Equipped with Brembo front disc (270mm) and rear disc (220mm) brakes, both under hydraulic control, this bike ensures swift and responsive braking even at high speeds. The hydraulic clutch control provides progressive engagement and disengagement, ensuring smooth power delivery and reducing the chances of wheel lock-up.

TVS Apache RTR 300 FX

Design and Durability
With its perimetral frame and aluminium wheel rims, the Apache RTR 300 FX is an embodiment of lightweight strength. The bike's outer fork tubes are machined from aircraft-grade aluminium for reduced weight and superior performance. This design not only contributes to the bike's durability but also enhances the overall riding experience by providing increased control and responsiveness.

Comfort and Ride Experience
This bike is not just about raw power and speed but also about rider comfort. It boasts a WP monoshock with adjustable compression and rebound damping at the front and a monoshock hydraulic damped with nitrogen gas assist at the rear, offering an astonishing 300 mm rear wheel travel. With the swing arm made of cast aluminium to reduce weight, the Apache RTR 300 FX offers an incredibly comfortable ride, even on the roughest terrains.

Unique Selling Points
One of the standout features of the Apache RTR 300 FX is its fuel efficiency. Thanks to the electronic fuel injection system, riders can enjoy a fuel-efficient ride without compromising on power or performance. Additionally, the bike's lightweight design, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminium components, sets it apart from the competition, offering a unique combination of power and agility that's hard to beat.

The TVS Apache RTR 300 FX offers a well-rounded package for motorcycle enthusiasts, combining power, control, durability, and comfort into one sleek design. While it's an impressive offering, it's important to note that the bike's 8-litre fuel tank may require frequent refuelling on long rides. Despite this, its fuel efficiency and overall performance make it a standout choice in the market.

The Apache RTR 300 FX is recommended for both novice and experienced riders alike. Its combination of powerful performance and user-friendly features makes it a great choice for all skill levels. Whether you're seeking a daily commuter or an adventurous off-roader, the TVS Apache RTR 300 FX has got you covered.
User Reviews of Apache RTR 300 FX. Write Your Review
Hi !
Dear Tvs do launch rtr 300 fx ..eagerly waiting this bike since it showcase in New Delhi bike show.
It will be booming in India
By on 29-05-2023
Please tvs it would be great if you guys release this fx300, that way people don't have to rely on foreign brands, which is too expensive and even hard to maintain at times. DO RELEASE IT TVS PLEASE!!!
By on 10-01-2023
I love rtr 300fx
By on 27-11-2022
will it be road legal with registration or only for offroading purpose like those Honda CR250 etc?
i do love the built quality of TVS. currently living in brazil but i decided to buy tvs apache for my commute here. just that i wanted to see variants of bike from TVS and this is one wow news for me.
By on 23-08-2021
Jast waiting for bike
By on 01-06-2021
Its sad to see people waiting for the bike in 2014 in the comment section. Maybe some will comment same for me in 2028, just saying 😉
By on 19-02-2021
I love RTR 300 FX dirt bike I want to know when it’s coming to market?
By on 26-01-2021
Now I am just 16 when I am 18 I am going for MRF motorcross event so 1 day will come but 1st I should make some money 1st
By on 17-11-2020
I want to know when it's coming to market???
By on 14-11-2020
I love RTR 300 FX Dirt bike but i can't buy right now I'll buy one day this bike
By on 22-09-2020
I love dirt bike and this is affordable price for so I want it.
By on 14-07-2020
Hi can any one help me I m looking for a Tvs Apache Rtr 300 FX. It look like a very nice bike. If someone hav a mail or number to get hold of one
Here is MA mail
By on 24-05-2020
Love rtr 300 dirt dike.. I love it so much
By on 30-06-2019
I have been waiting for this indigenous dirt bike since I saw in New Delhi for showcase ... but last 5 -6yrs. Waiting for the moment that i can be my own RTR300 FX dirt bike .i ask you when the TVs company supposed to launch..
By on 21-02-2019
Is this bike is legal in india
By on 27-01-2019
How Much Price In TVS RTR 200 dirt bike price in india
By on 01-01-2019
What is the price ?
By on 02-06-2018
Which year tvs appache 300fx will launched
By on 22-01-2018
waiting for this special bike when it's going to launch. I love it to have it
By on 30-12-2017
I do love this bike a lot....
Yes, as above said its a curse bike..
But still we Njy curse too....
Lovely one.....
Waiting for on road trip with rtr300fx.....
Please mention the date of release.....
By on 08-09-2017
launch soon every one will purchase these one 300 mud bike record break sale so please launch as soon as possible
By on 19-11-2016
In our village. Dirt bikes are suitable. And am maddly a bike rider. I need this Little gaint
By on 22-11-2015
I am really frustrated after waiting for so long for the apache 300 fx because the roads in Assam suits it and really heard so many praise about it.Please Tvs launch it soooon I beg you ,why are you guys so stubborn ?
By on 30-10-2015
a new experience.good shape & power.I wants to buy it.
By on 19-08-2015
I already called TVS company in Mysore, they told company not yet decided exact month for Launch this Dirt Bike
any way hopefully it will release middle of 2015, Let's wait. :)
By on 27-04-2015
Beautiful waiting for it plz get it on roads soon
Thrs a lot of people waiting for it
By on 18-03-2015
i would love to see this bike in roads but when is the launch date
By on 11-01-2015
I love apache for its smoothness and pick speed, its flexibility and its look.
And it scares the shit out of me too coz we have a rumor here that its a cursed motor bike, because here in andhra pradesh there were many news reports saying that no one has survived crashing of this bike.
I don't care what they say coz i love risky challenges.
By on 28-12-2014
Wat is d price. Can we afford d price. Wat about maintainance.
By on 08-10-2014
I like vvvvvvvvvvv.much in this bike apache 300fx in this bike lanch my state I
Take 1st or 2nd in my district this bike is my life.
By on 07-05-2014
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