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Launched in India in 1996. Samurai is not in production now.

In Japanese, Samurai stands for a 'powerful warrior'. The association of Suzuki from Japan and TVS Motors from India, paved the way for the production of one of the best-selling motorcycle, the Samurai. This 2-wheeler served as the most reliable and styled motorcycle for many years. It had attracted youngsters and adults of the country in the same manner.

Samurai sits on the famous 98.2cc, 2-stroke engine that used to power the TVS MAX 100. It delivers a maximum power of 7.8 bhp @ 5500 rpm and a peak torque of 9.8 Nm @ 5000 rpm. Engine then meshes with a 4-speed manual gearbox to transfer the motion to rear wheels. This motorcycle features typical telescopic oil-damped front suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers with swing arm rear suspension. The 130mm drum brakes at rear and front deals with the braking force. This 100 kg motorcycle can hit a top speed of 87 kmph. Fuel tank capacity of this Suzuki is 12 litres.

Suzuki has stopped the production of Samurai years ago. But this popular 100cc motorcycle is quiet famous these days and doing a good business in second sale markets. This bike can be found in dirt bike and beach bike races.

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Overall Mileage50 km per litre
Technical Specifications
Engine Displacement98.20 cc
Engine Type2 Stroke
Maximum Power7.8 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Top Speed87 kmph
Front Brake130 mm
Rear Brake130 mm
Chassis and Suspension
Front SuspensionTelescopic oil-damped
Rear SuspensionSwing arm and hydraulic absorbers
Wheel Type
Front Tyre2.75 x 18 inches
Rear Tyre3.00 x 18
Length x Width x Height-- x 1053 x 2057 mm
Wheelbase1217 mm
Weight100 kg
Ground Clearance725 mm
Petrol Tank Capacity12 litres
User Reviews of Samurai. Write Your Review
I used it 4 dirt racing. in my point of view it does not suite 4 on road but It s best 4 off road practice. nd whn I used in on road it had given 40-45kmpl. however it suite good 4 alterations. whn u put shogun kit in dis bike it ll get extreme power equal 2 shogun.
By on 05-04-2014
Nice bike .good material quality. Well performed 100 cc 2 stroke engine give good power and performance .avarage 30 40 milage on ordinary condition.
. i like it
By on 06-06-2014
i love this baik becouse i use this baik last 14 year and i am not whant to seal this baik in my hol life.
By on 10-06-2014
i love this baik becouse i use this baik last 12 year and i am not whant to seal this baik in my hol life.
By on 19-06-2014
I need the original spares of Suzuki samurai 1996 model front shock absorbers, side panels along with tail lamp panels, head light with all the wiring kit and fuel tank
By on 28-06-2014
i love it because it gives me a good mileage, good speed , good pick up etc. it gives me a lot i just love it and i wont sell this bike forever.
By on 09-07-2014
Its a good bike for youths when they modify my friends say that don't sell it can be used n race we can put scene in this bike because it has a super sound
By on 20-09-2014
I use this bike last 14 years but till this bike was awesome. didn't sell it because i spend many amazing movement with this bike. my friends said that it is a khatara bike . but i never sell this bike forever. till my end.
By on 01-10-2014
As per pickup grip of the on road is very good than other bike comfort is good millage is also good it gives 40-50 on city & 45-60 on highway only the condition is that you have to take care of 2T oil, if you take care of 2T oil bike will take care of you.
By on 04-10-2014
Too good bike, with zero maintenance. "Suzuki Samurai No Problem". Having this from last 15 years. Spent very minimal. Top selling bike during those days.
By on 15-10-2014
Tengo una samurai roja pero ya esta cayendo porq no encuentro refacciones adecuadas para su modelo o motor.
Alguien puede decirme donde o cuales comprar por favor.
By on 29-10-2014
I love this bike very much my fathers first bike and we still use it even though it gives a mileage of 35.our bike is 19 years old. we love it's power. we will never sell it. bye
By on 03-01-2015
Excellent 100 cc bike.Absolutely no comprison. I am using it since 1997.I purchased HH splendor in 2011 but still I drive occassionaly suzuki Samurai.Good pickup, zero maintenance, good grip on road,good style.
By on 24-03-2015
I love my bike, he also samurai, good milage good pick up but one think , he is a good performer for off road ride. And hills station.
By on 13-04-2015
I love my suzuki samurai he gives good pickup and awesome exhaust sound which brings craze in me and he never made me sad. If u look after your bike he will look after u . My samurai never made me sad i love my samurai very much. .:*;):)
By on 15-04-2015
I love my bike coz no other 100 and 125 cc bike can beat it in pickup assume bike it is in my home since 1999
By on 18-04-2015
By on 10-05-2015
I used samurai very good 100 cc bike 1999 - 2006 I want it SUZUKI SAMURAI BIKE Becase 1. It looks very Glamaros bike 2. I need same design 2000 madl , tank ,wheel, seat,headlight,indicator,greencolour 3.As per Indian rule 4 storke engine 4 If you release the same bike as new first booking is mine in allover india.
By on 29-05-2015
Really no problem bike, I enjoy riding it,, good performance good pickup. only problem is the smoke.
By on 01-08-2015
Hi friends i want to purchase suzuki samurai. so pls tell about that samurai bike conditions and specifications instructions for me frds.
By on 20-09-2015
Hi frds pls say something about how to purchase the samurai bike and what conditions are required for samurai bike.pls tell me instructions for that bike. friends
By on 20-09-2015
gys i modified my samarai bike like a shogun but i want a shogun engine full system any one can help me plzzzzzzz
By on 18-10-2015
I have sujuki samurai nd i like sujuki samurai bike. bcz it's really best bike in my life. my fav bike is it.
By on 27-10-2015
This bike is a superb bike
Suzuki samurai no problem
Gud sound ,less weight, pick up supperrbb, stylish bike, Japan engine
Mileage 50km, strong two stoke engine,
Canada use dirt racing bike. No maintenance at all. except lack of spares. But any way I say better than yamaha rx100 best is suzuki samurai no problem.
By on 26-01-2016
This is a classic 2 stroke engine bike. ! I've been riding for past 19 years and it gives good mileage of 50 kms. The sound's awesome. And it's a no problem bike. Hail Samurai. !
By on 19-02-2016
Super bike
Less milage
Solid look
Less maintainence
Perfect bike for off road
Perfect bike for local journey
By on 21-04-2016
I love my suzuki samurai my darling dhannu I m using since 2000 n getting more than 50km/litre average
By on 18-05-2016
llove suzuki samurai is agood looking bike 40km per litre milage good riding comfort easy to take care is good motorcylce
By on 13-07-2016
The sound of samurai is not as good as rx 135 as well as its looks I like it but I guess it s nothing in front of rx or RAJDOOT o the old legendary
By on 03-12-2016
i love my samurai 1999 model he is best bike for all points
By on 29-12-2016
It's my Taarzan
By on 28-02-2017
I love Suzuki samurai bike
By on 27-03-2017
I need the samurai bike price 5000 in chennai
By on 03-04-2017
i sooooo loooove my bike
By on 12-04-2017
this is a 2stroke bike likeYamaha rx100/135... & that's engine is a powerful engine..
so I love this bike too much..
By on 26-04-2017
Awsome 2stroke engined bike...With stunning perfmnce.
By on 13-05-2017
It's good performance and good mileage
By on 03-06-2017
Iam still using Suzuki samurai bike since 25 Jaruary 2000
By on 14-06-2017
No 1 samurai bike world no 1 pikup no no chalenge bike
By on 25-09-2017
Very good bike. My Suzuki Samurai is 17 yrs Old. Really till now its No Problem bike. At present my fuel consumption is 45/50 kms. per/Ltr.
By on 22-11-2017
Best two stroke bike .....great mileage ....superb power .....Awesome sound ....Stunning look....Extra ordinary reliability......owning since 1996 ....Truly a No Problem Bike ....
By on 30-11-2017
i love this bike a lotzz many people came to me for asking whether its on sale, my response was no i will never sell my bike ever......!love u samuraiiii
By on 29-12-2017
Power full bike ilove it
By on 14-02-2018
I bought my Suzuki Samurai in April-2000 up to now only I have changed both the tyres once and every 5-6 months I used to service as the result it is giving 45-50 KMPL so the bike is the No Problem Bike as given in those days Adv. theme "Suzuki Samurai, the bike with No Problem"
By on 16-02-2018
I like the sound of samurai and the structure
By on 20-02-2018
I love sauzuki samurai no problem
By on 07-03-2018
power ful 2t engine with super fast pick up I love this bike and it is perfect to alter as an cafe racer
By on 10-04-2018
I have a 96 model samurai. I bought it as a 2nd hand. My 1st bike! I just love the exhaust of this thing😘. So far so gud except the mileage. When I asked the previous owner, he said he hadn't changed the oil. So those who have *mileage problem with samurai*,try to clean and tune the carburetor and change the 2T oil periodically. It should give the proper mileage. I'll inform about the mileage after these things have been done to my beast!!!
By on 06-05-2018
I have suzuki samurai and suzuki max 100 both bike are same engine same power not much difference but samurai looks good
By on 23-10-2018
Super bike
By on 03-11-2018
By on 26-11-2018
Excellent bike and it's material quality also good. I use it on city it's give me 50 kmpl. It's my most favorite bike forever
By on 13-01-2019
I use this bike from 20 years and it's too good response
By on 13-01-2019
We purchased this bike in 95. My father's first two stroke bike. Low maintenance bike. And parts of this bike are very strong.
By on 22-02-2019
I love samurai. Because he was attracting me and love the bike sound πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ’ž
By on 08-03-2019
I bought samurai 1 year back . really its an no problem bike . now i want to modify that bike can any one suggest me modifying workshop in Bangalore . . 8197669134
By on 28-03-2019
By on 15-04-2019
I love😍 this bike for off road drive and this bike makes osum sound.this samurai bike is also good to drive in streets and also good looking 😍😍😍😍😍
By on 24-04-2019
I love this bike. because of it is 2 stoke engine . performance wise good compare with Yamaha 100 & 135 bike.
By on 29-04-2019
I love this bike so much as this was my dream bike in my school days and after finishing my graduation my father bought it for me ...
I used samurai for more than 6 yrs
amazing bike amazing sound amazing pickup & mileage
By on 01-05-2019
my first bike is this.Till today look like showroom bike, (Antic piece) no spares could be changed even today, 55km/l good pick up good sound one and only samurai no problem bike.
By on 08-06-2019
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