KTM RC Variants

Get details of all KTM RC versions

The KTM RC series has always been a breed apart in the world of sportbikes, and the latest iterations continue to push the envelope of performance and style. With a rich history rooted in racing and a lineage that traces back to the legendary RC8, KTM's RC variants have consistently embodied the Austrian brand's "Ready to Race" ethos.

The KTM RC series made its debut in 2014 with the introduction of the RC 390, quickly capturing the hearts of riders and enthusiasts alike. This sharp and agile machine offered an exhilarating blend of lightweight design, sharp handling, and a potent single-cylinder engine. Over the years, KTM expanded the RC family to include smaller-displacement models, such as the RC 125 and RC 200, offering riders a stepping stone to the adrenaline-pumping world of sportbike riding.

In 2023, KTM has raised the bar yet again with its latest RC variants. These bikes have evolved to embrace the latest in motorcycle technology, featuring advanced electronics, sharp aerodynamics, and refined chassis setups. Whether you're piloting the nimble RC 125, the spirited RC 200, or the powerhouse RC 390, you can expect a thrilling ride that lives up to the KTM legacy. With their aggressive styling and track-focused performance, the KTM RC series continues to be a standout choice for riders seeking a unique blend of race-bred DNA and everyday practicality. In the world of sportbikes, KTM's RC lineup remains a bold and captivating choice that never fails to impress.