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Additional Details about Kinetic

One of the leading organizations under the Firodia Group of companies, Kinetic Engineering Limited was founded in the year 1972 and was one of the leading automobile manufacturers in India.

KEL offered designing & fabricating excellence and has a differing item portfolio to make all transmission segments (riggings, shafts, axles and so forth), motor parts (crankshafts, barrel heads, camshafts and so on), complete gearbox & motor ensemble for auto & non auto items. KEL additionally manufactured different body segments and has a press shop, weld shop, paint shop & can fabricate chasis, edges, suppressors and so on. KEL likewise collected complete vehicles for some of its clients.

The company first came into prominence with the name Kinetic Honda, when it joined hands with Honda Motor Company to bring out the range of popular Kinetic Honda scooters, which strode across the roads in gearless transmissions with an electric start. However, the company moved out of its partnership with Honda in 1998, and came to be known by its own name 'Kinetic' without any other brands as prefixes.

Kinetic had a dealership system of more than 400 merchants and approved administration focuses the nation over. It was a main exporter of vehicles across the globe with great vehicles traded to the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Australia. It had stowed the Exports Excellence honour for nine back to back years.

The organization gained Italiano arrangement of bikes from Italjet Moto. This union resulted in including all worldwide circulation rights and additionally movement of aggregate creation lines to India. Kinetic likewise had banded together with SYM Motors of Taiwan to create approximately bike brands. Kinetic created a complete-bike portfolio which extended from mopeds, scooterettes, bikes to bicycles.

But soon, the company started moving on to a darker phase following recurrent losses in the segment. The company had to collaborate with Mahindra & Mahindra in a joint venture to prevent the company from shutting down completely. This move has actually been beneficial for Kinetic Motors, mainly because of the rising popularity of Mahindra, which is actually symbiotic in nature. When Kinetic could still continue to exist in the automobile segment, with this collaboration, Mahindra got a chance to make an entry into the two-wheeler segment.

The two wheeler division of Kinetic was acquired by Mahindra and Mahindra in 2008.