Specs and price of all two-wheelers from Keeway

Additional Details about Keeway

Conceived and flourishing in a global scenario that is growing more competitive in a consistent basis, Keeway Motors is a spark in the automobile sector that started off in Europe and now continues to ignite the world with its power. The brand speaks with all the due pride owing to its makers and is on a mission to expand its reach among different sectors of people across the world in spreading its products exhibiting sheer mechanical brilliance.

One among the European-registered brands of Qianjiang Group in China, Keeway Motors has turned into a multinational firm after Benelli joined the Qianjiang family in 2005 and since then, Keeway has been incorporating the Benelli concept of engineering in R&D, design, deals, and service of cruiser and other mechanical items. Under the corporate club, there are Qianjiang-Keeway Europe (Hungary), Keeway Poland, Keeway Spain, Keeway Finland, Keeway France, Keeway Italy, Keeway Croatia, Keeway America (USA), and Keeway UK.

Keeway Motors is one of the top of the line Qianjiang items, which has achieved high expandability and reach across the globe. The brand has won the hearts of a variety of clients in Europe, on account of its solid quality, engaging looks, affordable yet competitive price and constantly available post-deal services. Favoured by its strong brand hold in Europe, Keeway has been acquainted with an unbeatable accomplishment in North America, South America, and West Asia. Keeway products are currently running on successful sales in more than 50 nations as far and wide as possible.

Keeway's product range offers bikes, scooters and well-equipped cruisers. An extensive variety of available engine displacement options range from 50cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, up to 250cc. Keeway is right now currently going through an inventive and creative phase in its bike manufacturing process, with an intention to cater the tastes of various types of riders across the world.

The products from Keeway Motors have always been the best in the range the brand was among the first in the business to be awarded with TUV ISO9001 certification. With Keeway Motors gaining the trust and confidence of customers worldwide, the brand is on its venture to expand their production units to numerous areas, in order to reduce the distance between the organization and its customers.

The most forward outline ideas are guaranteed to be expressive only in Keeway models. To further solidify the configuration, Keeway created its Research & Development department in Italy, where inventive and talented automobile architects from the best bike producers are employed to work on to improving the Keeway models.