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Additional Details about Hyosung

Hyosung Motorcycles is a South Korean premium motorcycle brand, which is a wholly subsidiary venture of S&T Motors Co. Ltd., which is also a South Korean motorcycle manufacturer. Hyosung Motorcycles was founded in 1978 under the division of Hyosung Group of Industries. While Hyosung was stoned, the company was named Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. under the gigantic Hyosung Group. The Korean two wheeler worm started its carrier under the shade of Suzuki by getting a license in the South Korean circle to launch motorcycles sketched by the Japanese automobile conglomerate, Suzuki Motor Corporation, in 1979, in Changwon, South Korea. The license congested its sale only in South Korea. Hyosung established its first R & D Plant in Hamamatsu, Japan. Soon after building up a research centre, Hyosung commenced mass production of motorcycles in their own design. In 1988, at the Summer Olympics, in Seoul, Hyosung was chosen as the official motorcycle supplier. In 2003, Hyosung Motorcycles diverted away from its parent group, the Hyosung Group and became a single venture. Later, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. was acquired by a Korean two wheeler company, S&T Group (Science and Technology). As part of the acquisition, the name of the consortium was changed to S&T Motors as well. However, Motorcycles still keep the brand name, Hyosung.

It was much needed for Hyosung to enter into the second largest two wheeler market, India. Hyosung entered to India with two variants, GT650R and the ST7. Later, the consortium added GT250R and GT650N. Earlier, Hyosung had already opened its account in Australia, Northern Europe, Canada, and the United States. Thus in April 2011, adding much beauty to the entire Indian motorcycle segment, Hyosung arrived into the India Market. At first, it was the Garware Motors who had the dealership of Hyosung motorcycles across the nation. Later, DSK Group acquired the whole stake for the Hyosung motorcycles' dealership from the Garware Motors in July 2012. Then the delaership name was altered to DSK Motowheels.

DSK Group is a Pune based diversified conglomerate with a turnover of Rs. 4000 crore. The group is well known for its well sake in construction, Real Estate, Automobiles, Digital Products, Education, Investments, Pharmacy, Travel and Leisure, Hospitality and Infrastructure. The legacy of Dsk group in the automobile class was begun in 2000 with an association with the Japanese car maker, Toyota to have 9 dealerships across the Maharashtra state.

Hyosung has motorcycles ranging from 125 cc to 650 cc segment. At present, Hyosung has 11 motorcyles in its ramp. They are GV125C, GV250, GV650P, GV700C, GT125R, GT250R, GT650R, GT125, GT250, GT650 and RT125D. Unfortunately GT250R, GT650R, GT650N (GT650) and the ST7 (GV700C) are only available in India.