Ducati Monster Variants

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Twenty years of tradition. Exploits simplicity, performance, haunting figure and extra ordinary uniqueness. For motor maniacs, the Monster is a passion and for some others it is their live. Peaking to the 20th year's track, the bike is never lagged behind by this generation, but the generations are lagged by this monster. Being pulled the engine out and welded with tubular frames at both ends below the fuel tank, the bike roared hard to be an extravagant naked motorcycle. Getting updated in regular interval of times, the machine itself became the symbol of the coming generations. As of now the bike stands to be the timeless icon.

“All you need is a saddle, tank, engine, two wheels and a handlebar,” was what the thinking of the maker of the Monster bikes, Miguel Angel Galluzzi. His minimalist thoughts led to the revolutionary pioneering of naked motorcycles. In 1993, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer rolled out that strange machine. The bi-wheeler was not but the least the Ducati Monster M900. The naked wheeler was powered by a 904 cc air/oil coiled Pompone engine. The bike resembled to be stingy with some minimal body kits. Just a fuel tank, a front mud guard and some rear portion as well. Its exposed engine and frame gifted an aesthetic appeal to its beauty of motorcycling.

Following the much successful attention what the debut Monster achieved, Ducati rolled another machine in to the Monster family, the Monster 600. Rowed with some special features, it became one of the most successful bikes of Ducati. The motor-machine was amazing. Light and the most versatile model in its range that enriched to reward a well renowned name to the Monster brand. In 1998, Ducati marked its unbreakable tradition of motorcycling by launching the Monster 600 Dark and the Monster 900 Cromo. These motor-machines tagged some black shade to the whole two wheeler industry.

The rattling overhaul took place in 2004, when the Italian firm wedded a new 996 cc, Superbike water cooled motor, single-sided swing arm engine in the Monster S4R. The motorcycle was even better to ride on, felt more Italian in design and more Japanese in performance. In 2005, Ducati promoted the Monster to the next level of naked but below superbiking. The S4R featured all functionalities what its predecessor had. Additionally, the twin exaust mufflers are bolted to ensure an enjoyable and exciting ride.

The second generation Monster bikes commenced to ramp on since 2008 with the introduction of the Monster 696. This machine was reasonably named to be the first Monster machine in the new generation series. The machine happened to go under big renovations. The Monster beasts were modernly redesigned. From here, the new era of Ducati bikes was born. In 2011, the Monster giants commenced appearing with ABS technology. The eldest bi-wheeler, the Monster 1100 Evo got the letter to debut in such a prolific way. Being powered by an 1100 cc Desmodue Evoluzione engine, it was the first 2 valve Ducati to clock a maximum power of 100 hp.

Celebrating its proud 20 years of carrying forward the Monster bikes from previous generations to the present generation, Ducati beautifies the Monster series with six bullets on load – 696, 1100 Evo, 796, 795, 795 ABS, and Monster Diesel.