Specs and price of all two-wheelers from Ducati

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded by the Ducati family (Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati and others) in 1926. It was established as Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati to manufacture radio components, vacuum tubes and condensers. After the Word War II, the company started producing small push rod engines for mounting on bicycles. Later, they developed a 48cc motorcycle weighing 44kg named, 'Cucciolo' as their first motorcycle in 1950. The Cucciolo had a top speed of 64kmph delivering an awesome mileage of 1.2l per 100km. Another milestone was the production of worlds' fastest 250cc bike in the motorcycling history in 1960.

The Italian luxury car maker Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A acquired the 100 percent shares of Ducati Motor Holding in 2012. The Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen group of Germany. The Ducati motorcycles are known for their high-performance, 90-degeree, v-twin engines with desmodromic valves. Unlike other bike makers, they use L-Twin engines (one is vertical, while other is horizontal). High-performance engine, advanced engineering, supreme riding experience and unmatched build qualities are the trademark of Ducati. The all-time favorite Ducati Desmosedici RR, Panigale Range, Superleggera Range, Multistrada and Monster series are some of the most wanted bikes of the world. The Ducati 1299 Superleggera is the most expensive bike in India.

Additional Details about Ducati

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is an Italian premium motorcycle manufacturing company. Headquartered at Bologna, in Italy, the company was founded in 1926. Ducati superbikes are vastly known for their typical red color. The consortium is owned by a German automobile giant, Audi.

To manufacture vacuum tubes, condensers and some other radio components, three brothers, Adriano, Marcello and Bruno Ducati, founded Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati at Bologna, in 1926. That was the beginning of the world's super racing machines. The company became very successful and established a new factory at Borgo Panigale.The new factory was comprised of industrial and technological equipments. In the following year, Ducati opened their subsidiaries in internationa markets such as London, Paris, New York, Sydney and Caracas.

During the World War II, Ducati had to suffer a lot. However, the founders of Ducati spent their valeable time in reaseches and experiments to find out new engines. In 1944, after the liberation of Italy, a small Turinese firm SIATA (Societa Italiana per Applicazioni Tecniche Auto-Aviatorie) developed an engine, the Cucciolo. The Cucciola engine was intended to be mated with bicycles. It was a big hit. Many bicycle riders rushed for it and businessmen had so many bundled deals. In 1946, in a collaboration with SIATA, the first Cucciolo based Ducati motorcycle was generated. It was also the first motorcycle of Ducati. The Cucciolo had a 60 cc engine and weighed 44 kb. The top speed of the two wheeler was 64 kmph. Later the 55M and the 65TL replaced the Cucciolo.

In 1952, the company appeared themselves in an International event for the first time by unveiling a futuristic cruiser of 175 cc, with an electric starter and automatic transmission at the 1952 Milan Show. In 1952, Ducati was diverted in to two ventures, Ducati Meccanica SpA and Ducati Elettronica. Then Dr. Giuseppe Montano took over the charge of being the head of Ducati Meccanica SpA. In 1953, Ducati introduced an economicil and spartan 98 cc engine, which was later furnished to 125 cc. By 1954, Ducati's production reached 120 units per day. In 1956, the consortium introduced a four stroke Tourist 174 and Special and Sport models, which are capable for extraordinary performances. These bikes notched up to 135 kmph. In 1958, the company unveiled a 200 cc model, the Elite, which had been under experiments by the engineer, Taglioni since 1955. Later, this engine caused the discovery of well reckoned the twin cylinder 250 cc in 1960 and Ducati manufactured the fastest 250 cc motorcycle in the world.

In 1973, a V Twin engine with the trademark of desmodromic valve design was unveieled. In 1985, Cagvia, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer bought Ducati. But, Cagvia couldn't endure with Ducati and they sold out 51% stake of the company to Texas Pacific Group for US $325 million in 1996. Later, in 1998, TPG bought the remaining share of Ducati. In 1999, the company was renamed to Ducati Motor Holding SpA. Again in 2005, the 65% of Ducati's share was sold by TPG to an Italian firm, Investindustrial Holdings. Then the whole share left was taken off. In 2012, Volkswagen's subsidiary firm, AUDI acquired 100% stake of Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. US$909 million.

Ducati made its Indian entry in 2011. At present, Ducati has 26 variants of motorcycles in the global and 29 variants in the Indian motorcycle market. Diavel, Hypermotard, Monster, Multistrada, Streetfighter and Superbike are the motorcycle brands of Ducati.