Yamaha Fazer 150cc Review

The new Yamaha FZ 2009 was launched in India after the huge success of Yamaha's other variants such as YZF R15, Yamaha FZ16 and the Yamaha FZS.

The Yamaha FZ 150 was launched in the Indian market after keeping its fans on a long wait, while the rest of the branded bike makers and Yamaha's competitors rolled down many of their bike variants one after the other.

Yamaha Fazer

The Fazer 150 was first uncovered in the Auto Expo and the bike was officially launched in July 2009. Considering the fact that apart from Yamaha's success of other models, Libero had been one model that received a big thumbsdown and Yamaha's brave move to bring in Fazer 150 in spite of the failure needs to be patted and appreciated.

Looks and Styling
The global model of Yamaha Fazer 150cc is the third variant in India, and it is built along the line of Yamaha FZ16. In terms of looks Yamaha has followed the latest International trend and tried to give it an 'insect-look' and that certainly gives unique look to the bike.

Coming to the design of the new Yamaha Fazer it cannot be described as stunning or something out of the world, but still the bike features a new look and only time will decide how the Indian bikers are going to accept this model. Of course, one cannot ignore the detailed finishing touch; it is simply awesome. To keep up to the image of the insect-look the twin light protrusion in the front adds more distinctness to the looks.

The Fazer 150 is adorned with aluminium clamps, twin-pod instrument clsuter, speedometer and the usual lighting system that is indeed a shared feature of all Yamaha models. The fuel tank is quite huge and it is stylised with scoops that extend towards the functional knee-recesses. The tank almost seems to flow into the side panels and the filler is very similar to what we find in the Libero. The seat looks quite comfortable with an eye-catching grab rail that also supports the tail lamp. The silencer and the aluminium frame give an edge to the bike's overall design.

The new Yamaha FZ 2009 is powered by a four-stoke, two-valve 150cc engine. The power generation can touch up to 14PS at 7500RPM and the fuel capacity is 12 litres that is inclusive of the reserve. Yamaha has kept its injection system intact. The new 150cc Yamaha has stuck to all the Indian emission norms; the bike has the potential to burn out the unburned mixture by releasing the oxygen inside the exhaust port. There is also a provision for the exhaust gases, which gets purified with the help of a catalytic converter that is inside the silencer.

The carburettor has got a unique valve that monitors excess cylinder suction and has the ability to adjust the mixture according to the content available. This feature enables you to have a comfortable ride even during the tough ride conditions. But one cannot dispute the fact that Yamaha FZ 150 is a smooth riding machine with shortcoming and that is the absence of the fifth gear, a big let down in these days where all bikes are coming 5-gear transmission.

Price and colour availability
The Yamaha Fazer 150cc is priced at Rs 72,000 and comes in attractive colors options of blue, black, red, and orange. There is no doubt to the acute competition in the two-wheeler market currently existent. In any case, we will need to give time to know how the new Yamaha 150cc is performing on Indian roads with the Indian consumers.

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Is this bike is better than pulsar . Becouse pulsar 220 cc bike also comming around 80k .
By on 30-09-2009
its between 40 to 45 km/L anyways awesome....
By on 05-09-2009
how the gears are operated
By on 04-11-2009
I previously owned a Pulsar150 DTSi(2005 model) and now the Yamaha Fazer 153cc, completed 1st service 2 days back;

Look wise, this is definately better than the Pulsar;
But my old pulsar was having more RAW power compared to this one, also the mileage of Pulsar was 50+, while this is giving me 45 -47 kmpl,(which is ok for me), but I am feeling this has little less powerful than Pulsar;

One thing that was not good in pulsar was the size of the front tyres;

Technology wise, pulsar seems to be ahead of Yamaha;

I sold my pulsar, as it was becoming costly to maintain; Only time will tell the reliability of my New bike!!
By on 11-11-2009
i wanna know about its top speed.
By on 08-10-2009
max of 40-45km
By on 22-09-2009
the milage in city is 40km
on highway is 49km its exect milage.
By on 03-12-2009
bike is really very cool and macho... bt i wanna kno abt its mileage. I need this bike.
By on 30-08-2009
I just dont agree regarding power guru prasad, I purchased Yamaha fazer just one month ago... even my previous bike was pulsar, comparing everything is more for Fazer, I seen the performance of both, Pickup is very high compare to pulsar, i checked the pickup it touches 90 i n seconds..
And look and handling everything perfect.. and about milage abviously the bike which has more pickup wil give less milage (its 45kms per liter)..
And even its eye catcher bike... Go guys grab Fazer.... instead of pulsar...
By on 15-12-2009
Its top speed is 130kms... i have gone up to 120kms. and its pickup is more.. it touches 90kms in 6 seconds, no 150cc bike touches in 6 seconds.. if interested go get it....
By on 15-12-2009
dhakan hain tu.. first go knw about bikes, thn come to yamaha.....
still am telling u.. its 1 down n 4 up.....
By on 15-12-2009
Any one tell me , i have a fazer in black , i ride it on the speed of 40km and want to chage the fifth gear , but it not accept , is this any tecnical specification of fault please tell me , even its manual show it is a five gear bike
By on 13-06-2010
guys if u realy wana compare bikes,-compare it wid the new pulsar 180 n it wil beat d shit out ur fazer....
gr8 on pickup,mileage luks n almost evrythn needed.....
the price is also less than ur 150cc fazer...
so guys think twice b4 buying a fazer...
By on 01-06-2010
hey dear,....
Its top speed is 130 kms ... and its pickup is more then pulsar.. it touches, no 150cc bike touches in 6 seconds.. if interested go get it...1st.
By on 26-01-2010
but mine bike is giving only 35km/ltr...
By on 27-01-2010
Guys I am from Bangalore , I test drove Fazer and FZ16 , Fazer is much better in comfort and ride and handling part , I have my mind set on it but getting confused should I go for Pulsar. Can you please advise.
By on 24-01-2010
I own a black Fazer, It's an Awesome Bike, In my opinion the best bikes that is available in the market. The mileage is at an average of 40 km/l. With the stunning look, great pickup & pleasure full ride who cares about mileage?
By on 12-01-2010
dude r u sure abt the mileage of the fazer.plz can u help me out i am planning to buy the yamaha fazer. so plz reply as soon as possible.
By on 10-03-2010
I am from visakhapatnam, I test drove Fazer and FZ16 , Fazer is much better in comfort and ride and handling part then pulsar ,have my mind set on it but getting confused should I go for Pulsar. Can you please advise.
By on 23-02-2010
d persomn writtin d cmment shud b knowin dat it has 5 gears nt 4 dude get d fulll information nd den give a review........ya fazr is a gud byk go for it ......it has gr8 luks much ahead of pulsar .......
By on 03-04-2010
i want to purchase yamaha fazer 153cc but i can't decided about it's milage
pls help me upon this topic
By on 02-04-2010
could u tell me which one should be better between Pulsar and Fazer.........and second things should be can i modify external looks Fazer to R15
By on 25-03-2010
Tell me you ride in city or highway
By on 15-03-2010
hey dont worry abt the mileage ..... I own a black fazer its clocking a mileage of abt 52 in local conditions.... it depends up om u r way of driving and hadling the bike ....i tried it more that 10 times for conforming the mileage...believe it or not....
By on 13-03-2010
By on 25-06-2010
By on 25-06-2010
150 cc perfect
By on 25-06-2010
mein bike khridna chahta hu.....but dicide nahi kr pa reha hu ki
yamaha Fz lu ya pulsar 180....plz tell me about
By on 09-07-2010
mein bike khridna chahta hu.....but dicide nahi kr pa reha hu ki
yamaha Fz lu ya pulsar 180....plz tell me about
meri id hai Dev.1584@yahoo.co.in.
By on 09-07-2010
Hi frnds, no doubts fazer better than pulsar.....it's toooooo hot yaaa
By on 25-07-2010
dude you are real dumb

Every bitch on the road got a pulsar. Even grandparent drive one. No matter 150 or 180 or 220 you still got a PULSAR...so think again
By on 28-08-2010
its the sexiest bike i am going to won it on new year
By on 11-08-2010
i want to by yamha fazer 153cc

is good or no also mailage

can you help for me
By on 19-09-2010
i have taken this bikes yestarday it's really cool
By on 18-09-2010
hey guyz ihave blue fazer,its mileage is near 30 kmsl,and i havbe tries everything the prblm is same....can somebody help me out ........
By on 14-09-2010
yeah mileage is a great concern for this bike, specially on city traffic..and also it dont allow me to change it gear to 5th position..battery consumption is another headache. It only has got looks,price is too high for a 153cc segment bike compared to other. Im really frustated with yamaha's such a odd product. Infact I own a fazer myself for last 1 year.
By on 19-11-2010
hey guys i have decided to buy yamaha fazer 153cc bike........ i want to know its CLEAR MILEAGE becoz ppl says it gives oly 30-35/40-45(kmpl) can any1 pls help me out......
By on 10-10-2010
when single driver milehe is38 km. when the two riders mileage is28 km and pickup is also down with two passengers
By on 05-01-2011
I red the cmnts,,,Thank u guys..Am gng onwards for Yes ! YAMAHA FAZER
By on 24-01-2011
Which would be better a option to buy: YAMAHA Fazer or FZs?
By on 03-02-2011
By on 28-02-2011
hellow frnds i m sudhir from goa fazeer gives milege 25 to 30kmpl maximim bcoz it is heavey weight vehicle
By on 13-03-2011
hellow frnds i m sudhir from goa fazeer gives milege 25 to 30kmpl maximim bcoz it is heavey weight vehicleit bj
By on 13-03-2011
I thinking to buy this yamaha fazer 150cc. so plz give me ur opinion that should i go for it or not? What's it exact mileage?
and i have also heard that it is not comfortable forlong rides, so is it true or fake? also what about it's maintenance?
please positively reply me as soon as possible.
By on 03-04-2011
About what ican tell about the fazer bike,its awesome.u can't have five fingers in desi ghee u should have to sacrifice some things but telling u truth i,m northern i travel to himachal,peek places done 10000km in just 8months never have troubled with this bike,its truthworthyi never done stupid things like some city boys do like lifting,jumping.just have done normal services thats all. mileage depends upon various factors ur driving,handling.gears,brakes,traffic but in conclusion it 40 in city and around 0 on the highways.so to all guys this is best bike if u looking for all best things.yes yamaha
By on 03-04-2011
i owe a blck fazer .... even if i drive it on a speed of 40 - 50 kmph it's milege is below 30 !!!! can any1 suggest me what to do...
By on 25-03-2011
i owe a black fazer .... even if i drive it on a speed of 40 - 50 kmph it's milege is below 30 !!!! can any1 suggest me what to do?...
By on 25-03-2011
hi , my fazer is giving 49km/litre . u just maintain it by regular chain oiling in evry 500 kms . and do clean the filter in 1000 kms .
see whats the need of 153cc engine if u r driving on 40km/hr
well for fazer uptill 75km/hr is economy speed . okay
By on 28-03-2011
dear friends, i am thinking to get yamaha fazer 150 cc. please suggest me how to handle that bike to get more milage. please help me.. thanl you
By on 28-03-2011
hi fazer lovers,
i am planning get yamaha fazer 150cc. plz give me suggestions on usage to get better milage. thank you
By on 29-03-2011
I have an orange Fazer for the past 1 1/2 year n even when i ride it now it gives me the same pleasure as that of a new bike !
As for milage it gives me 42-45 km/l !
also to keep ur bike in condition give it for service every 2500km !
Its an awesome bike to buy n i'm pretty sure u will not regret it !
By on 19-04-2011
yamahafazer is looking nice and comfortable to ride
By on 07-05-2011
Yamaha fazer having killer looks if u campare any 150cc bikes. Go for it.. She is so sexy...
By on 27-05-2011
i have a black yamaha FZ ,when i buy yamaha from a showroom,the company said the average will above 45.but its not tru,its below 35 only and some times it gives 25 only.its serious problem plzzz help me soon.
By on 04-06-2011
I read all the comments and you guys satisfied me a lot now I'm going to buy new fazer....fazer rocks.....
By on 15-06-2011
i think this bike awesome.
gonna get it asap.
By on 07-07-2011
i think this bike is just crap.......
just sold it two days before.
now i am going to buy a karizma zmr
By on 07-07-2011
just ride the bike at the speed of 40 -50 and u will gain the mileage of 40+
By on 30-06-2011
hii frnds m planning to buy yamaha fazer..........i also prsnly like this bike for its killer look.......i travel 100 km daily so plz tell me is this bike is good option for me or not??.......and also tell me its exact milage in city traffic and highway.....???? pls rply as soon as possible.....
thnk u......
By on 01-07-2011
hello,frds i m deciding to buy fz-s yamaha,plz tell me millage of this byk.there is one more byk is hero honda cbz extreme new edition...wch 1s better ......plz reply soon...
By on 06-07-2011
depending on the Accwlaration we provide ; but if it is not ready to gear up to 5 then its a technicle problem, if the bike still moves on then its not.
my darling gives a mileage of 47 in city conditions and 52 in highway.dont lift the throttle instantly, let it take its time, move ur throttle constantly thenit will not effect your mileage and engines life
By on 19-08-2011
hi Abhilash
Mileage of this bike is depended on its first 4000 kms; if you have driven your bike under 70 without using power strokes and high pickup, then your bike gives a good life and mileage. my bike hit a mileage of 47 kmpl in city and upto 55 in highway
By on 19-08-2011
hi sanjay
As you are Plannig to take Fazer, kindly drive the bike very slowly under 60 for the first 3 services; i am sure it can give mileage of 50 in city
and upto 55 in highways;
By on 19-08-2011
hey guys any one tel me wt its exact millage of thise byk......wch is better karizma r or fazer tel me plzzz
By on 12-12-2011
jus a week ago i brought yamaha fazar:) i wanna to know wats de volume of petrol available in tank after its reach reserve
By on 13-01-2012
frndzzz I read ol d above comment of urs...i owned a fazer 6 months ago...its give a mileage of 48 nd more in highway nd 38 nd more in city..mileage,comfort,style,acceleration balancing.everythng is perfect.....
nd karizma zmr lover compare it wid pulsar220...karzima is d most worst bike in 220 segment.no mileage,acceleration,nd braking is really rediculious..
I love yamaha nd fazer is one if d most ultimate byk..
m lovin it..
By on 23-02-2012
hey guys . .i bukd yamaha fazer all new model wit black side panel . .frm abv cmntz i got more satisfaction . .and nt regret going 4 pul 220. . .i need hlp hw to get decnt mileage wit ths beut. . .plz hlp
By on 02-03-2012
hey.....now its on my hand ...all new silver blaack n silver model....
cant expresss my feeling now....its super sttable....cleean sound...power n stabilty at high speed is amazzing... :) hpppy to buy this one nw coz its havnng a kick stttaart too... only jusst woorried abt itss mileeage nw..
By on 24-03-2012
my bike chain become very hard i use only spray in chain can yu tell me which oil is use for chain in fazer give me detail knowledge of maintainance of chain of fazer150
By on 31-03-2012
iam rahul.iam planning to buy my bike.i want a 150cc bike.my preferences are fazer,hunk and szr.my needs are power,mileage and low maintenence..please can anybody guide me to overcome this situation.iam deeply confused...i also heard that fazer is scarce to get after booked.is it true....plese give me your valuable suggestions...
By on 15-07-2012
Which colure is more dashing ,yamaha fazer blue or red
By on 03-09-2013
how far can i move with yamaha fazer 150 without stopping?
By on 07-05-2015
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