New TVS Scooty Streak Review

TVS Scooty Streak has been launched in the 100 cc 4-stroke gearless scooter segment with the likes of Honda Aviator, Suzuki Access and Kinetic Flyte. The scooter has been introduced amidst recession but without much fanfare as it has already been a tweaked version of existent Scooty Pep+.

TVS Scooty has slowly but steadily grown popular amongst the girls who have wanted to have their bit of fun by not riding as pillion riders on bikes.

Although TVS Scooty Streak has been positioned as a unisex commuter vehicle, it still kind of reflects more girly looks that may not appeal to the guys. No wonder, that this scooter from TVS is being promoted by Tennis Ace Sania Mirza who advocates that girls will find riding this scooter very comfortable.

The new TVS Scooty Streak reflects futuristic styling and has taken it to the next level of city scootering. Sleek-styled Scooty Streak comes with sharp headlamps and chunky LED tail lamps with attractive blinkers.

Much to the satisfaction of college goers, the new TVS Scooty Streak is available in five candy colors of super red, magic black, perky pink, breezy blue and mystic mauve. The dual-colored ridge on the front apron with sharp wing mirrors makes it look very attractive. Looks wise, we can conclude that TVS Scooty Streak reflects contemporary styling features.

The Scooty Streak offers perfect blend of style, convenience and comfort. This scooter runs on a 90cc air-cooled 4-stroke LiTech engine which generates about 5bhp @ 6500 rpm and produces maximum torque of 5.8Nm @4000 rpm. The pick up is without any jerk and riding experience is quite enjoyable. The storage space under seat is also huge so much so the commuter (who will be college goers can dump in their backpacks under the seat. And the best part of Streak is that it comes with a mobile charging plug as well as a lockable glove box.

In terms of fuel tank capacity it is a bit small holding 4.7 liters, but it shouldn't matter too much in your choice. Refueling a Streak is so easy because of snout that's located at the rear and you don't need to lift the seat for that.

Scooty Streak

There exist pillion footrests for added pillion rider comfort.

Handling and comfort:
The top speed that a Streak can go is approximately 67kmph and the mileage it can give on the city roads is about 45-48kmpl. The scooter is easier to handle even on wet roads as it comes with wide anti-skid tyres for that extra road grip and stability. With wide wheelbase and drum brakes and aluminum shock absorbers, this bike offers stress-free riding experience even on pothole-ridden Indian roads. It does not require any extra effort to park a Streak on crowded parking lots, because even girls can park it on the main stand.

The popularity of the Streak shot because of its reasonable pricing and value addition. Coming at Rs.35, 800 Scooty Streak is a wholesome package with trendy features and quite dependable on Indian roads that give the urban young girls a wider choice for commuting.

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Hey my height is 5'8? but i luved the looks of scooty streak a lot!
but i am confused if i will be too tall for it n d bike wont suit me...
plz advise me wat to do!
By V on 16-05-2013
Hi Friends, i too thinking to go for TVS streek, after understanding ur bike trubble, decided not to go with TVS Bikies, Thanks for ur suggetions
By Satheesh on 03-09-2012
Scooty streak s not a balance vehicle which does not give balance . At the speed of 60 only it vibrates and giving lots of problem. Mainly starting problem and milage
By Ragav on 09-07-2012
Me too facing same problem. Fuel leakage, Sudden stopping.
Waste of money. Suggest others to not to buy this
By Faizal on 26-05-2012
Comedy comedy...
You raced with apache and p180
you will cum to knw the cc of bikes also in dream?
By Rithesh on 02-05-2012
You are a fool you bstard
By Rithesh on 02-05-2012
I have brought a new scooty streak on 28 jan, 2012. Initially there was no problem with this scooter but after one month it started showing problem. The major problem is its starting problem. It took me 5-10 minutes to start but now it is starting but when I am accelerating it is not moving an inch and it's start position is stopping. I tried starting it several times, it is starting but at the very next moment it is stopping. I do not know what to do. Already the first service is over the the service centre is saying to race it a little bit after starting. Don't go for the scooty streak, Hero Pleasure is a far good scooter in terms of performance.
By Arindam on 23-03-2012
joke of the year......
By John on 18-03-2012
what a pick up it has.mind blowing pick up its fast and furious.i had beaten even apache 160 and pulsar 180 with tis in NH48.Performance is awesome.nobody can beat it except p220 and cbr250.
By Janaki on 08-03-2012
gud for gals
By Joshrider on 08-03-2012
I bought my tvs streak in 20-10-2010
it is smart scotter which is suitable 4 both men&women. I gone 70kmp in high way... Which has a maximum top speed. The problems only i bought is vibration and mainly mileage. My scotter give me 35km/liter only... If u want mileage pls don't goo for this tvs streak..
By Sastha on 12-01-2012
This TVS bike is hell lot of prob.I got this just a week ago,it has this starting problem.It wud take me 20 mins to start the bike.Even with kich start it will stop abruptly.It stops in the middle of the road.
Please don go for this bike...
By Asha on 31-10-2011
u all fools dnt have sense
By Shashank on 16-10-2011
I have Purchased Scooty streak in April 2011 from Vishal Motors Hyderabad.It was troubling me like hell.It was stopping all of a sudden in middle of traffic and on rainy day i have to push the vehicle for kilometers together, then it starts, after driving for 2min it will stop again.When i have planned to get a bike.i have read d reviews of Mahindra's two wheelers.I thought i took a wise decision when i have decided to get TVS scooty but in no time i realized that i have bought the worst bike ever.Please donot go for TVS bike especially girls it was never easy pushing 100 kg damn bike for kilometes to get it repaired
By Vimala on 01-08-2011
I have using Streak since 2years 15000kms driven but til now I didn't get any problem mileage is 45 I can ride in 70kms speed very good bike than other scooter
By Suresh on 10-05-2011

This would have been my all time favorite tall boy :), was meeting all my expectations.
But the Streak started giving a major problem within the first one month,
it use to stop all of a sudden in the traffic when at 20..30 kph
the scooter was given for problem solving during all the three free servicing, plus 5 more times ***special*** visits.
Even after 11 months the problem still remained, the TVS engineers would (miss)guide the dealer experts about the problem, each time it use to stop in the middle of the road after a 1..2 weeks of run.
Last month I gave them a final chance to repair the scooter, but by now none of the family members dare driving the scooter, we had nightmares that a bus from the back has ramped us after the scooter stopped in the middle of the road.
The TVS engineers couldn't provide a solution neither could give a replacement, the dealer guys tried fixing the spark plug cap etc.. etc.. were totally disoriented.
The TVS engineers let the dealer handle it, in the next call they said a TVS engineer in touch with the dealer for the problem and so on, they wanted me to keep the scooter with them forever  no one realized the seriousness of the problem 
This week after getting the problem twice again in a week, I contacted they TVS unit, they wanted me to believe me that they would be able to repair it then.
Finally, today, the TVS company c/o purchased back the scooter from me at 25% depreciation, I will have a secured life at this 25% royalty.
I'm going to publish this thanks note in news papers N number of times, I'm going to spend the remaining 75% for this.
Jago grahak jaago.
By Vikrantl on 09-09-2010
Yes, this is one of the ideotic vehicle I can say. It was stopping on the road just like a mad dog. I was driving back to my home at around 11 PM night, and suddenly it stopped at the center of the road. It even doesnt start with auto or manual. Even kick rod is not working. One of the worst vehicle I have brought.

It was a brand new vehicle, and I need to visit once more that blue colour shirt service center.

Why cant TVS stops producing these idiotic stuff and sell FMGs to market. Real idiots, screwing our life.
By Rajesh on 21-07-2010
Please don't go for Scoorty Streak. I have been struggling this bike like anything. my vehicle with service center for 5

days within 16 days after bought it. initially i faced petrol leakage problem in 2 days. petrol was leaking like water

tap when accelerating then vehicle and repaired by serive center. next time the vehicle was stopped in middle of the main

road suddenly while running..just imagine about my situation..
Some god's grace, i have escaped on that day..
Please dont go for scooty streak.

By Sumi on 23-06-2010
The news that mahindra has taken over kinetic is buzzing all around, they are coming up with these power scooters, all these other scooters like scooty pepp, nova, aviator looks very feminine, these scooters are much more masculine and mature in looks,
A very bold step by mahindra
By Sam on 05-10-2009
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