Are electric bikes Answer to Global Warming?

Global warming is a major concern all around and to save Mother Earth, there are several policies, promises and pledges. With the ever increasing emission of greenhouse gases, there is an increased fear of environment pollution at every step. With modern technology and innovation, transportation and communication have undergone a paradigm shift. Along with this, we are also experiencing the negative effects of industrialization in the form of global warming.

Under these circumstances, when there are traffic jams, when you need to run an errand at an odd hour of the day, when you need to go to workplace quickly, you stumble and fumble as there are so many vehicles emitting soot and CO2 polluting the air incessantly. With increased number of fossil-fuel dependent vehicles, they not only add to greater level of pollution but are also leading to depletion of fuel resource. It is here that automobile companies felt the need to innovate motorized vehicle that will get charged through electricity and will not be depending on fossil fuels.

This led to expansion of eco-friendly initiatives and many automobile manufacturing companies invested in research and development to bring forth electric bikes that will help people save a few bucks by reducing consumption of already spiraling fuel price, besides fighting global warming.

Most electric bikes are emission-free bikes and this is the USP of the companies manufacturing them in these days of global warming. It will not add to urban pollution. The only thing required is to keep this bike charged with a battery. Electric bike manufacturing is considered as a grass root movement away from fossil fuels.

Definitely, electric bikes are not the only answer to our environment problem, but it definitely will help us to treat environment better. These electric bikes will not make pollution worse and that makes e bikes environmentally safe vehicle.

Lohia Genius

One of the Indian companies, Lohia Group of Industries made its presence felt in the electric bike segment with 250-watt re-chargeable motorized e-bike. It can be charged with the help of inverter and generator too. In one charge, these electric bikes can go up to 50km and has no tail pipe emissions. It also makes no noise while under operation. The best part of electric vehicles is that they can be run with no registration and license.

Another Gujarat-based company Indus, division of Electotherm came out with four variant of electric bikes with motor power range of 200-250Watt.

Hyderabad-based Yash e-bikes has also launched e-bikes named it Yash bikes.

TVS also has electric bikes in its product line.

In the manufacture and production of electric bikes, the main constraint is the battery in the bumpy roads. Batteries get deteriorated at a fast rate due to excessive current fluctuation. Batteries need frequent replacement and that is the greatest concern for the most Indian companies who manufacture these electric bikes. The replacement cost of the batteries hover around Rs. 5000, but otherwise the maintenance cost of electric bikes is almost negligible.
There is a growing market potential of electric bikes in India; however, speed might not be the attractive feature of these e-bikes, they will cater you to run the short distances maybe home to office or home to college; but these are safer vehicles with benefit of almost no pollution. So instead of kicking a 100 cc motorbike, just press the start button of electric bike and vroom your way friendly on the roads.

It is evident that electric bikes can reduce the air pollution. But there are also some environmental problems caused due to these electric bikes. Disposal of worn out batteries can be a cause of major concern for environmentalists. If this can be addressed, electric bikes can definitely reduce environment pollution.

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The main query is that can the battery be charged at the same time when we are driving the e-bike.kindly reply asap.
By on 13-11-2009
The main drawback of electric bikes is that it is not usable for long distance running. Try to find a solution for that. Then these bikes will revolutionize transportation.
By on 19-09-2009
dear joseph,

it is imposible to charge battery when we are driving the e-bike,
because it is a rule of nature (energy can be only convert one in to other, but we can't produce same energy from any one,)
example:- if we drive bike it use 6 amp at 48 volt, but we need 6 amp at 58 volt for charging battery, and we need more power than runing motor for generating power for charge battery (we need 10 amp and 48 v for generating power)

so we can't do any thing

we are e-bike manufacturer in gujarat, and we have in house R&D,
we have test many motor and generator but we can't get power for charge battery,
By on 15-12-2009
Hi I am Joseph Britto from Mumbai.Electric bicycles help in reducing the global warming effect to a great extent.These are eco-friendly vehicles.I am also dealing in electric bicycles and we have a office at Mulund(East)Mumbai-400081.
Kindly contact--Joseph Britto
By on 30-04-2010
we need a good battry bike for serching
By on 30-10-2010
Can i purchase 3 year old e-bike?. What are the things i have to cheak carefully?
By on 17-03-2011
Hi........ Electrically operated two wheeler named yash e-bike is for sale for Rs. 8000/-... plz contact us at 9908034305.. Akkaypalem, visakhapatnam.
By on 08-08-2011
hell Kbegum.zee.....

plz send full ditails & photos
By on 04-09-2011
Sir i made Self charged e-bike by which i tried to increase the efficiency of the bike.
Now i am working hybrid bike they will run 120km. by 1 litter petrol and battery, here using self charging system also.
By on 08-04-2013
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