Motorcycle chain maintanance

Your motorcycle is surely your darling, which needs frequent overhauling to derive memorable riding experiences. But there are times when you face problems with your bike and the most common problem is with the chain. This problem can be dealt with good maintenance of the chain. The chain is a vital mechanical part of the motorcycle and requires proper care because its function is crucial for the smooth performance of your bike; it transmits power from the engine to rear end of the bike. That should give you an indication to the importance of maintaining your motorcycle chain.

How frequently should you check the motorcycle chain?
A good rider goes through the bike manual to understand the technicalities and maintenance of the bike.

Bike experts suggest that the bike chain needs to be examined once your bike has touched 500-700 miles. The time span to inspect your vehicle could vary depending on how aggressive a rider you are on the bike. Generally the chain gets damaged if you are a rash rider and needs to be checked once in two months at least.

Key steps for a good chain action

- Know the technicals of your motorcycle chain: the motorcycle chain should approximately move an inch in an up and down motion. The chain has the tendency to become stiff in some points and to deal with this you need move the vehicle in forward motion to ensure all the points are working smoothly. During the process if the chain manoeuvres more than an inch it needs to be tightened and if it is feels loose you obviously need to tighten it and in case if the chain links have stiffened too much, it needs to changed completely.

Motorcycle Chain Cleaning

- Inspect the Sprockets: It is also essential examine the sprockets as their teeth point out if the chain is fixed properly or not. And if the sprockets and the chain are not well adjusted it is an indication of sprocket replacement.

- As a first step clean the chain: The chain needs to be cleaned with a cleaning agent and remove all the grime deposit on the sprockets and chain links with a help of a brush and cloth. This process will enable you to have a smooth ride.

- Lubricate the chain: Once you are done with cleaning process use a good quality lubricant and spray it over the chain and then rotate the wheels of the vehicle to be sure that the chain is properly greased.

- Mechanically alter the chain: Generally the front and rear sprockets have a prearranged distance, which has to be adjusted accordingly to its original form after lubrication.

- Your final step will be tightening: At the end of servicing process, tighten the rear axle to ensure proper alignment. Also see to it that the chain and the sprockets are adjusted evenly.

Before getting on to the maintenance work just make sure you are braced with all the tools needed for servicing of the motorcycle chain. These suggestions will chain you for the smooth ride on your favorite bike.

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