Patent To Bajaj Will Not Affect TVS

We have posted earlier an article about Bajaj being granted a patent for its exhausTEC engine technology. The news sparked fear amongst bike lovers, especially about the fate of TVS Apache bikes. This had prompted TVS Motors to come with a clarification.

According to TVS Motor Company, it is not infringing on any patent of Bajaj Auto and that its business will not be affected as none of the TVS brands is using the aforesaid technology.

Furthermore on the confusion regarding exhausTEC and DTSi, TVS Motor Company clarified that exhausTEC and DTSi are totally two different technologies and the Bajaj Auto's patent is for its "ExhausTEC", and not DTSi.

TVS Motors requested media not to misled people into believing that they have infringed the Bajaj technologies. While reiterating that both exhausTEC and DTSi are different, TVS reaffirm that none of their bikes use either of these technologies. The company also remarks that there should be no reason for people to believe that TVS bikes will be in trouble.

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Last updated on 07-04-2009. Published on 07-04-2009.
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