Bajaj Auto Granted with Engine Technology Patent

Bajaj Auto has finally been granted patent no 231498 by The Indian Patents' Office dated March 5, 2009 after a legal tussle with TVS Motor Company on infringement over the use of ExhausTEC invention technology. The patent has been published in Patent Gazette dated March 27, 2009.

Inspired by DTSi (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) innovation, Bajaj did already set in to revolutionize the two-wheeler industry with fuel-efficient engine. Now this innovative ExhausTEC technology will help improve the mid/low range torque in mono-cylinder 4-stroke engine. Torque is basically the force used to rotate an object around an axis. The exhaust chamber is designed with pre-determined volume and is attached to the exhaust pipe. Improved ExhausTEC will ensure reduced emissions, better mileage and overall better performance of motorcycles.

Ever since its innovation in August 2004, Bajaj has used the technology in all its models. It was hereafter that Bajaj Auto applied for a patent on this innovation.

This patent for Bajaj could mean a problem to TVS motors as the Company had used this particular technology in all its Apache models and Bajaj is armed to fight it out on the basis of infringement. With Madras High Court's rule in favor of the Bajaj Auto, TVS had earlier withdrawn launch of its models equipped with single-spark technology.

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