Will Royal Enfield India launch 1000cc bike or the new 500cc bike in India?

The legendary Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield plans to launch 1000cc bike in 2013. The new bike was exhibited at the Royal Enfield pavilion during the Auto Expo 2010 and was named Cafe Racer. Even though Enfield India officials denied the launch of Cafe Racer in India, the very recent statements made by CEO of Royal Enfield gives a narrow hope that the new 1000cc bike will be launched in 2013.

The Cafe Racer has a 1000cc, Air-cooled, OHV, pushrod, four valves, 55 degrees V-Twin Engine producing 49.6bhp @ 4800rpm. The bike has a five speed gear box with wet, multi-plate clutch. The Ducatis, Harleys, and Triumph are gaining strength in the Indian market. This clearly indicates that the Enfield Motors India is forced to launch the Cafe Racer model. In a recent statement, Mr Venki Padmanabhan, CEO of Royal Enfield, said the new Thunderbird model is being prepared with a 500 cc engine. But the most interesting news is the plans of developing an all new Twin Cylinder engine, probably in the range of 750/1000 cc.!! "Interesting, very interesting. I'll say", he added.

Royal Enfield Cafe Racer model

The Royal Enfield is emerging as a very popular brand in the Indian as well as the International markets. Currently The Enfield India is not able to satisfy the customer demands in India because of insufficient production. To own a new Royal Enfield, Classic 350 and 500 models, one has to book and wait for up to 6 months and nearly 3 months to have a Thunderbird 350 in India. Royal Enfield is planning to expand their production capacity by launching a new plant in India. The new plant is said to be completed by the year 2013. This will help the company to launch new models and increase the production capacity from 70,000 units to 1, 50,000 units a year in a moderate price.

Dr. Venki Padmanabhan, CEO of Royal Enfield India, said "We thought that new Enfield models would have a very small demand. With the Classic we expected to do 200 units a month, surprisingly the demand is close to a 1000. We're building both capacity and R&D capability. In the next 2-3 years we'll be doubling capacity".

The introduction of new twin-spark engines and Unit Construction Engines made the company more popular in India. The company's research and development wing is on a roll to bring out new generation of bike engines and other parts. This might lead the company to launch new 750 and 1000 cc engines.
The Royal Enfield bike enthusiasts have to wait until 2013 for the launch of new models such as 1000cc Cafe Racer and new 500cc Thunderbird in India.

About Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield was formed in 1955 in India. The company first started manufacturing engines and body frames. In 1968 Royal Enfield UK was sold to Norton-Triumph-Villiers (NVT) and the company was dissolved in 1971. But the Indian Plant continued to manufacture the Bullet models. In 1994, March Eicher Group acquired Enfield India Company and its name was changed to Royal Enfield Motors Ltd.

Enfield Cafe Racer Conversion Kits
Sans Inc., a Delhi based company deals Cafe Racer conversion kits for Royal Enfield Bullets and markets Goldstar mufflers for Royal Enfield motorcycles. The kit in itself will feature everything required to convert a stock Royal Enfield motorcycle into a cafe racer with mudguards, mudguard stays, the handlebars, the fuel tank, the seat and the rear cowl.

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i m completely satisfied n happy for u guys n m proud of ma country which has people who produces the most well known beast (RE) in our country..but tl me one thing y u guys have stopped making bullets who's gear were on right side..which were difficult to ride but dat were the perfect and true heavy bullets ...todays bullet are easy to ride n light in weight which any tom dick and harry can drive..which does not even suits them..please bring those same to same old style bullets back to market and u will c the difference in your sale...thank you
By on 08-08-2011
I am completely agreed with Mr. Saurabh. You people may launch 1000cc segment to grab the rest of the people who also had a dream to ride Royal Enfield provided the Gears are on left side. This enables them to ride conveniently in case they are more habitual of the common motorbikes of other manufacturers lke honda,yamha,bajaj etc.
Thank you.
By on 18-09-2011
bekar bike n old is gold
By on 07-01-2012
Feel great of upcomng 1000cc RE, but rearly wants heavy sounded engines and gears on right side so that even i can jump from 350cc to 1000cc....
By on 02-10-2012
I want to see a new model or models to launch in India .
By on 02-07-2013
I want 1000cc bike prices
By on 02-04-2014
enfeild precised an unimaginable snoop in the road.
By on 12-05-2014
Good to know that the R has plans to launch the 750
to 1000cc bikes specially to compete against the international brands like triumph.But i wish that the 750cc to 1000cc bikes If made should be symentaneously released in India and abroad.And could anyone throw some light as on when the R is planning to launch thse models as i am an addrent fan of this motorcycle brand.
By on 26-07-2014
I totally agree with you, The right side of humans is reflexive and a person tends to press the brake suddenly, this is not good for a heavy bike. The left side of a human reacts when a person is sure of his reaction and is more steady, this is good for a heavy bike having it's brakes on the left side.
By on 03-12-2015
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