New Yamaha R15 ready for launch

Is it? Yes, if the rumors are to be believed.

Young bike enthusiasts couldn't have asked for more from the popular bike maker, Yamaha. R15 is up for a relaunch, says market rumors.

Power and sporty looks is what the young riders eye on and Yamaha heard their pleas and seems to be in the pleasing mode.

The bike major has been doing pretty decent in the last few years and its R15 powered by 4-stroke, 4-valved one cylinder SOHC engine of 149.8 cc which is married to 6-speed gearbox with oodles of stylish and sporty looks had invoked interest in every other biker.

The owners of the R15 keep raving about the wolf-eyed bike at every opportunity and Yamaha wants to tap in more from the successful model and has been working on tweaking the R15 to appeal to more crowds.

If rumors are to be taken seriously true there is a new Yamaha R15 in the pipeline ready for January 2011 launch. In fact, according to a popular bike portal the date for the new Yamaha R15 launch is set to January 25, 2011.

When we asked avid bikers what they wanted to see in the new R15 they have had a list of features:
- More power
- Single seat instead of split one
- Tweaked headlamps (maybe projector)
- Changed bodywork and change in some aesthetics
- Wider tyres with alloy wheels
- LED Tail lamps
- Fuel efficiency

What comes even more a surprise is that the new Yamaha R15 price will almost be the same. The bike will come in two color options of Yamaha blue and graphite. So now all those who have putting the R15 buy on a hold, time you are good to go for it.

Yamaha YZF R15

How can the new Yamaha R15 affect bike market?
Now the new Yamaha R15 will give Honda CBR 250, Pulsar 200 and Apache RTR 180 a serious competition will be in serious trouble because the Yamaha R15 boasts of advanced features than the Honda. The DiASil cylinder with forged piston technology is something new on the market and the technology aids in improving engine efficacy.

Besides, the bike features electronic sequential port FI system and the Delta Box frame and also disc brakes all give the bike a love-me-for-all-reasons tag. Wonder what the guys at Yamaha must have added to this beauty.

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Last updated on 21-12-2016. Published on 24-01-2011.
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tel me it is good bike ya not & also sugest me bike my is around 1.2laks.....
By on 01-03-2011
I m waiting this bike since Jan 2011, for new yamaha R15 i sold my old Hero Honda bike.. i have booked new yamaha R15 in excellent yamaha andheri as they told me about new bike is going to lauch in next 3-4 months
Now i m living as bikeless life travelling by train, bus
Should i know when this proclaimed babe is going to launch???? or its just a rumer, should i go for the old R15????
By on 30-04-2011
in the month of may , definately it will launch
By on 07-05-2011
When come new r15&when we purchase it
By on 07-05-2011
can't wait to be see it in meghalaya,shillong also.......hope so it looks cool and hot!
By on 09-05-2011
No launched comes new r15
end of 2011
By on 12-05-2011
No launched....... comes new r15
end of 2011
By on 12-05-2011
i love that bike r15 and when i heart that it is newly launched in 2011.i m crazy about that r15 now i really want to purchase that bike.and very soon i will want your suggestion about the colour of my new babe!!!r15
By on 10-06-2011
i love my newly launched r15 and now i m going to purchased very soon!! when it will launched.
By on 10-06-2011
new r15 waiting for bike so happy
By on 11-06-2011
can i know when new r15 launch
By on 15-06-2011
r15 launching when,inform me and i buying immediately the great superbike r15,now I am excited to the exit of the breath..

my god,i dont undestand even a single comment on this forumm. Get rid of this guys..
By on 15-06-2011
kun si date ko lunch hone wali hai
By on 29-06-2011
i m still using my pulsar 150 digital and nowi want to sell it but i want to buy R15 and for that last 4-5 months i m waitting and using my pulsar plz anyone can tell me that when it will launch in mumbai i really crazy about it its fatteyy bike yaaar now cant wait
By on 19-07-2011
I want 2 bye r15 new model which is semilar to r6 it is launching on 6 .9.11 in hyd it wil cme on 26
By on 31-08-2011
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