Tips for good cornering on your bike

Riding a bike is pleasurable experience for most of the bikers but most of the bikers prefer highways to zoom away in their respective machines. Ardent motorists who prefer mountain biking and are passionate about touring the hilly regions on their bikes might have mastered this skill of cruising along the corners that come aplenty while riding along the mountainous paths. Amateur riders might be aiming to do follow the league of mountain riders but may not be so confident or lack to control the vehicle in curvaceous roads. In fact, riders do agree with the fact that essence of motorcycle riding is cornering. While it should be noted that cornering could be enhanced over the rest of life, initially it does call for skill as well as control.

If you know what mistakes are repeated by riders at corners and if you are aware of the reasons that will lead to such mistakes and then what should be done about them besides when to brake and the right speeds to be maintained at corners, then probably you will be able to get a grip on cornering. In fact, mere reading and discussing about the cornering with fellow bike riders doesn't do any good, you just have to corner and corner to achieve perfect cornering.

Apache RTR 200 Cornering

Here are a few tips for good cornering on your bike and you will need them as the hilly region will have bad roads and be prepared for tough riding.

- The first rule is of riding through curvy roads is to judge the corners that are ahead, which will give you enough time to manoeuvre and balance the bike accordingly.

- Look ahead and be sure where your are heading to, most of the times the hilly terrain is spread with beautiful sceneries that might distract you and you may be come across treacherous corners so be follow the line and also check out for the tightening corners.

- Being prepared to act swiftly while cornering, make sure you are on the right speed and use the right gear. The right gear ensures you ride away smoothly and helps you to accelerate efficiently through those corners.

- Before venturing out on your bike to unknown terrains it is always the fundamental lesson to practise on roads where your are familiar with every single corner. This practise will be of great help in terms of judgement, switching on to the right gear, maintaining the right speed and have great control over the vehicle.

- Controlling the throttle is another important while cornering; do not turn on the full throttle use it gently and do not pull the clutch, which will enable to stabilise the bike perfectly and you can ride away the corner rather smoothly.

- The ideal speed to be maintained while you enter into a corner is from slow to fast.

- Braking is another important factor while riding through muddy roads, slush, pot holes, puddles, in general bad roads one has to be extra careful and brake suddenly if a bigger vehicle is coming your way. With practise you will master over the emergency braking, using of back breaks etc.

- The other golden rule is to take enough time to practise and become perfect in riding through the local corners before you actually try out something tough.

Motorcycle cornering isn't easy as it looks and can be trickier for many, especially the newbies and remember it is the important cause for majority of motorbike crash accidents, so before you have some experience of successful cornering do not venture out on to the roads in singles.

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