Royal Enfield Bullet Modifications

Recently i had done some modifications on my 5 year old Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo A350. Thought of sharing my experiences with the readers. This information might be useful for folks who are planning to modify their Royal Enfield Bullets.

The Plan
1. Change the rear tyre to wider, 15 inch tyre.
2. Custom seat.
3. Custom mudguard.
4. Wider handle bar.
5. Removed the rear view mirrors.
6. Removed the rear indicators.
7. Change the silencer.

Went to a mechanic (Salim) near Airport Road, Bangalore. He took almost 30 days to complete the task. And here is the bill.

List of Bike Modifiers in India

1. TVS Rambo 140/90 15 inch Tyre and Rim - 5000 Rs.
2. Custom wider Mudguard and Chrome plated seat stay - 4500 Rs
3. Chrome plated custom Swing Arm - 3000 Rs
4. Tail Lamp set - 300 Rs.
5. Custom seat plate and cushion - 1450 Rs
6. Wider Handle Bar - 450 Rs
7. Front Brake Cable - 60 Rs
8. Dupont black painting for Mudguard - 400 Rs
9. Custom made Goldie (Goldstar) silencer - 2650 Rs
10. Labour charge - 2500

Total Amount = 20310- 575(discount) = 19735
19735- 1000(for old parts of my bullet) = 18735 Indian Rupees

Some of my friends say that the cost is too much. Anyways, i didn't have the time to do extensive research and buy the parts myself. So i had no other choice than trust the mechanic. What do you think about the bill?

New Look
Modified Royal Enfield

See Modified Bullet Photos

Problems due to the modifications
If you want to have killer looks, be ready to sacrifice a lot. These are some of the problems which i am facing now after the modifications.

1. The power and acceleration got reduced.
2. Mileage must have decreased.
3. The tyre touches the mudguard when riding over road bumps. And some irritating sound is coming. So i had to harden the rear shock absorbers and increase the height of the bike.
4. Difficult to ride through traffic because of wider handle bars.
5. Had to remove the chain cover for fitting wider tyres and swing arm. And some noise is coming from the chain.
6. Had to remove the decompression cable because of wider handle bar.

Mechanic Details
SS Bullet Clinic
#4, 16th Main, HAL 2nd Stage
Bangalore - 560038
Mobile: +91-9845717976
Location landmark: Near Domlur. Opposite to United Colors of Benetton showroom in 100ft Road, Indiranagar

The Feeling
Wider handle bar is fun. Stability has increased because of the new wider tyre. I don't care about the extra problems introduced because of the alterations. Now the feeling of riding the Bullet has increased a lot. The beat has improved because of the Goldie Silencer. It is obvious from the glaring eyes of onlookers that the risk was worth it. Now I am getting lots of test drive requests from people who are impressed by the new look. :)

Later I did the following minor works also
1. Fitted small front indicators.
2. Fitted chrome plated handle weights
3. Fitted a decompressor cable

A word of caution: Bike Modification is not legal in India

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Last updated on 25-01-2017. Published on 03-05-2010.
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I want to buy modified bullet if anyone are interested to sale call me 8919842207
By Mohammad Khaleed on 13-10-2020
I wante to short hight my thunderbird
By Saikat Chattaraj on 26-08-2018
I am intersiting the bulletmodified. modified bullet how much rupes in the any models bullet.fotos sent my mail. thank you
your Good job in mecahinc works
By John Kennedy on 21-10-2016
i sel my my thunderbird 350 mdified from karnataka Biadr 08856803357
By Amar Jeet Thakur on 11-09-2016
thundrabird 350 cc cont. 8856803357
By Amar Jeet Thakur on 11-09-2016
08856803357 dl passing
By Amar Jeet Thakur on 11-09-2016
removing rear mirrors might look somehow "better" but is stupid and dangerous. Enjoy the next accident which hopefully will not happen, but seeing what is going on behind you helps to avoid this accident...
By Paul on 23-10-2016
Any body can get any contact details in Coimbatore so that I can approch to him for my 1978 model Enfield modification. Waiting for you guys .thanks
By Vinu on 27-04-2016
hi arun, i am from tamil nadu, the photo of RE modification i like it. i want to modified same. how many days to take modification my royal enfield. and also i need to repainting.
By Murugan Tamil Nadu on 06-05-2016
Mayeru antha post la iruku paru
By Gghkkb on 17-04-2016
Where is the centre located
By Arup on 14-04-2016
its very useful one.. thankyou Mr. Arun thomas.
By Sreeram P Nair on 29-03-2016
dear sir i want to modified bike
By Umapathy on 27-03-2016
Mahn truely awesome job... hats offf...
By Nighil Madhu on 01-04-2016
Is it an offence to change ur handle in Kerala??
By Adil on 08-03-2016
15000 rs
By Fakhrudddin Saifi on 16-02-2016
Hame bike lena h 8811054164 no callme
By Prabhunath on 27-01-2016
Nice bike
By Prabhunath on 27-01-2016
Hi I have royel infield thandraboad I want chang its compt look like Handel seat and back indecater lam
By Bhanu on 04-01-2016
I am planning to buy an Electra 350 bcoz I love the look.of it simple and elegant!
But my height is 5.8 and my friends also advised me for classic as it has a difference of 1 inch or so
Balancing the bike would be little difficult with Electra! Can I adjust the height of Electra without impacting the looks of it.
Please help as I gotta book it by Sunday!
Awaiting response! :)
By Avinash Sharma on 25-09-2015
1. Haven't checked. I dont bother about mileage.
2. No idea.
3. The swing arm is custom made.
4. The seat was custom made.
By Arun Thomas on 29-07-2015
I Arun Sir, what you have created here looks like heaven rolling on 2 wheels.
I am planning to modify my 2001 RE in the exact same way, to every exact detail.
I just have a few questions and would appreciate if you could clarify them.
#1 How much had the milage decreased.
#2 Is the hardening of suspension a permanent solution to the tyre problem.
#3 Has the lenght of swingarm been altered or is it just chromed.
#4 By what name can I get this seat (is there any specific name is known by). Because the seat is what is pulling the whole thing together.
Pls take some time to reply
By Akash Mittal on 21-07-2015
Anyone in chennai to do modifications ?? Trust worthy and also perfect in job ??
By Karthik on 28-06-2015
i sell my bulit sndt 350 1986 modl very good cond... jk number
By Deepak on 14-05-2015
Can u please provide me phone number or address of any trustworthy bike modifier in delhi? I just want to make some light modifications in my electra's rear mudguard.
By Ashu on 09-05-2015
I love the way you used your creativity to modify it without disturbing the iconic styling of Royal Enfield! I would soon be posting my Replica here....
By Manoj on 03-04-2015
Please provide your contact details , I am in Bangalore
I am looking seat modification for Classic 350
By Prashanth on 05-02-2015
i modified my bullet 350. 1983 model as per your suggetion, total cost is 35000 from cochin
By Sreenath on 10-01-2015
Hi bullet lovers,

Here i happy to share my experince abt modification,

Now modify my TB 2013 Model silencer, hander bar & Bumper as customised
By Sathya on 23-12-2014
I dont know how to upload the photos of my TB350
By Sathya on 23-12-2014
can anybody guide me , how to put 150 width tire in new classic 350cc bullet
By Salman on 22-11-2014
Please can anyone tell me where will I get the 15 inch rim and the tyre 140/90 15 inch tyre
Please let me know via email: joydeep. banik @gmail. com
Or can call up on 09881293731
By Joydeep Banik on 18-08-2014
hi im looking to get too 500 enfields customized in delhi have you got a good contact all the best scott
By Scott on 14-07-2014
I want my Royal enfiled bullet restoration plz give me your number
By Ratnadeep Nalawade on 19-06-2014
definitly male is this man,
By Sreenath on 28-05-2014
I'm 2tally impress. Ur bull't modification is knw luk lyk n imported bke....! A handle bar hve 2 b wider coz whle drivng it doesn't crt any lst contral. Frnz 2tally how much did u invest in modifiyng ur gud luks bullet. I'm crazy abt ur bike....
By Zaction Hanse on 27-05-2014
Whr are you from?ur expected price?my no.9739038030
By Rijo on 11-05-2014
Whr are you from?ur expected price?
By Rijo on 11-05-2014
So grt
By Ritesh on 15-03-2014
Any unicorn modified. ...pls..share detais
By Surya on 27-01-2014
I want to get a custom made low rider leather seat made for my Classic 350. Any idea whose the best to do it in Hyderabad or any where. i have a budget of around 8-10K
By Rishi Patel on 10-02-2014
Hi guys.. any bullet modifier in chennai.. please share details if any..i need to upgrade my thunderbird
By Karthik on 22-12-2013
By Vamsi Rudra on 29-11-2013
hi guys Can any one suggest me someone to modify my
bullet in mumbai or navi mumbai
By Sachin on 26-10-2013
Can any one suggest me someone to modify my bullet in Kolkata West Bengal
By Manish Mishra on 18-09-2013
hi arun ......can u pls provide me the adress of that shop
where this modification of will be done
By Amit Singh on 10-08-2013
hi sagar...can i hv ur no. pls.....i m also looking to modify my bullet.
By Amit Singh on 10-08-2013
can u plz give me the exact adress of that shop of karol bagh from where i can buy these parts.........can i hv ur contact no.
By Amit Singh on 10-08-2013
Thanks Arun. Appreciated.
By Tony on 09-08-2013
Hi Tony,

The drop in power is negligible. Go ahead and modify your bull.

This list might help :
By Arun Thomas Kb on 05-08-2013
Hi Arun,

I totally love the modifications you have done on the bike. The only issue is the drop in power you have mentioned. Can you let me know if there is a huge difference in power or is it negligible ? Your reply will really help me in making up my mind.

P.S : I own a standard 350 RE, 1995 Model.

By Tony on 04-08-2013
i m havng bllt electra 2005 and i want to modify it and make it totaaly like harley davidson wid huge tyre and modified mugrd and harley silencer hw mch will it cst??
By Chirag Bhardwaj on 16-06-2013
i want that bike........# 07814810960
By Manraj on 04-05-2013
Wonderful modifications.... have always been a bullet fan but the pics of your bike have given me the final push to go for the Bull machismo... awesome looks.... just wished that it didn't deter the Bulls performance.

PS: one of the pics of ur RE is my desktop background pic.. :)
By Prateek on 26-04-2013
i want a modefy bullet
By Karan on 31-01-2013
By Muhanmmed Sabith on 11-12-2012
Where can I get this done in chennai, Have a 500CC Classic, Need to modify the seat to look the one in the still above.
By Prathap on 20-11-2012
iwant a 350 bullet
By Anand on 20-07-2012
Recently I had bought yamaha fz-s second hand from showroom my height is more so I want to increase my height of the bike by increasing the height of suspension.....can plz tell me how shoud I do it coz when I took it to the garrage he dnt increase the height so plz help me out ...or contact me I will come to ur garrage can u do it for this bike....reply as soon as possible..
By Gyanendra Yadav on 29-08-2012
for buy a modified bullet contact me on
email ---
& 9045453035
By Abhishek Chikara on 27-06-2012
pls give me your contact info.
By Sarvesh on 22-06-2012
Rideing on royal enfield that was my dream,i can sacrifice lot of money to get more hunky & sexy bullet.
By Ashishavyad on 04-05-2012
i want to modify my cbz extrime in to Harley devidson iron, i live in rajkot,dif u plz give me the contact of garage in rajkot
By Deepak Solanki on 17-05-2012
hi arsh i am from ladakh and i want one piece modified bullet and can u give me ur email ID i am very intrest to buy it.
By Tashi Gialtson on 25-04-2012
hi, nice job!! want to modified re350 same as urs is it possible to transport a spare parts to nagaland if so kindly advise thank you.
By Yeptho on 13-04-2012
Sagar, contact number please... I have an Electra 2007 to be modified.
By Sony on 13-04-2012
Hi Sagar,
Can i have your contact details, im looking for a Goldie for my 350 Machismo!
By Abhi on 02-04-2012
Hi Sagar,
Can i have your contact details, im looking for a Goldie for my 350 Machismo!
By Abhi on 02-04-2012
hey all if u want real modified, then jst come 2 punjab. i bet u cn never get more amazing bullets in all world than Punjab nd dat too at cheaper rates. bullets like dis one are common in punjab
By Dj Arsh on 14-03-2012
Hey all! I have given my Bullet 350 for some much needed overhauling - painting, plating, buffing, changing the forks, wiring, engine works, changing the tyre rims, carburettor change and others which came along. Wanted to know how much would be the approximate labor charges for all this. Look forward to hearing from you guys!
By Zerish on 09-03-2012
am also want to own a killer bullet like this.but now am facing some problems.but i will own it shortly the same killer kudu kudu.
By Athul Chandran on 08-03-2012
Hey could u provide me the details to contact u..
Regards, Manpreet 09696123445
By Manpreet on 04-03-2012
i lick thunderbird 350cc thanq u royl enfield
By Dj Sam on 24-02-2012
hi friends can any one help me to get an idea about the cost for repainting bullet std 350... i wanted to know about mat finish and normal painting
By Prajeesh on 22-02-2012
I own a 350cc bullet electra 2004 model..Im planning 2 modify my machene in to some thing very cachy..I live in Ernakulam, give ur sugetions..
By Jithin Joy on 12-01-2012
the work is nice , labour and spares prices are to heavy , in one word you are cheated by your machanic
By Manjunath . Sahukar on 10-01-2012
can i have ur contact details...because i have a bullet which i want to get it modified...
By Vivek on 16-01-2012
Dear friends,
kindly advice me to do some affordable modification on my RE classic 350cc ..

Thanking you,

By Dileep on 25-01-2012
Sagar I have a Machismo to be modified can you provide your email? If you are from bangalore then good if not I will have to find someone else.

By Samir on 13-12-2011

Are you in Bangalore? Could you give me your contatc details?

I need to do the paint job and platting my bullet.

By Daniel on 09-12-2011
Dear Arun
All this job can be done in Delhi for Rs. 12000-14000 max
Your mechanic has cheated you ....
By Arun Rewari on 02-12-2011
Hi Sagar! Could you provide details of how to contact you. I am looking at buying a used Enfield and getting a custom job done.

Email me at the earliest

By Ashish on 01-12-2011
Hi Sagar! Could you provide details of how to contact you. I am looking at buying a used Enfield and getting a custom job done.

Email me asap.

By Ashish on 01-12-2011
Any one from Hyderabad looking for bullet modification can contact zameer 9849079276 near Chadargatt
By Isaac on 17-11-2011
hey arun thomas kb how r u i have plans to modifie my electra bullet please let me know if salim is a good for modifieing bullets
By Manuel on 20-10-2011
I want to custom my bullet can u give me address of seller which sell the custom bike part .....
I am an Automobile engg. so I want to do it in my way......
By Dipil on 17-10-2011
Rambo is for 3400 . the seat is for 900 . cp mudguard for 2000 goldie for 900 ( customised ) 1500 max ,
By Sagar on 08-10-2011
Gud job , But the prices are wayyyyyyy to expensive . Do contact us for any spares and accessories. we deal in RE Custom jobs , accessories and spare parts , Infact the labor is Way too high ,, WE do this job for max labor 1000 and the swing arm is for 1200 for chrome plated and black is for 900. Rest cheers for the new look .. :)
By Sagar on 08-10-2011
I want to modify my Thunderbird to machismo. Please advise me if it is worth going for that.

Wanted to just change the tank and head lamp with Machismo.
Please advise.
By Kumar on 29-09-2011
Where can i get modifications done in Punjab ?
By Sandeep on 26-09-2011
I have bought bullet classic single seated 350 and want to modify as yours. Can you please provide me with details to get modification done.

By Sandeep on 26-09-2011
hey much appreciated that you took out time to write for others who are looking for some kind of modification, and nice work with your bullet, i had 2 bullets in past and planning to buy a third one, though either i keep my bike to orignal without a pin size change or i change everything except engine and chasis. anyways once again thanks on bealf of all bullet lovers and enthuisiast.
By Indrajeet on 23-09-2011
nice job,even i gut 2 bullets n i luv 2 modifyng them.
By Roko on 21-09-2011
Iam half minded in altering my RE electra 92 model.

Either i should alter like yours or change the parts completely to look like a standard bullet!

Also can you please the clear pictures of your RE taken from all the sides?
By Arun A S on 23-09-2011
Hi guys, nice to catch so many avid enfield lovers here. Can someone will please help in providing details of any modification garage in delhi or chandigarh,,,,,thnx ! Happy Riding
By Gaurav Sudan on 21-08-2011
chetta vandi porichoo....... eee vandiku etra milage kittum?
By Annaj on 17-08-2011
u have done a nice job. my doubt is if u wanted 2 modify y u havn`t done it a pure chopper. `cause by widening d rear tyre ur chain sprockets must not b in line thats y it`s giving some noise. if tried 2 allign sprockets ur rear tyre will offline frm d front tyre. try & 2 chains and one more dubble sprocket in d center.
By Nitin K on 04-08-2011
I am fan of royal enfield since 12 years.I 2 want to modify my bike like,.Pl,tell the which bike rim is fitted.any way in looks Harley Davidson bike.
By Ananda Rao Jeldi on 01-08-2011
this is a wonderful modification you have done to your bike...
I recently got my bike modified which is city bike 535 cc. got a broad rear tyre of kings 150 70 15. The only problem is it touches with the chain. Any idea how to deal with this. I was told by the shopkeeper that the max size is 150 which can be installed in this custom swing arm and the tyre will not touch. I will appericiate if any one can help me with solution on this about the adjustment.
my email id is
By Yashwin Singh on 24-07-2011
hi my name is tushar. iwanted to tell you that if rear tyre is of swift or innova and the seat is single then the silencer is of tractor and front mudguard is of old bullet rear mudguard is only half then it looks better..
By Tusharsharma on 08-06-2011

Its really nice to see someone taking time and sharing there experience.

Thanks a lot for your updates. Its really nice to see the modifications done.

Its looking good after modification.
By Gopi on 31-05-2011
hi arun, i'm a great fan of royel enfields. is your bike is still over there or what. if yes i'm ready to buy if you are about to sell it. 9480013496. mail me or call me to inform. thank you.
By Vaibhav on 20-05-2011
Hiii man i love ur bike want to sell it then contact me okkk
My cell no is 9583111776
By the way i frm odisha.
any time u think about to sell ur bike then contact me.
By Dr.subhransu on 29-05-2011
Excellemt work Mate
By Nikhil on 16-05-2011
i recently made my standard bullet look like company model , just spend around 8 k in chennai ...
By Murali on 11-05-2011
I like the new looks of the bike but this Salim has cheated me...i was in Bangalore in 2008 and did buy a used 350 from him, the tyre rims and the handel bar were painted in silver and the front shockers were bleeding after 30 days of purchase and post 2 months i had to change the batry costed me 23k, i wanted to get it modified but some how lost the interest after the incident....salim killed a potential customer for his shop..but i m geared up for some action in Kolkata...can some one guide where to get it
By Kshitij on 08-05-2011
I am in love with your bull. Excellant make over
By Vijay on 14-04-2011
I would not critize the alterations done on your bike and i appreciate the looks of it but woud like to tell you that it is not the great job as it looks like. In delhi, the place called Karol Bagh is a market of motocycles and custom shops where in you can pick up any thing for the enchancements.
What he did to your bike is nothing so special and it is available at cheaper cost in this place. What matters is that you are happy with your bike....
1. TVS Rambo 140/90 15 inch Tyre and Rim - 3300 to 3500
2. Custom wider Mudguard and Chrome plated seat stay - 3000 Rs
3. Chrome plated custom Swing Arm - 1200 Rs
4. Tail Lamp set - 150 Rs.
5. Custom seat plate and cushion - 1100 Rs
6. Wider Handle Bar - 200 Rs
7. Front Brake Cable - 60 Rs
8. Dupont black painting for Mudguard - 400 Rs
9. Custom made Goldie (Goldstar) silencer - 800 to 1000 Rs
10. Labour charge - 2500

If happen to be in delhi, dont miss your adventure to KB.

Cheers and god bless
By Prashant on 12-04-2011
It's fantastic explanation.

Those Photos, they are FABULOUS, congradz Renjith
By Jiju Johnson on 07-03-2011
Its a custom made swing arm.
By Arun Thomas Kb on 01-03-2011
Yes. You can.
By Arun Thomas Kb on 01-03-2011

Just pasted one sticker number plate on the back mudguard. Thats it.
By Arun Thomas Kb on 01-03-2011
Hey bro nice job done... Would you mind telling me where u put the back number plate after the modification... I'm planning on modifying my classic 350 so ur info would be very helpful...

P.S. : Enjoy thumping :)
By Prakash on 25-02-2011
can i use that rear tyre in thunderbird also
By Ranvijay on 24-02-2011
Hi! Arun,

My Observation / query is that The Swing Arm of your bike seems to be extended. If yes is it custom made or you got it of some other bike installed. Keen to know this, as i have a similar modified Yezdi and interested to have this done on it and of course interested in a new bullet too.

By Parvez Hashmi on 24-02-2011
what is the annual cost of this ... after all the modification..
By Azhar on 17-01-2011
sir i m much fan royal enfield modification so plz be inform me real place of modification with full address contact noumber i will much plzd to ur kind attention...
By Sandeep Singh on 03-01-2011
Hai arun, nice looking , where u get the swing arm,can u say me pls
By Manojrajan on 05-01-2011
wat a beautiful modification u ve done sir!!!!!!!! its really great.....i too get inspire frm ur design nd want to modify my bullet 350 electra(5 speed) like urs....will u plz give me the mechanic's no. so that i ll also get it done by him...i hope u dn't mind for ur favour.....thanx!!!!!!
By Chandan on 24-12-2010
hi it s a great job yar and ur bike looks great,
may i know where can i get the wider handle bars

m a a n
By Maan on 01-12-2010
hi i am alwin,i am from rajasthan,i want to completely modify my bike.could u plz give me the total cost and who would be the perfect mechanic to repair that.send me the contact no plz.
By Alwin on 07-11-2010
Addi Pollllllllllllli,pls provide me enough information regarding the modifications.
By Ajith on 06-11-2010
its absolutely nice,about comfortable its 100 %

keep rckng
By Ashish on 28-10-2010
I wnts to modify my bullet machismo.I m from rajkot.I wnts 2know that where I can modify my bike.send me contact number of mechanic pls.
By Ashwin Ghedia on 20-10-2010
Am Selling my Rolay Enfield Bullet 350 Standard. 1987 Model, Bottle green color. Bike is in very good condition. Only genuine buyers can contact me at 9916834166
By Nandish on 11-11-2010
Any body can get any contact details in Kolkata so that I can approch to him for my Enfield modification. Waiting for you guys .thanks.
By Sumon D on 06-10-2010
pzzz keep ur bullet in single hand..........
By Robin Singh on 10-11-2010
thanks yar.......its great info for me..........
By Murali on 22-11-2010
By Joe on 19-11-2010
By Izahaq on 19-11-2010
i have done a similar modification for my Bullet some 5 years back - it took a month and a fat bill of about 20k in Chennai

but the waiting was irritating one - u have to make frequent visits to your mech. to get it done as u wish...
By Arul on 14-09-2010
i need salim bhais number,could you pls provide the same..
By Bibin on 11-09-2010
hey arun,
a gud jod done and thank god, u have not altered d front fork angle, which may kill ur Bulls ride pleasure, and of course the pick ups and milage drops because u hav loaded a smaller and hevier rear tyre on it (which I would prefer on a 500 atleast). I was there in bangalore for 6 years and I know bullet mechanics r costly der. The cost u hav spent seems to b worth in my opinion. I don't think u need a decomp on ur avl engine. And one more suggestion to Mr. arun is dat please change ur bend pipe which is rusted. Even though people don't care part it using an extra thick enfield bend pipe will do gud 4 ur bull (it may cost u Rs.700 go for orginal). And is dat goldie an original one with glass wool which ll giv u a good thump. The price says its original. Thnk u ............
.................keep thumpinggggup...gup... gup... gup... gup...
By Agosh on 27-08-2010
hi can i have ur mechanic's no# pls i want to do some modification for my bullet too...
By Rajith on 24-08-2010
u have done a good job
i love ur bullet
By Prem on 03-05-2010
good work man...the price is not bad...and u can trust salim bhai...even though he does charge a lil more than usual in the labour fee, its worth it...overall..super... :)

so next time i come....ill need a test ride :P

so ride on..cheers!!!
By Shine on 04-05-2010
Were you able to use the same decompression cable?

I am planning to write the registration no in a sticker and paste it on the mudguard.
By Arun Thomas Kb on 05-05-2010
hey my handle bar is wider than the one you have put still I was able to keep the decompression cable.

BTW where will u put teh number plate?
By Anoop on 04-05-2010
I dont know about the rim. My mechanic bought that.

Hub is the same one.
By Arun Thomas on 20-05-2010
gud modification bro.try putting reg no near shoks like chopper style.wanted to know which rim did u use for those tyres an is the hub same original one?????
By Mukesh on 20-05-2010
very good modification. 18735 is not expencive. anyway i want also very soon my bike. thanks for your information,
By Hamza on 29-05-2010
whatever it is.All are perfect matching.good very smart urs man.keep da gud idea hooooooooooooooo
By Suhail Ummer on 27-05-2010
Nice work done on the bike...adding the H/L shade might add up to the look. Since the rear suspension is hard, fixing a spring saddle might help u gain some comfort. Harley style seat costs app. Rs.2600 in Hyderabad. Wider handle bar- spring saddle- wider tyre- awesome package dude!!!
By Raghu on 12-06-2010
Arun amazing stuff...just what I was looking for. What to change and how to change and the issues. I going in for a used bike shortly and will benefit from this post.

P.S: I want wider tyres so need to workout how to solve the mudguard issue.
By Damo on 16-06-2010
Can you tell me where will i find a good mech who will be a expert in the thunder bird 350 i have been to many but not satisfied can any one help me with that or where will i find a work shop manual so i would love to service the bike at home 2009 modle thank you :-)
By Lloyd on 10-06-2010
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