Bike Modification; Legal or Illegal?

A noisy-strange two wheeled machine that pumps at high speed along the road, make shocking and obliging all to stare at it and gives back a heart full of lightning beats. Isn't that all about a customized superbike? Modified bikes are highly inspirational to watch but not that much in terms of law. Owning a motorcycle, motorcyclists may think that they can do any customizations on the motorcycle as they wish how the bike should be. Of course you can modify your bike, but the only truth is that you will be suspended from the road if you move with the modified two-wheeler. Because, it's illegal to modify a bike and run it, the law says.

Bike Modification

A bike is on the road only after the approval on severe verifications, observations and test drives conducted by the concerned authority to check out whether the bike is drivable or not. The motorcycle will commence its journey only if it justifies the terms and conditions provided in the law.

Customization mainly involves chassis' metal cutting, welding, spray painting and fitting. Then it carries on the replacement of other parts like mirrors, alloy wheels and tires. Finally, as a result of a total demonstration, a new motorcycle is born, which is entirely unidentifiable from what it was earlier.

Bike Modification

The basic concept that denies India Govt. to encourage motorcycle customization is the threatening on life. Since the stability of these customized machines are yet to be proved, chances are higher to endanger safety while these modified stuffs are on the road. Hence, the officials are helpless to stand with the modifying maniacs. Nevertheless, few alterations are possible under section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act for modification.

Bike Modification
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I want to buy this pulsur modified bike how much cost is this
By Gopal on 09-05-2021
How much cost of modification my Pulsar 220 into Hayabusa.

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By Pradeep Singh on 08-11-2019
handle bar light is legal or not ?
By Kamal on 06-11-2018
can we modified pulser 150 to 220 as per the RTO rules
It is legal or not??
Please answer..
By Babu on 02-07-2018
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By Dhina on 18-05-2018
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By Kiran Kumar on 28-06-2016
Any procedure to get legalized modified bikes
Testing trial taken after modification to judge bike is safe to ride on road
By Sagar Gaikwad on 06-05-2016
acording to law we cant modify any vehicle, u can change pain but still need permission for that :(
By Nithin on 04-05-2016
Brilliant work ,i want my pulsar also .How much cost?
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Bro, Can i get de Info of de Modification center plzzz ...... I need an head cap like how its in hea foh Ma 200 NS. A dream in doin it ...
By Vinay Naik on 10-04-2013
hay dudes its really a great job
By Kishor on 28-02-2013
If one wants to modify just for ferrings with holes (to make way for air),
Is it legal under section 52 ?
By Dipak M.s. on 28-07-2012

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