Yamaha Enticer - the enticing one for the last 6 years on the Indian roads

What is so enticing about the Yamaha Enticer? The price factor seems to be the major turn-on factor that is pulling crowds to check out at the Enticer after so many years of its launch too.

The Yamaha Enticer if has to be described in few words then it is solid, sexy laid-back and a stable metal right for anyone to go and eat those miles. Yes the bike cannot be categorized as one fast super bike but there is a lot to the enticing factor of it as such that the bike fumes at the very first kick with absolutely no hassle whatsoever and that is very soft and easy. Take a look at further specifications of the Yamaha Enticer that might well be a complete package of the best features you have probably always wished for in a bike.

Yamaha Enticer

Styling, design and looks of the Yamaha Enticer
How many marks does the Yamaha Enticer score in terms of looks? At the first glance, the Enticer has full potential to turn around quite a few heads especially in awe. And talking about the features that enhance the looks of the bike, there are a plenty of them that adorn the Enticer. The raised handlebar looks real cool, the long wheelbase, the comfortable seat position, and the foot pegs that are replaced by the footboards, raised and chromed rear-view mirrors, vintage-looking fuel tank and the indicators, alloy triple clamps, to name a few. Not only that the wide rear tyres add to the goods looks of the bike. The fuel gauge misses on bike and one does feel it's a must for this package. The huge back rest looks awesome although it has little with any function. The low-slung Enticer looks amazing with neat finish and paint job too.

Engine and performance of the Yamaha Enticer
A 123.7 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder and an air-cooled engine powers the Yamaha Enticer. The engine generates a maximum power of 10.99 bhp @ 8000 rpm, a maximum torque of 1.06KgM @ 6500rpm and the compression ratio is 10:1. The wheelbase is around 1375mm with a ground clearance of 140mm. The gearshift pattern is very typical of Yamaha one down and three up. The bike does not feature unnecessary gizmos that just add up to the looks. The bike achieves an acceleration of 0-60 kmph speed in about 7 seconds time making it exciting enough for enticing the onlookers.

The engine kill switch (EKS) is simply so convenient in the bike implying the bike will not start should the clutch is not positioned perfect to the neutral. It is an advanced safety feature although it might be a little annoying thing in the beginning and the low-end torque is quite sufficient. The primary clutch is a hassle-free device and one could wish that all vehicles had this option. As long as you ride smooth with not too much of gear shifting the sound is great and the engine too doesn't generate cranky vibrations.

Handling of the Enticer
The design of the seat is so very comfortable for any rider and the position suits well for long journeys. The unique raised pillion seat is perfect for your companion especially if you choose to take them on those long rides. The silencer is attached with a heat shield and pillion-heel rest, so it shouldn't distort your ride pleasure. The raised handlebar will help you sit in the erect position and does not hurt your back while riding for long hours as well as give awesome balance. The pass-light switch, choke at handlebar and the press-cancel blinker switch are conveniently located that enables easy riding and handling of bike. Road holding and braking are excellent to say the least and one will give full marks to the Enticer when it comes to the handling department.

Mileage, price and color availability
The fuel tank capacity of the Enticer is huge and accommodates around 13 litres giving a mileage of 45-50 kmpl on city roads to highways.

The Yamaha Enticer is available in black, burgundy and gold colors with a price tag of Rs. 57,327.

Verdict about the Yamaha Enticer

The Yamaha Enticer is definitely a decent one in the cruiser segment as compared to the Royal Enfield Thunderbird or even an Eliminator, which are priced on the higher side. Maybe a tweaked Enticer with digital console and better brake handling with an upped engine to say 200cc and then 5th gear which has almost become a norm of today's biking is what fans can ask for if they are to give it a look ahead of Avenger or even the better 125cc commuters as of today. The Enticer scores no doubt for its looks and the affordable price. It is an easy-to-manage machine that you can surely go for if you want to look different on road.

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Last updated on 07-12-2016. Published on 27-04-2010.
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I am very impress with bike. my bujud is not for that. But i m going to buy this bike second hand.
By on 19-08-2010
Nothing can beat the pleasure of Riding an Enticer. got one Second hand last year & very proud to have One in Burgundy.
By on 28-04-2011
Avi I also buyed the second hand bike in very good condition an know very much happy with my decision to buy the same. I suggest you too if you could get and always keep in mind to get the service done only at Yamaha authorised station only.
By on 15-05-2011
I am holding a black and well said by you that nothing can beat.
By on 15-05-2011
Hi , can you please tell what should be kept in mind before taking second hand enticer. I im new to enticer ,,, so wanna tips ... so tht i will nt get fooled by taking some enticer in bad condition.. Please also suggest a good price ,,
By on 24-05-2011
this is my first bike,it has run for 4 years,and you know what,i am just 22 now,when i will marry,i dont need to search a girl,i will marry my DHANNO,i love dhanno,dhanno is my yamaha enticer.
By on 24-06-2011
Keerthi did u bought it...
By on 09-09-2011
what is the current price of Yamaha Enticer
By on 22-02-2012
wnt 2 buy a secnd hnd yamaha enticer if available in udaipur,chittor(raj) neemuch(mp).what should b best price 4 me.someone please tell me.
By on 23-02-2012
i am lucky to have dis bike from last 10 yearsssssss n still feel the same thrust to ride it. although its milage has sunk nw bt still love it....specially acceleration n yea its turns the heads around n entices evry1....
By on 06-04-2012
Hey friends my enticers is a 2005 model and mileage is 25-30 in city and around 30,32 in highways,i feel the mileage is a bit low,35-40 in city could be good,can anyone give me any link or help to make any changes to increase the mileage?
Plz reply at deb.tossed@yahoo.com.
By on 22-08-2012
By on 13-08-2012
By on 13-08-2012
I want . this bike . in tamilnadu .trichy . district
I love this bike
By on 09-12-2012
i want to buy new this bike yamaha enticer.... still is in ex showroom in tamil nadu??????/ plz help me
By on 28-06-2014
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