Harley Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special Review

HD VRSCDX Night Rod Special

Finally the Indian bikers can now a have a line up of Harley Davidson bikes at home. The recent Auto Expo was a curtain raiser for many bike brands and Harley Davidson rolled 12 bikes that will be officially available in India through the dealerships across the country. The Night Rod Special is one of the bikes from the HD VRSCDX family and has already stolen a few hearts with its sheer look.

Looks of the HD VRSCDX Night Rod
The HD VRSCDZ Night Rod Special is no nonsense Harley and looks as if it is straight out from the Batman's stable- mysterious yet stylish all at the same time. But I have to honestly admit that the Night Rod looks a bit grumpy and gaudy too as if challenging the capabilities of an ordinary bike rider. Its not for any and every biker anyway.

Harley Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special

If you are fond of black, the all-black Night Rod looks awesome- and you need to see it to believe it. The 240mm rear tyre gives the bike a tougher look. The entire body, which includes all the components of the bike, are painted black and in addition a contrasting color racing stripe runs along the length of the bike simply looks stunning.

Engine performance and handling of the HD VRSCDX Night Rod Special

Your lust for the HD VRSCDX Night Rod Special will grow stronger after seeing its power punch up. The bike runs on a 1250cc Revolution V-twin engine that generates a power of 125hp at 8250 rpm and the torque ranging to 85ft-lbs at 7000 rpm. The bike also sports an ESPFI (Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection), technology with a 5-speed tranny, dual overhead cams and also four-valve heads. The 36˚ fork angle, wider rear tyre and triple-disc brakes are a perfect blend of technology and performance for the new age riders.

The "Slipper Clutch" makes downshift a lot easier as well as convenient, and the ABS or the Anti-lock Braking System, which is a conspicuous component of all of the VRSC variants is the most advanced mechanism featured by any power cruiser. This ABS is quite helpful during those emergency halting situations and the rider is in complete control of how much of the brake needs to be applied in any given situation. The seat height of the Night Rod Special is somewhere around 25 inches, which makes it the lowest in the VRSC family. The extra long wheel base makes the HD VRSCDX Night Rod very stable as well as one street dragster and beware it could turn into a serious addiction with the fun this gives on those long drives too.

Pricing of the Harley-Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special

Just hold your breath! For here comes the price of this mean machine- it is Rs. 18.95,000. The price might dampen the spirits of many bikers but one must accept the fact that these iconic bikes can only be a rich man's property.

Last word about HD VRSCDX Night Rod Special
The HD VRSCDX Night Rod Special is no wonder bike to fall for but for the price, which is too high for an average buyer, especially in India, but you never know, you might well see a couple of Night Rods in your street itself a couple of years down the lane.

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the old models from 2009 are having a heating problem in traffic does the 2011 VRSC NIGHT ROD SPECIAL have the same problem or did they fix it?
By Jamal on 14-04-2011
i like this bike
when i will do heard work, than inshallah I will purchase this one.
in coming 2 yrs
can u tell me is this bike in india or where can i purchase it
By Wasim Raja on 05-02-2011
wow!!! Da person who owns dis bike is a damn lucky m****fu***...I nv him...I really do...Inshallah I'll have 1 of dis nery soon...
By Warlord on 18-07-2010
This is the bike and I love to ride it anytime in my life. Had owned a nightrod for many years, although I have had invested a lot on maintenance its still one I will always like to own. I gotta become obsessed with this man.
By Harleywilley on 28-03-2010
harley's VRSCDX Night Road Special revie is my dream.
By Ashutosh on 14-04-2010
i saw this bike for the first time just before xmas.... fell in love with it straight away.... definately gonna get 1... hopefully this time next year... need to take lessons and test 1st!!!! thinking about doing the riding school thing in wales.. anyone out ther who can give me some advice? cheers.
By Suey on 28-04-2010
i have owned a 2007 night rod special from new and i can tell anybody thinking about buying one to go ahead as they are awesome bikes to ride. i put a 260 on the back of mine which gives it a more meaner look but does drop the handling a little. BEWARE THESE BIKES ARE ADDICTIVE. im looking forward to friday when i pick up my 2010 new model night rod. the other point made was about the price, they are not cheap however re sale value is quite high. i have sold my 2007 night rod special with 13,000 and still got £9000 for it. live your dream, mortgage your house, get your night rod special.
ride safe guys.
By Bill Watson Uk Rider on 18-05-2010
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